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Volume 35 





Volume 35 

John D. Lucas Printing Co. 

Baltimore - Maryland 

Printed in the United States of America 


Officers of the Alumnae Association 

1956-1957 1 

1957-1958 2 


President, Alumnae Association 3 


Dr. Gladys Sellew 5 

Dean Florence Gipe 6 

Fiftieth Anniversary of Mrs. Miriam Hines 7 

Annual Banquet Report 8 

Reunion Class News 

1896 9 

1901 9 

1906 9 

1916 10 

1921 10 

1926 11 

1931 11 

1936 12 

1941 13 

1946 13 

1951 15 

Report of the A.N.A. Biennial Convention 17 

Feature Articles 

Centennial and Sesquicentennial Celebration 19 

Janet Hale Scholarship Fund 19 

Florence Nightingale Cap in Hall of Fame 20 

Maryland Amends Law Pertaining to Registration of Nurses 21 

The Baltimore Union Building 22 

Recovery Room 23 

Program in Practical Nursing 23 

Your Health and Accident Protection 24 

Ashtrays, School and Hospital Plates 24 

My Unexpected Vacation in Moscow 25 

Vacation Diary 27 

My Trip Back Home 32 

Letters 34 

News 52 

Marriages 59 

Births 61 

Deaths 67 

Miss F. M. Branley, Pioneer Nurse, Dies 68 

Caps and Cap Service 68 

Directory Regulations 69 

Annual Reports 71 

Treasurer's Annual Report 72 

Directory Report 74 

Auditor's Report 75 

Unknown Addresses 77 

Roster of Graduates 78 

Advertisements 143 

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Elizabeth Rohr Singleton, '47 President 

903 Woodington Road, Baltimore 29, Md— LOngwood 6-9188 

Martha Curtiss Trate, '48 First Vice-President 

Freda Michelitch, '47 Second Vice-President 

Carol Hosfeld, '50 Recording Secretary 

Verna Zang, '53 Corresponding Secretary 

Box 2, University Hospital-1 

Blanche Martin Horine, '21 Treasurer 

3939 Cloverhill Road- 18 


Dorothy Kraft Herbert, '24 Maria Sagardia, '43 

Mary M. Riffle, '28 Shirley Lyon Milke, '45 

Frances Sappington, '37 


Margaret Warfield Ellis, '50, Chairman 
Martha Mallon, '13 Dorothy Cornelius Kenoy, '49 

Ellen C. Lloyd, '17 Jean Groton, '50 

Frances Taylor Jannarone, '36 Elizabeth Ray, '51 

Joan Gleason Rayburn, '50 


Betty Shubkagel, '54, Chairman 
Lorraine Neel, '41 June E. Geiser, '47 

Virginia Franklin, '54 


Miriam Croft, '52, Chairman (1957) 
Joyce Jacobson, '54 Helen Stull Flannigan, '49 (1957) 

Co-Chairman (1958) Norma F. Yeager, '48 (1957) 

Phyllis Moody Johnson, '49 (1956) Delores Ann Tucker, '53 (1957) 

Mary A. Brislin, '51 Sara Weimer, '46 (1958) 

Jayne Brown Johnson, '47 (1957) Faye Parks Ritzman, '54 (1958) 

Jeanne Watkins Patten, '53 (1958) Evelyn Koontz Shipley, '53 (1959) 


Virginia C. Conley, '40, Chairman 
Kathryn Williams, '45 Ethel M. Troy, '17 

Bessie M. Arnurius, '20 Helen Wheatley, '52 


Flora Streett, '38 Mary France Dennis, '47 

Elizabeth R. Singleton, '47 Annetta M. Wills, '48 (Alt.) 


Thelma Kleckner, '47, Chairman 
June S. Mohler, '46 Nellie Pardew Connelly, '55 

Gladys Kinna, '55 Evelyn R. O'Connor, '51 


1957 - 1958 

Elizabeth Rohr Singleton, '47 President 

903 Woodington Road, Baltimore 29, Md— LOngwood 6-9188 

Kathryn Prokop Donelly, '48 First Vice-President 

Freda Michelitch, '47 Second Vice-President 

Carol Hosfeld, '50 Recording Secretary 

Eleanor Harrison, '49 Corresponding Secretary 

Box 2, University Hospital- 1 

Blanche Martin Horine, '21 Treasurer 

3939 Cloverhill Road- 18 


Dorothy Kraft Herbert, '24 Lenora Milke McKenzie, '45 

Maria Sagardia, '43 Kathryn Williams, '45 


Mary Lou Chapman, '51, Chairman 
Eva Popp, '46 Eleanor Canton Zink, '47 

Jayne Brown Johnson, '47 Ava Duffee Stumpf, '40 

Jean Warfield Donnelly, '48 Mary Bussard Kyne, '40 

Wilhemina McCann, '23 


June Geiser, '47, Chairman 
Vera Zang, '53 Phyllis Moody Johnson, '49 

Gladys Kinna, '55 


Lorraine Lysack, '51, Chairman (1960) 
Miriam Croft, '52 Sara Weimer, '46 (1958) 

Co-Chairman (1957) Faye Parks Ritzman, '54 (1958) 

Jayne Brown Johnson, '47 (1957) Jeanne Watkins Patten, '53 (1958) 

Helen Stull Flannigan, '49 (1957) Evelyn Koontz Shipley, '53 (1959) 

Norma F. Yeager, '48 (1957) Betty Smithson, '55 (1960) 

Delores T. Bouzoukis, '53 (1957) Jennie Bunting Tegler, '48 (1960) 


Virginia C. Conley, '40, Chairman 
Mary Brislin, '51 Georgianna Hinely, '55 

Lorraine Lysack, '51 Norma Schriver Long, '49 


Flora Streett, '38 Mary France Dennis, '47 

Elizabeth Singleton, '47 Annetta M. Wills, '48 (Alt.) 


Thelma Kleckner, '47, Chairman 
Helen Wheatley, '52 Evelyn O'Connor, '51 

Bessie M. Arnurius, '20 Lolah Marshall Mihm, '39 


January 8, 1957 

Greetings, Fellow Alumnae: 

To prepare the 1956-1957 Annual President's Report of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association is indeed a very 
real pleasure. The joy of preparing this report stems from the fact 
that it represents a compilation of the activities of our membership 
during the past year. 

An alumna is often judged by the present day caliber and reputa- 
tion of the school which she attended. It is heartening indeed to 
note the progress of our Alma Mater. 

This year was a very significant one in the history of the school 
from which we were graduated. In June, 1956 the sixty-fifth class 
was graduated from the School of Nursing. Our alumnae roster re- 
veals that 1705 young women have been graduated since the first 
class of eight members completed their two year program in 1892. 

The sixty-fifth class of the School of Nursing has numbered 
among its members the last students to be graduated from the three 
year diploma nursing program. The members of the sixty-sixth 
class will have completed a four year program of collegiate nursing 
education and will receive the degree of bachelor of science. 

To keep pace with the forward strides that have been made by 
our Alma Mater, the Alumnae Association has been kept on its toes 
during the past year. It has been a year in which the Alumnae have 
distinguished themselves by the carefully considered thought they 
have given the activities of the Association. 

The Program chairman, Mrs. Virginia Stull Flannigan, has been 
responsible for planning a series of stimulating, informative pro- 
grams which have been enthusiastically received by the members. 

A special committee chaired by Mrs. Joyce LeFever Jacobson 
studied carefully the use of the Scholarship and Endowment and 
Loan Funds. Recommendations were made by this committee that 
money from these funds be made available to junior and senior 
students in the School of Nursing in addition to our Alumnae. This 
recommendation was unanimously adopted by the Association at 
the June meeting. 

The Ways and Means Committee, very ably chaired by Mrs. 
Annetta Muir Wills, planned a very successful Masquerade Ball 
which was held in October. All profits from this affair went to the 
Scholarship Fund. 

The Annual Banquet and Dance was an unusually fine affair 
carefully planned for our enjoyment by Miss Freda Michelitch. 


A near record was set in attendance when we convened at the 
Emerson Hotel in June. 

The By-Laws Committee, capably chaired by Mrs. Ethel Troy, 
has been busily at work during the year rewriting the By-Laws and 
incorporating suggestions and recommendations that have been 
made to the committee by members of the Association. 

The Bulletin Committee has been wisely guided by Miss Miriam 
Croft and has prepared for our enjoyment the annual Bulletin. 

The Directory Committee was fortunate to have as its captain 
Mrs. Margaret Warfield Ellis. As problems pertaining to the Direc- 
tory arose, this committee met to deal with them. 

A new Roster Committee was officially appointed to give recog- 
nition to a painstaking job on which our association depends to 
such a great degree. This job has long been done by Mrs. Bessie 
Maston Arnurius. Mrs. Arnurius has served as the first chairman 
of this committee whose important responsibility it is to maintain 
contact with our 1705 Alumnae. 

The Educational Committee, chaired by Miss Virginia Conley, 
met to review requests for scholarship assistance and made awards 
both to our Alumnae and to undergraduates. 

Again this year our association supported the Needlework Guild. 
It also continued to support the sale of plates and ashtrays. 

Your Alumnae Association was represented at the regular meet- 
ings of the General Alumnae Council and your representatives serve 
on the standing committees of the Council. 

In bringing this report to a close a most important event must 
not be overlooked. In January, 1957 the University celebrated 
its 150th birthday. Many events have been held in conjunction 
with this important date in our history — events in which our 
Alumnae have participated. It is my hope that many of you were 
able to attend the Centennial-Sesquicentennial Charter Day 
Banquet which was held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel on January 
19, 1957. 

It is an honor and a privilege to have served as your president 
during the past year. Your loyal support and untiring enthusiasm 
for Alumnae activities have been most gratifying. It has often 
been said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. What a 
fine thing it is to have a chain of Alumnae associates whose links 
are forged of steel — who look forward to the challenge of the future 
secure in the knowledge that our Alumnae Association will continue 
to distinguish itself in the future as it has in the past. 

Elizabeth Rohr Singleton, '47 



By Faye Parks Ritzman, Class of 1954 

The School of Nursing is preparing to extend an opportunity to 
nurses having a B.S. degree and an interest in child nursing. A 
Master's program in child nursing under the direction of Dr. Gladys 
Sellew is being founded. 

Dr. Sellew was appointed to the faculty of the School of Nursing 
as Professor of Child Nursing in the summer of 1956. The school is 
indeed proud to have, as a member of its teaching staff, such a dis- 
tinguished personality in the field of nursing. The new professor of 
child nursing brings with her a reputation based on experience and 
education seldom equalled in our profession. 

The Doctor was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and attended the Uni- 
versity of Cincinnati, where she received her Bachelor of Science 
and Master of Arts degrees. During this time she spent seven years 
in the University of Cincinnati Hospital's department of pediatrics. 

From the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Sellew went to Western 
Reserve Hospital in Cleveland, where she spent several years in a 
children's unit and then to Cooke County Hospital in Chicago. 
Four of her six years at Cooke County Hospital were spent as As- 
sistant to the Dean of the School of Nursing. 

St. Vincent's Orphanage in Chicago was the next institution to 
attract the services of Dr. Sellew. At this orphanage she worked 
with the children of unwed mothers. 

In 1938 Dr. Sellew received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the 
Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Her dissertation was 
written on a thorough study of the living conditions of a group of 
families living in one of Washington's badly overcrowded "courts." 
It was one of the first theses of its kind. While working with these 
people, she taught them how to obtain the most from their meager 
incomes. She also worked with the medical care plan. 

During World War II, Dr. Sellew served as the Director of Nurs- 
ing at the College of St. Catherine, where she worked with five 
hundred students in the four year program. 

In 1947 Rosary College obtained her services and appointed her 
as Professor of Sociology and the head of that department. 

Though it seems impossible that Dr. Sellew had time for any- 
thing other than her work and studies, she has had five books pub- 
lished in the field of nursing and sociology. Many of us are familiar 
with the textbook, "Ward Administration and Clinical Teaching," 


to which Dr. Sellew and Dr. Florence Gipe made mutual contribu- 

In addition to her work at the University of Maryland, Dr. Sellew 
spends two days of the week working with a similar program for the 
University of Pennsylvania. 

The two projects leave this industrious lady little time to spend 
at her two favorite pastimes. She professes a love for sewing, es- 
pecially for children. She also enjoys reading, though she admits 
that most of it is along the lines of her profession. 

We extend a hearty welcome to Dr. Sellew and sincerely hope 
that she decides to make the University of Maryland her perma- 
ment home. 


By Virginia C. Conley 
Associate Professor of Nursing, U. M. School of Nursing 

Dean Florence Gipe was honored by friends and colleagues at a 
dinner party on February 15 at Candlelight Lodge, Baltimore. The 
occasion for the celebration was Dean Gipe's tenth anniversary as 
head of nursing education at the University of Maryland. Thirty- 
two guests paid tribute to Miss Gipe, whose contributions to the 
School of Nursing and the nursing profession on both state and 
national levels have received notable attention. 

Those persons present at the dinner included nurses in all phases 
of nursing in the State of Maryland, alumnae members and faculty 
of the School of Nursing. 

During Dean Gipe's administration the School of Nursing has 
developed into a college of the University which has received state 
and national recognition. The Dean's activities with the Southern 
Regional Education Board Committee on Graduate Education and 
Research in Nursing have led to the development of graduate edu- 
cation in nursing at the University of Maryland. 

Letters and gifts of tribute and commendation were bestowed 
upon the Dean in recognition for her services. Among those persons 
sending greetings to the Dean were Dr. Harry C. Byrd, President 
Emeritus of the University of Maryland, Dr. George Yeager, Pro- 
fessor of Clinical Surgery, School of Medicine, and David L. Brig- 
ham, Executive Secretary, University of Maryland Alumni As- 



It was indeed a pleasure to have as guest of honor at our banquet 
this year Mrs. Miriam Jessop Hines from the Class of 1906, cele- 
brating her fiftieth year since her graduation from nurses' training 
at the University of Maryland. 

One would never believe Mrs. Hines has fifty years of nursing 
experience behind her. Such an attractive, charming person, I am 
sure could stand up alongside any of us younger graduates. 

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. George A. Jessop at Lang- 
ford, Kent County, Md. on November 28, 1883. 

Miriam Louise Jessop attended St. Mary's Seminary for one 
year. From there she went, for one year, to Miss Beacon's private 
school in Hagerstown, Md. 

L T pon graduation from nurses' training, Miss Jessop did private 
nursing for two years. 

Wedding bells rang out in Baltimore on May 20, 1908, when Miss 
Miriam Jessop became the bride of Dr. Frank Brown Hines. Frank 
Brown Hines, Jr., the only son of Dr. and Mrs. Hines, graduated 
from the L T niversity of Maryland in 1933. 

Mrs. Hines is an active member of Old St. Paul's Episcopal 
Church in Chestertown, where she spent all of her married life. 

Mrs. Hines, we extend to you, our most heart-felt congratula- 
tions on your fiftieth anniversary. Please come and be with us 
again next year. 



By Freda H. Michelitch, Class of 1947 , Chairman 

In honor of the graduates of the 1956 Class, the Nurses' Alumnae 
Association sponsored their thirty-ninth annual banquet and 
dance in the main ballroom of the Emerson Hotel on June 8, 1956. 

The Rev. Raymond C. Myers, of the Raspeburg Epiphany 
Church, offered the invocation. 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Singleton, President of the Nurses' Alumnae 
Association, welcomed the graduates and introduced the guests of 
honor. The classes celebrating quinary reunions were presented. 

It was again our pleasure to have Dr. Harry C. Byrd, President 
Emeritus of the University of Maryland, as guest speaker. He 
spoke of the growth and progress that have been made in the School 
of Nursing and reminded us of the great effort put forth by the 
many persons who helped to make it possible. 

Our guest of honor was Mrs. Frank Hines, who came from Ches- 
tertown, Md. to celebrate the anniversary of the fiftieth year since 
her graduation. 

Among the other honored guests were: Dr. William S. Stone, 
Dean of the School of Medicine, and Mrs. Stone; Dr. Florence M. 
Gipe, Dean of the School of Nursing; Miss Virginia Conley, Assist- 
ant to the Dean of Nursing; Miss Margaret Jamison, Dean of 
Women at the University of Maryland; Airs. Sarah Whitehurst, 
Member of the Board of Regents; and the Rev. Raymond C. Myers 
and Mrs. Myers. 

On behalf of the Senior Class, Miss Doris Rutherford, substitut- 
ing for Miss Judy Williams, Class President, who had the misfortune 
of being ill, presented to Dr. Florence Gipe, a silver serving tray for 
use at social functions in the Louisa Parsons Dormitory. 

After the banquet, our evening was highlighted with dancing to 
the delightful music of the Debonnaires. 

Our many thanks go to the Banquet Committee, who worked 
so diligently to assure such a memorable and pleasant evening and 
to those who so generously provided the beautiful and fragrant 



Mrs. Hortense B. Tegler, Class of 1948 
Chairman of Class Reunions 

I should like to share with you the many lovely letters I received 
from the graduates celebrating their 60th, 55th, and 50th reunions. 
Mrs. Frank Hines of Chestertown, Md., Class of 1906, was the 
only one able to attend her 50th reunion, and we welcomed her 
gladly. A tribute was paid to all the graduates of these classes by 
our president, Mrs. Elizabeth Singleton. 

CLASS OF 1896 ' 

Mrs. Nancy Porter, a daughter of Mrs. Mary Hoshall, wrote 
thanking us so much for her mother's invitation to the banquet. 
Mrs. Hoshall celebrated her eightieth birthday on April 14 and 
until quite recently lived alone. She lives with Mrs. Porter in 
Yukon, Okla. since she has been in ill health. 

CLASS OF 1901 

Mary Helen Cooke of Baltimore sent greetings for a pleasant 
evening and was sorry she would not be with us. Miss Eugenia 
Henderson's niece wrote that her aunt would be unable to attend 
because of a fractured hip. She had been confined to the hospital 
since November and started to use a walker in April. She expressed 
her deep appreciation of the thoughtfulness of the invitation. Mary 
Scott Jones of Charlottesville, Va. reluctantly declined because of 
her age — 83. She sent love and greetings to the members of the 
Class of 1901 and to our Alma Mater. 

CLASS OF 1906 

Nellie Carter wrote from Lynchburg, Va. that the invitation 
certainly "warmed my old heart" and regretted she could not be 
with us. Mrs. Ethel Palmer Clarke of Madison, Conn, wrote ex- 
pressing a very great desire to be with us but she would be unable 
to do so because of failing eyesight. She sent greetings. She also 
added, "I am 80 years old, pretty well, and active but with rather 
limited strength." She lives near the shore and has a rose garden 
and a fine companion. Mrs. Charles F. Morse in San Francisco, 
Calif, writes she is in grand physical condition. She plays eighteen 
holes of golf once or twice a week, does all her own housework, 
sews, knits, and plays a lot of bridge. The only thing that reminds 


her of her age are the years that go by too fast. Mrs. Samuel Moore 
of Baltimore sent greetings but could not be with us. After accept- 
ing the invitation, Mrs. Katherine Lemley of Warrington, Fla. later 
wrote she had been visiting in Louisiana and suddenly became ill. 
Diagnosis: a ruptured appendix, necessitating surgery. She was 
most disappointed, but sent best regards. Mrs. J. T. H. Greenwell of 
Baltimore was also unable to be with us. 

CLASS OF 1916 

Miss Lucy Scaggs came from Washington, D.C. to celebrate her 
fortieth reunion. Mrs. Louise Eichner was present from Baltimore. 

CLASS OF 1921 
By Zadith Reese Pitt 

In March of 1956, Mrs. J. M. Reese was invited to a luncheon to 
round up the Class of 1921 for its 35th reunion. We called a meeting 
of those members in and around town on April 5 at the home of Mrs. 
William Pitt in order to contact our out-of-town members and make 
plans for their entertainment. Eight of us talked and planned — a 
luncheon at Hutzler's Towson on June 8, the day of the banquet, 
the banquet in the evening, and on Saturday, June 9 at 10 a.m. we 
would go down to the summer home of Dr. and Mrs. Morris Reese 
at Tydings on the Bay for an old-fashioned picnic and swim. 

June 8 arrived and so did eight of us for lunch at Hutzler's, and 
believe me, it was a success. Was the food good? Who knows! We 
talked until we had to leave — met at the banquet and did the same 
thing again. 

Saturday, each of us arrived at the picnic with some of her cook- 
ing. We arranged the food on tables while we talked continually of 
old times and funny things which happened to us while in training 
— those who trained with us, those with whom we worked, of Dr. 
Randolph Winslow having signed our diplomas and of ours being 
the last class to have that honor. We remembered the lovely gradu- 
ation breakfast served in the dining room after communion at St. 
Paul's and the black-eyed Susans on the table. 

We remembered the lovely American beauty roses with stems 
from shoulder level to the hems of our linen graduation dresses 
which Dr. Winslow had given to each of us. As we received our 
diplomas, we each placed a rose in the lap of our Superintendent of 
Nurses (eighteen of them altogether). The stage was beautifully 
decorated and the refreshments were grand. 


Thanks and fond remembrance to Drs. Winslow, Shipley, Hol- 
land, and Hundley, the Superintendent of Nurses, training staff, 
and all those who helped to train us. We are ever grateful. 

After stuffing food and reminiscing, we did some yard work rak- 
ing, hoeing, laughing, teasing like any bunch of young girls because 
we had been living in the past and catching up on news from one 
another and our families and activities. 

We had a grand time and drove home late in the evening still a 
happy bunch of the '21 's, planning other days of get-togethers. 

Those of our group who were present for the reunion were Helen 
M. Childs, Ruth Gorman Leuba, Anna Wood Garvin, Isabelle 
Hanna, Mary McDaniel Wiessner, Blanche Martin Horine, Julia 
Smith Dione, Kate Hogshead Reese, and Zadith Reese Pitt. 

CLASS OF 1926 
By Margaret Fink Hahn 

Ten members of the Class of 1926 gathered at the banquet at 
the Emerson Hotel to celebrate their thirtieth class reunion. The 
members were especially happy to greet Miss Elizabeth Aikenhead, 
class faculty advisor, as guest of honor. 

Those present included Naomi Allen White, Mildred Bond Kings- 
bury, Virginia Caples Reichert, Betty Ewell Buchness, Margaret 
Fink Hahn, Rebecca Glover Lennon, Esther Hershey Pennock, 
Edna Hurlock Coyle, Colgate Parks Warner, and Theodora Sperber. 

Greetings and letters were received from Sarah Diehl Edwards, 
Marian Powell Buck, Carol Shoultz Pace, and Elsie Sperber who 
were unable to attend. 

CLASS OF 1931 
By Marie Cox Burkman 

Thirteen graduates of the Class of 1931 met for their twenty- 
fifth reunion at the annual Alumnae Banquet on June 8 at the 
Emerson Hotel. It was an enjoyable evening and just wonderful 
to see everyone again. 

On Saturday the class members and their husbands were enter- 
tained at a buffet supper by Margaret Goodell Winship, Elsie Sills 
Sandler, and Marie Cox Burkman at the home of the former in 
Valley Crest. 

We missed all of you who were unable to attend and hope every- 
one will be present at the next reunion. 


CLASS OF 1936 
By Hazel Miller Wells 

The Class of 1936 held its twentieth reunion on June 8 at the 
Emerson Hotel with the following members present: Angela Dooley 
Clarke, Doris Lloyd Fargason, Ann Lubinski Miller, Delia Riley 
Rasmussen, Betty Dodson Blondell, and Hazel Miller Wells. 

We were very happy to have Miss Estella Baldwin come over 
from College Park to be the guest of our class. She is the same Miss 
Baldwin we all liked so much. 

Sue Connelly Montgomery called from Pennsylvania. She is a 
busy doctor's wife with four children, including twins. 

Norma Johannes Engelmann called also. She is well now, after 
a long illness, is married and has a three year old daughter. 

Virginia Wicker Danner wrote from Illinois that she is kept busy 
with her teacher husband, two sons, PTA and church work. 

Ann O'Sullivan Taylor is another busy mother. She and Andy 
have two-teen age daughters and two young, handsome sons. 

Rita Odom Highman had planned to come down from Connec- 
ticut but, due to the death of her mother, could not be with us at 
this time. She sent snaps of her four children and they are as cute 
as can be. 

Margaret Rose is caring for her aged mother, who recently fell 
and broke her hip. 

Tress DeLawter was sailing on a cruise to South America the day 
of the banquet. She will get her Master's in Nursing ServiceAdmin- 
istration this year at Teachers' College, New York. 

Kay Kefauver has moved to Philadelphia and is working in a 
hospital there. The girls from out of town sent their best wishes to 
all, and are really planning to be with us on our twenty-fifth an- 

Mary Knoeller Browning, mother of a boy and girl, had made her 
reservation but, due to a sudden death in the family, could not 

Mary Fowble Long stopped to see us for a few minutes while we 
were having pre-banquet cocktails in the lounge. We were sorry 
she could not stay. She and Bill have a son and daughter. 

Fran Tayloe Jannarone, Annabelle Magaha Kelbaugh, Nina 
Claiborne Hamm are still doing some private duty here in town. 

Those who attended the banquet spent a pleasant evening remi- 
niscing about our good and bad days at University. Dr. Gibson 
Wells, later in the evening, took some colored slides of our group. 

Angela, as pretty as ever, is living in Linthicum Heights with 
her twelve year old son. She received her B.S. in Education from 
Loyola College June 3. 


Doris came up from Norfolk. She still has that infectious laugh. 
We forgot to ask her if she still talks for "hours" on the phone as 
she did in the Nurses' Home. 

Ann, mother of a young son, arrived on crutches, the result of a 
fractured heel. 

Delia P. and her husband live in Laurel, Md. She was in the 
Army for quite some time, but is now a civilian nurse at Fort Meade. 

Betty lives between Baltimore and Annapolis with her husband 
and her attractive daughter, Toni Lee. She is busy helping Lee in 
his business. Activity must agree with her because Betty never 
looked better. 

Since we did not hear from the other members, we can give you 
no news of them, but sincerely hope we can all be present in 1961. 

CLASS OF 1941 
By Lorraine Neel 

The Class of 1941 had seven classmates present for their fifteenth 
reunion. Those present were: Flora Evans Hickman, Mildred 
Foster, Sue Wilson Gilmer, Ruth Almony Dixon, Nell Hammer 
Giauque, Charlotte Barkdoll Franz and Lorraine Neel. We enjoyed 
so much being together again and hearing news from other class- 
mates who were not present. It was also very nice to have Maria 
Sagardia, Class of 1943, join us at our table. 

Margaret Reynolds Menees sent greetings by telegram: "Wish 
I could be with you for our class reunion. Please convey my sincere 
wishes for health and happiness to all present. Why don't some of 
you take a vacation and come to Texas?" We'd love to come. 

Charlotte Matthews Guy sent a nice letter from Norfolk, Va. 
Martha Wilson Davis had recently moved to California. It was 
nice to hear news from her and from Elizabeth Wolfe Stevens who 
also lives in California. 

Judy Liles Hanke is living in Granada Hills, Calif. She has two 
daughters in school and a little son two and one-half years old. 
She is also enjoying some part-time nursing. 

We had a nice time, missed those who were not present, and hope 
for a larger reunion in 1961. 


By Adeline Mosberg Cronin 

The Class of February 1946 met for the tenth reunion at the an- 
nual Alumnae Banquet at the Emerson Hotel. 

The graduates were entertained by Sara Weimer, Anna Lee De- 


Haven, and Adeline Cronin at a Cocktail Party at the Emerson 
Hotel. Ann Pierpont, Mary Godlove, Anna Lee DeHaven, Mary 
Ireland, Marion Daue, Sara Weimer, and Adeline Cronin enjoyed 
reminiscing and agreed that the only effect of the ten years was that 
of mellowing and amelioration. 

For the benefit of those who could not be present, we gathered 
the following news items: 

Ann Brien Pierpont lives in Rockdale, Md. where her husband 
is in general practice. They have two children, Karen, aged 8 and 
Brien Edwin, aged 3. 

Irene Chenette Holljes, her husband, Johanna, aged 7 and Henry, 
aged 5 are with the Navy in Japan. 

Mary Colorusso Godlove's husband is in practice in Martins- 
burg, W.Va. They have two children, Linda Jean, aged 6 and 
Martin Dale, aged 2 years. 

Anna Lee DeHaven is assistant supervisor of the operating room 
at University Hospital. 

Phyllis Duvall Kavanagh lives in Rockville, Md. with her hus" 
band, three boys and a girl. Marilyn Jane arrived practically on 
the day of our reunion. 

Beanie Janovitch is a TWA hostess assigned to the overseas 
flight. Her apartment is in Detroit, Mich. 

Ruth Jordan Metta lives near Phyllis Kavanagh in Rockville, 
Md. Ruth also has four children: Vic, Jr., aged 9, Stanley and Sue, 
aged 8, and Jon, aged 2. She works part-time at the National In- 
stitute of Health-Neurology and Blindness. Six other University 
graduates work at the Institute, two of whom are Miss Reiblich 
and Miss Rita Malik. 

Mary Klevisher Ireland is moving from Berkley, Mich, to Chi- 
cago, 111. Her children are Leslie Ann, born July 19, 1954, and 
Charles F., born November 9, 1955. Mary has not been successful 
in seeing Beanie Janovitch. 

Marion Ramsey Daue and her husband live in Camp Hill, Pa- 
where he is in practice. Their expert swimmers are Caryn Elaine, 
aged 8, Craig, aged 6 and Debra Yvonne, aged 2 years. 

Dorothy Reachard Funk, Waynesboro, Pa. has had more con- 
tact with the two-legged bird than anyone in the class. She is ex- 
pecting her sixth child. Her children are Greg, 9, Jeffrey, 8, Tom- 
my 6, Eric, 4, and Susan, 2. Until April 1956 Dottie had worked 
two days a week at her local hospital. Some of the doctors and 
nurses are University graduates. 

Dorothy Simpson Duvall lives in Pikesville. She has four 
children: Charles Steven, 8, Valerie Shannon, 6, Robert Brian, 4, 
and Timothy Bruce, 2. Dottie's husband is considering a position 
in Florida. 


Margaret Stoner Hunter's husband is connected with the Dept. 
of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mayo Clinic. The four little 
Hunters are named Leslie Anne, aged 6, Cindy, 5, Jimmy, 3, and 
Laurie, 4 months. 

Sara Elizabeth Weimer is the head nurse on the medical floor at 
the United States Public Health Service Hospital. Pete has a very 
nice apartment in Ramblewood and a new car. 

Adeline Mosberg Cronin has just moved from Cleveland, Ohio 
to her new home in the Dulaney Valley. She has two children, 
Randall Courtney, Jr. aged 5, and Alinda Mae, aged 3. 

After five more years of mellowing we hope to have all fourteen 
members of the February Class of 1946 unite and reminisce once 

By Mary Byrnes Besett 

The tenth anniversary of the Class of June, 1946 was celebrated 
at the annual banquet and dance on June 8. 

Members attending were Barbara Garrison Mosberg, Mary 
Green Heininger, Anne Logan Gerkin, Hazel McComas Carroll, 
Mary Sclavos, Elinor Wilson Wells and Mary Byrnes Besett. 

We had great fun recalling the experiences of "training days' 
and chatting about events of the past ten years. 

During the course of the evening pictures and letters received 
were circulated and it was decided to start a "Round Robin" of 
letters in order to keep everyone up-to-date on the doings of her 

To the disappointingly large number of you who were not able 
to attend your reunion this year, "we missed you" and hope to see 
you at the next one. 

CLASS OF 1951 
By Joyce Blades 

The fifth reunion of the Class of 1951 was initiated by a cocktail 
party held in the Grey Room of the Hotel Emerson. The Baltimore 
members of the class were indeed very pleased hostesses to see so 
many out-of-towners appear. 

Lynn Hoxie Tether is now living in Hyattsville in a lovely new 
home with her daughter and husband, Jim. 


Mary Brislin has remained with her Alma Mater for the past 
five years and is now supervisor of the eleventh floor. 

Carolyn Cadle Lower, the busy mother of William B., Jr. is liv- 
ing in Biglerville, Pa. 

Shirley "Hack" Fuller is helping Annapolis grow with little Joe 
and a new edition expected in the Fall. 

Joanne Wilson McCoy arrived from Westernport, Md. with a 
beautiful tan and many thoughts on the business of raising two boys. 

Mary Lou Chapman is doing special duty nursing at U.H. 

Carmen Caple Womack is the proud mother of two girls. 

Pat Pyles Lamont, coming all the way from Indiana with news 
about her boy and girl, was the most travel worn of the group. 

In addition to part-time office nursing, Rosemary Morgan Ballard 
is doing a splendid job of decorating her new home in Falls Church, 

Ellen "Shoo" Poole is working in the clinic at Johns Hopkins 

Roberta Workman Furst is now living in Catonsville and has one 

Jeanne Hook Miecznikoski has a daughter and is living in Bal- 

Lorraine Lysack is now a clinical instructor at U.H. 

Marilyn Miller Voelcher is also living in Baltimore and has a son. 

Margaret C. Higgins is living in Washington, D.C. 

Evelyn Venezky was another weary traveler from far Chapel 
Hill, N.C. 

Lillie Porter Durney is living in Cumberland and has two young 

Juanita Buckner is now the neuro O.R. nurse at U.H. and will 
become Mrs. Jones in September. 

When Evelyn R. O'Conner isn't busy rearing her daughter, she 
keeps "her hand in" by doing some general night duty at U.H. 

Dove Pilson is heading the 3-11 stint in the O.R. at U.H. 

Dana Day called from Colorado to wish us all well. 

A telegram from Shirley Schaffer, who is now in Ohio, was read 
by Mrs. Singleton to the class. 

Yours truly at present is "serving sutures" in the O.R. at our 
Alma Mater. 

We all hope that by the time the next five years have passed the 
remaining members of the class will be able to visit old Baltimore 
town and renew the friendships that were formed during those 
three years we worked together. 



By Hortense B. Tegler, Class of 1948 

The Fortieth Biennial Convention of the American Nurses' 
Association was held in Chicago from May 13 to May 18, 1956. 
There were 1213 delegates with a total registration of 11,080. There 
were also eighty nurses representing thirty-one nations. 

"This is the sixtieth birthday of the A.N.A. and the total mem- 
bership now numbers 177,000," said Miss Agnes Ohlson, President 
of the A.N.A. 

In her opening address, she stated the importance of treating the 
patient not only as a patient, but as a member of the family and a 
part of the community. There must be a reallocation of responsibi- 
lities of the nurse. We must help the non-professional workers. 
Find out what we need most in our profession, and then how to 
meet these needs. 

There is a great need for leadership as well as a need for acquiring 
alert minds. We must be firm but not arbitrary and stand together 
against opposition. 

Reports were given by all the officers and committee chairmen 
at the house of delegates. 

Few of us, I am sure, have even an inkling of the many activities 
in which the A.N.A. participates. Fifty-three areas of essential 
services were listed. 

The by-laws of the A.N.A. were amended and the platform for 
1956-1958 adopted. 

All service groups reported. The Air Force, now seven years old, 
has twenty-five new hospitals and twenty-one are to be acquired in 
the next nine months. As of April 30, 1956, there were in the Air 
Force 2,480 nurses with an authorized strength of 2,800. 630 of 
this number are male nurses. 

The most widely heralded and attended program meeting was 
to hear Dr. Margaret Meade. Dr. Meade's subject was "Nursing 
— Primitive and Civilized." Dr. Meade said we must protect the 
vulnerable. She predicted that the function of protecting the vul- 
nerable will never disappear and there is no possibility of a human 
society where it will not always exist. "Because nurses do so many 
things, it seems to me," she said, "that you protect the vulnerable; 
that you protect all those who could be in any kind of danger; 
danger from illness, danger from shock, danger from fatigue, danger 
from sorrow, danger from overstrain, and danger from grief." She 
also said that we were the only group where everyone has held a 
newborn baby and closed the eyes of someone in death. 


Miss Daisy Bridges, Executive Secretary of the I.C.U., was guest 
speaker at international night. Our guests from many countries 
came in their native evening dress. Miss Bridges conveyed to us 
that nursing and hospitals were founded in times of crises. The first 
hospital was founded at the time of the Roman Empire; the Cru- 
sades established great nursing orders; the Crimean War gave us 
Florence Nightingale. She said nursing standards must be as high 
as medical standards to protect health fully. Miss Bridges con- 
cluded with, "God sometimes helps nurses to show the world what 
He likes. In working together you bind yourself to God and to 
each other." 

Dr. Harold Lenth, consultant for the Civil Air Defense Adminis- 
tration in Evanston, 111., spoke on nursing during emergency medi- 
cal service. He says, "Think big, build realistically and carefully. 
Working together as a group produces results and team spirit." 

The industrial nurses and private duty nurses voted to keep the 
names of their sections unchanged. 

Dr. Herman Finer, Professor of Political Science, University of 
Chicago, says there are 70,000 private duty nurses out of 350,000 
active professional nurses. We must learn to evaluate ourselves 
thoroughly and often. According to the Georgia study done by 
Drs. Fred and Elizabeth Couey and Miss Diane Stephenson, one 
third of the nursing service load is carried by the private duty 
nurse. Eighty-five percent of her problems deal with human re- 

The officers for the 1956-1958 A.N.A. convention are: President, 
Miss Agnes Ohlson, Conn.; First Vice-President, Mrs. Myrtle Coe, 
Minn.; Second Vice-President, Miss Mathilda Schener, Pa.; Third 
Vice-President, Lucy German, Mich.; Secretary, Miss Frances 
Powell, 111.; Treasurer, Miss Alice Toppzant, Wis. 

It was a truly wonderful experience to be able to again attend the 
convention and I thank the alumnae for their generous contribu- 
tion toward my expenses. 



By Joyce Lefever Jacobson, Class of 1954 

In March 1956, the University of Maryland held their Centen- 
nial and Sesquicentennial Celebration in the Armory at College 
Park. Here they were celebrating the one-hundredth year of the 
Maryland Agricultural College and the one hundred fiftieth year of 
the Maryland Medical School. 

For a few days these two institutions along with the other eight 
colleges of the University of Maryland, the six schools, and the 
other allied organizations displayed their collegian relics and famous 

The University of Maryland School of Nursing participated with 
an interesting display of historical figures and photographs in a 
booth provided for this purpose. 

Many visitors to the campus on this occasion came to our booth 
and much information about the programs of the school was dis- 
seminated. Graduates and students were on duty to welcome the 
visitors and answer their questions. 


By Virginia C. Conley 
Chairman, Committee on Education, Nurses' Alumnae Assn. 

Many years ago our foresighted Alumnae members established a 
scholarship fund in memory of Janet Hale who was a graduate of 
the Class of 1892, and was the second Superintendent of Nurses at 
the University of Maryland. 

This fund was inaugurated by the Nurses' Alumnae Association 
in 1920 for the purpose of assisting a graduate of the School of 
Nursing to further her education in nursing. During the years 
which the scholarship fund has been available, many graduates 
have profited, and as a result have become more proficient in some 
area of nursing. 

As social and economic changes have affected our daily living, 
so have they influenced the role of the nurse in her professional ac- 
tivities. New activities bring about different demands made upon 
the nurse in relation to her ability to meet the challenge of contem- 
porary nursing. 


Once again the Alumnae members have shown their insight into 
a serious nursing problem — the need to assist students in the School 
of Nursing to finance their education. 

The Nurses' Alumnae Association voted last spring to extend the 
benefits of the Janet Hale Scholarship Fund to include students en- 
rolled in the School of Nursing as well as graduates of the school. 
At the same time the amount of the annual appropriation was in- 
creased from $300.00 to $450.00. 

The Committee on Education has the privilege and responsibility 
of recommending to the Alumnae Association, candidates for 
scholarships. Requests for these awards should be addressed to 
this Committee. 

The Nurses' Alumnae Association is to be commended for its 
keen insight and its forward steps in promoting the work of pro- 
fessional nursing. 


(from The Journal of the International College of Surgeons, 
April, 1956, Vol. XXV, No. 4) 

The most recent addition to the Hall of Fame of the International 
College of Surgeons exhibits relating to Florence Nightingale is the 
Florence Nightingale Cap, which has been adopted by the Uni- 
versity of Maryland School of Nursing. The cap was donated by 
Rebecca Hall Phillips, R.N., Class of 1927 of the University of 
Maryland Hospital, Baltimore. Mrs. Phillips is the wife of Dr. 
John Roberts Phillips, F.I.C.S., and a member of the Woman's 
Auxiliary of the United States and Canadian Sections. 

The gift is warmly appreciated by the College, especially in view 
of the fact that it represents a genuine sacrifice, on the part of the 
donor, of a valuable collector's item. The same can be said of many 
other contributions to the Hall of Fame, the ultimate value of 
which will rest, in no small degree, upon the spirit that prompted 
these visible additions to the treasures of surgical history. 

The Florence Nightingale Cap is to be exhibited in a beautiful 
gold-framed shadow box with a red background. An engraved 
plaque will give the name of the donor and other pertinent informa- 
tion. The dedication of this gift to the Hall of Fame will take place 
in September, 1956, at the time of the Twenty-first Assembly of the 
United States and Canadian Sections of the International College. 
Dr. and Mrs. John Roberts Phillips of Houston, Texas, are charter 
members of the College and the Auxiliary. 



By Virginia C. Conley, 

Associate Professor, School of Nursing 

Member, State Board of Examiners of Nurses 

As soon as it was organized in 1903, the Maryland State Associ- 
ation of Graduate Nurses began activities for the accomplishment 
of one of its objectives, namely, the procuring of State registration 
for nurses. A bill was framed and presented by our State Associ- 
ation to the Maryland Legislature. Without opposition or amend- 
ment this bill was passed by both houses and was signed by the 
Governor on March 25, 1904. 

Since the passage of this bill, many nurses have been registered 
in Maryland. Some of these practiced nursing for a short period of 
time, some continued in their professional activities throughout 
their lifetime and some may not have nursed at all. The books con- 
taining the recording of registration list the names of all these per- 
sons whether or not they are active in nursing. It was evident that 
there was no way to determine the number of nurses who were 
practicing nursing in any given year. As the numbers of registered 
nurses increased and as the nursing service agencies expanded it was 
difficult to keep any records of those nurses actively engaged in the 
practice of nursing. 

Following the pattern of many other states, the Maryland State 
Nurses' Association proposed an amendment to the law providing 
for a biennial recordation of the certificate of registration of those 
nurses who are practicing nursing in the State of Maryland. The 
Maryland Legislature during the 1955 session made this amend- 
ment to the law. 

The amendment to the laws relating to the registration of nurses 
reads as follows: 

281-A. Beginning in the month of January, 1956, and during 
the month of January in every second year thereafter, every 
registered nurse, registered with said Board of Examiners, 
shall cause his or her certificate to be recorded in the office of 
said Board of Examiners, together with an affidavit or other 
proof satisfactory to said Board of Examiners of his or her 
identity as the person to whom the same is issued and of his 
or her place of residence at the time of such recordation. The 
registrant shall pay to said Board of Examiners a fee of Two 
Dollars ($2.00) for each such recordation. It shall be unlawful 
after February 1, 1956 for any person to practice nursing as a 
registered nurse unless his or her certificate has been recorded 
as provided in this section; provided, however, that the failure 


to record such certificate shall not be cause for the revocation 
by said Board of Examiners of such certificate. Anyone who 
shall fail to re-record his or her certificate as provided by this 
section shall, notwithstanding such failure to record, remain 
eligible for re-recordation at any time thereafter without ex- 
amination, upon application for re-recordation and payment 
of fees therefore. 

282. This sub-title shall not be construed to affect or apply 
to the gratuitous nursing of the sick by friends or members of 
the family, and also it shall not apply to any person nursing 
the sick for hire, who does not advertise, solicit employment 
or hold himself or herself out as a graduate, certified or regis- 
tered nurse. 

283. Any person violating any of the provisions of this sub- 
title, or who shall wilfully make any false representation to the 
Board of Examiners in applying for a certificate, shall be 
guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction be punished by 
a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). 

The recordation of the certificate of registration will facilitate 
the activities of our profession. It will provide us with a roster of 
nurses who are practicing nursing in Maryland. Data will be forth- 
coming as to the numbers of nurses coming into, and withdrawing 
from the practice of nursing in this State. Such information will 
enable our professional organizations to participate in nation-wide 
surveys and studies where such facts are necessary. 


By Joyce LeFever Jacobson, Class of 1954 

On the Baltimore campus, the University of Maryland has de- 
veloped preliminary plans and specifications for a Union Building. 
The structure will be shaped as a K and will be located on the south- 
west corner of Lombard and Greene Streets. 

This five story building, designed by Lucius R. White, Jr., Archi- 
tect, will be used for facilities other than academic, for the students 
and faculty. It will house a student supply store, game room, 
barber shop, post office, cafeteria, main lounge, fountain lounge, 
dance terrace, meeting rooms, offices, and TV room. 

The initial construction of the building will be limited to one- 
half of the K structure and located on the west side of the Out- 
Patient Department. 

We hope the ground will be broken for this new structure in the 
near future. 



The Recovery Room was opened in January, 1956 under the 
direction of nursing service and the anesthesia department. It is 
located on the seventh floor in a temporary area which can accom- 
modate five patients simultaneously. It is staffed by a head nurse, 
a staff nurse, and supervised by the supervisor of the surgical 
wards. Recovery Room nursing is now included in the student's 
curriculum, and the students rotate in Recovery Room for clinical 

Patients are brought to the Recovery Room at the discretion of 
the anesthetist, depending on the type of anesthesia, operation, 
and condition of the patient. The patients remain in the Recovery 
Room until they are conscious and stabilized, and then are re- 
turned to the floor. The recovery period for each patient is vari- 
able, thus making the length of stay unpredictable. Each day an 
average of twelve patients are received in the Recovery Room. At 
the present time patients are accepted from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.; 
however, longer hours are anticipated in the immediate future. 

The Recovery Room has provided closer observation of the 
patient in the immediate post anesthesia period, and relieved some 
of the duties of the floor nurse, leading to better nursing care. 


Ethel M. Troy, Director 

Today eighty-six students are enrolled in the two classes — 
March and September — of the Division of Practical Nursing in the 
School of Nursing. 

The students are chosen from many applicants, being required 
to pass a psychometric test and a physical examination and to pro- 
vide two recommendations each before their applications are re- 
viewed by the Admissions Committee for selection. 

Those who completed the program in November, 1955, and March, 
1956, were admitted to the State Board examination in April. All 
who took the examination passed it and are now Licensed Practical 
Nurses. Many of them are now employed on the staff of University 
Hospital. It may be of interest to know that the passing score was 
350; our lowest score was 387, and two made scores of 692. The 
students who finished in September, 1956, were examined on Oc- 
tober 17th. We await their scores with great interest. 

A bulletin has been published to provide information to the pub- 
lic. A request for this bulletin will be promptly honored. 



On June 1, 1947, through the Nurses' Alumnae Association of 
the University of Maryland, a plan was inaugurated to give its 
members actively engaged in their profession, a monthly income to 
replace earnings in the event of disability through accident or 

The plan, operated by the Massachusetts Bonding and Insurance 
Company, provides income up to $150 monthly, covering all dis- 
eases. There are no discriminations regarding female disorders, but 
pregnancy, miscarriage and abortions are not covered. All opera- 
tions and accidents are covered. Up to 60 years of age, $80.00 
monthly may be had with no reference to prior medical history. 
Payments begin the first day in event of accident, the seventh day 
in illness. Hospitalization has been added. 

Members, including recent graduates, may join the plan on the 
anniversary date, June 1, 1957. 

For further particulars and application forms, communicate 
with the State Representative, Ethel M. Troy, 2119 Chelsea Ter- 
race, Baltimore 16, Md., or directly with the Dana G. Hall Agency, 
123 William St., New York 7, N.Y. 

This plan is also in effect with the State Nurses' Association. 


Plates of the School of Medicine, University of Maryland, the 
New Hospital and the Old Hospital are available. These white 
plates are 10 inches in diameter with black print. White ashtrays 
of the University of Maryland Medical School in blue print may 
also be obtained. The ashtrays, measuring 43^ inches square at 
the base and 634 inches at the outer edge, are very suitable for 
decorative purposes. The price is two dollars and fifty cents, plus 
fifty cents for mailing and insurance. Send order stating the plates 
and ashtrays desired to Mrs. Bessie M. Arnurius, Box 2, University 
Hospital, Baltimore 1, Md. Make check payable to Nurses' Alum- 
nae Association of the University of Maryland. 



By Dorothy K. Herbert, Class 1924 

Did you ever wake to a decision on the spur of the moment and 
find yourself in a state of confusion, but because of that decision, 
find that you had a very stimulating and rewarding experience? 
Well, I did just that this summer. My vacation was planned for 
August and had been approved several months earlier. 

Late in June, we had word that my little grandchild was to be 
born in an American hospital in Berlin and that her mother's E.D.C. 
was July 13. I decided then that I would try to see that branch of 
my family during my August vacation. 

The complicated task of obtaining a passport took all of July, 
during which time my little granddaughter had arrived. In the 
meantime I had luckily reserved flight passage to Europe. Two 
days before flight time I finally got my passport from Washington. 

It was wonderful to see my daughter-in-law, after more than a 
year, and that precious baby, Kathleen. But, also, I was very 
anxious to see Kathleen's father who had been serving in our Air 
Force as physician to the American Embassy in Moscow. Fortu- 
nately, he had leave of absence to visit his wife and new baby in 
Berlin at the same time I was there and we had a grand reunion. 

Considering the proximity of the two cities, my family felt I 
should take this opportunity to visit them at their home in Moscow. 
So the machinery for obtaining a visa was set to work. This is not 
a simple procedure for an individual citizen traveling to Russia. 
Sixteen days passed and still there was no word from the Kremlin . 

By that time it was necessary for my family to return to Moscow. 
With much disappointment we said sad farewell and they departed 
for the East Berlin airport while I awaited flight time to return to 
U.S.A. from West Berlin. 

Then the unexpected happened. The travel division of our state 
department called to tell me that Moscow had wired approval of 
my visa and that they could complete reservations for my flight 
from East Berlin the next day ! 

Oh! happy anticipation, but with a very disturbing feeling of 
doubt about flying alone to that foreign land. Nevertheless, the 
"mission was accomplished" just twenty-four hours after my 
family's arrival in Moscow. I was the only English-speaking pas- 
senger on the Russian plane. That was a strange feeling, but the 
trip was made interesting by observing the other twenty-one pas- 
sengers. Most of them were German college students. There was a 
stolid Russian officer and a young mother with her cunning little 
girl. None of us, except the students, were very communicative. 

The Russian hostess indicated to us to disembark at Wilnas, 
Poland. We landed at this half-way point for a meal. There was a 


very depressing atmosphere at this airport and the dining room did 
not help to lift one's spirits. The service was excellent, but the food 
was of very poor quality. I was impressed with the appearance of 
the head waiter and waitresses. They looked harassed, disturbed, 
and extremely "on edge." I wondered if it could have been because 
of the presence of that Russian officer. 

Arriving in Moscow eight hours after take-off from Berlin, I 
waited some time before meeting my son. Our plane had left 
Berlin three hours earlier than had been planned. Our state depart- 
ment in Berlin had wired this change to Moscow, but the message 
arrived only very shortly before our plane and the airport is twenty- 
four miles from the city and the Embassy. With many gestures and 
a little confusion this was made plain to me and I tried to wait 
calmly to see my son's familiar face. 

In spite of the gray, cold rain of the late afternoon, there was 
warmth in my heart to find myself riding to the Embassy where my 
family and other state department people lived. I had to pinch 
myself to realize I was almost half way around the world from home 
in this controversial capital city. I also reminded myself how much 
better this method of travel was compared to the way Russia had 
planned for tourists to visit them this summer. 

Their plan was called "Intourist." It provided round trip air 
passage from most Western European cities and a ten day stay in 
Moscow at several designated hotels. It also provided carefully 
planned guided tours of the city showing only those areas included 
in the Kremlin's propaganda. All of this, plus some rubles for 
spending money, was offered for $180. 

In contrast, I had the pleasure of living with my family and the 
opportunity of seeing how the American colony, amid numerous 
restrictions, lives behind the Iron Curtain. I saw the unpaved dirty 
back streets, the squalor and cramped living conditions of the ma- 
jority of Moscow's citizens. I saw the apparent activity of con- 
struction workers, mostly women, and the resultant incompleteness 
and inconvenience of their labors. 

I saw the central farmers' market with its very meager offering of 
produce. The fruit, vegetables, meat and milk were of very poor 
quality and very expensive. I saw the long queues of people tire- 
lessly waiting for almost everything that must be purchased for 
everyday living. The monotony of men's and women's clothes was 
striking and, upon investigation in their stores, the prices were 
found to be unbelievably high. And what stores and markets. 
They compare favorably with ours of the early 1900's. 

Above all else, I saw the expressions on the faces of those people 
who got into a church. There was determination and a fire of devo- 
tion, to something real and lasting, that shone in their eyes. All of 
this made me reverently glad that I am an American citizen and 
renewed my eagerness to have my family back on their native soil. 



5335 Fisher Place 
Seattle 18, Washington 
Christmas, 1956 
Greetings : 

Instead of sending Christmas cards this holiday season, I decided 
to write letters giving a few highlights of the year. 

It has been a happy and pleasant 1956, but it has sped by so fast. 

Since I'm still working the evening shift at the hospital with only 
two free evenings, I have had very little social life. Many, but not 
all, of these free evenings were spent watching my favorite television 

You can imagine how I looked forward to getting a change of 
activity during my vacation period. I took two weeks in June to see 
Alaska, and the other two weeks in September and October to see 
Oregon, California, Nevada, and Mexico. If "Uncle Sam" decides 
to transfer me back to the East in the near future, I can now say 
that I have seen the West coast. 

I wrote a "paper" on my trip to Alaska, so I will take excerpts 
from it and share with you. 

What a beautiful ten day cruise to the Inside Passage of Alaska! 
It was exciting, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the 
trip. It was a conducted tour, and most of the 229 passengers were 
Baptists. The tour left Seattle on the SS Princess Marguerite, 
making port call in Victoria, British Columbia, and then on to Van- 
couver, British Columbia where the tour party changed to the SS 
Princess Louise. 

On the third morning, the tour party arrived at Prince Rupert, 
B. C. This town is forty miles from the Alaskan boundary. It has a 
population of about 7,000. It has the third largest natural harbor 
in the world, has the largest fresh halibut business in the world, has 
the largest fish cold storage plant in the world, and boasts of no 
severe cold in winter, and no extreme heat in summer. 

In the evening, the tour arrived at Ketchikan, Alaska. An hour 
before docking, the United States immigration officers boarded the 
ship from a motor launch. Before disembarking at this port, all 
passengers had to present immigration cards and pass inspection. 

Ketchikan is approximately 662 miles north of Seattle, and has a 
population of approximately 9,000. This town cans more fish than 
any place in the world. There are fourteen canneries. The fishing 
boats land about 20 million pounds of fish each year, bringing about 
three million dollars to the fishermen. In addition, about 30 million 
pounds of salmon are caught in traps and by seine boats. Ketchikan 


is backed against a mountain 3,000 feet high. The wharves and build- 
ings on the waterfront are erected on piling because frequently the 
tides are twenty feet high. 

The next morning the ship passed through Wrangell Narrows. It 
was through these straits that the biggest mass otter hunts in 
Alaska were staged. One hunt staged by the Russians consisted of 
550 Aleutian skin boats and 1,200 Aleutian natives. The hunt took 
one month. The pelts yielded two million dollars. This was the 
place that the trading ship of Jacob Astor went to help find that 
famous fortune. Bloody battles were fought and refought here be- 
tween traders, explorers, Aleutians, and savage Indians. 

Nearing Juneau, the ship passed close to many ice floats that had 
broken away from large glaciers. 

Juneau is approximately 1,033 miles northwest of Seattle with a 
growing population of about 8,000. It appears to rest on a shelf 
little more than 3,000 feet wide with Mt. Juneau backing it. It was 
here that the typical gold rush started in 1880. Juneau was made 
the Capital of Alaska in 1900. 

Near Juneau is the famous Mendenhall Glacier which is % miles 
wide, 300 to 500 feet deep, and 12 miles long. Its gigantic fissures 
are of a deeper blue than ever appears in the skies, a mass of trans- 
parent blue crystal. This was indeed spectacular. 

Gold mining, formerly Juneau's principal industry, is now in- 
active because of the disparity between the price of gold and the 
cost of production. Outfitting of boats and cold storage facilities 
for Alaska's foremost industry, salmon and halibut fishing, is an im- 
portant part of Juneau's economic life. 

The most striking feature of the climate in and around Juneau is 
the slight variability of temperature. This is also true of most of 
southeastern Alaska. July is the warmest month with an average 
of 56.6 degrees above zero. January's average of 27.7 degrees above 
zero makes it the coldest month. There is an average of one or two 
days of sub-zero temperature per year. Average rainfall approxi- 
mates 85 inches. 

The Alaska Historical Library and Museum in Juneau was most 
interesting. One could spend hours there and still miss a lot. The 
one thing that fascinated me more than anything else was the 
Eskimo infant diaper. This was made from reindeer skin, trimmed 
in fur and a small wad of moss placed in the seat. 

Skagway, Alaska was the end of the sea voyage for the Inside 
Passage. Skagway mushroomed overnight about fifty-odd years ago. 
It was a brawling city of 15,000 gold-crazed prospectors, with tents 
pitched so closely together along its gravel base that a newcomer 
had a tough time finding a place to set down his pack. The crowds 
vanished when the gold disappeared. Today the approximate popu- 
lation is 600. Several of the original wooden buildings are still 


standing and these give an impression that a "set" has been ar- 
ranged for a western movie. Skagway is a ghost town. 

The trip via the narrow gauge railway from Skagway to Carcross 
was quite impressive. Words fail to describe the "jagged black 
giants and steep gray pinnacles," all draped in snow and scoured by 
glaciers. This was the Trail of '98. 

Bennett, 41 miles from Skagway, affords a commodious restaurant 
where our party of 229 found long tables laden with delicious food. 
Included in the menu was moose meat. 

Carcross was next. This is in the Yukon Territory of Canada. 
Lake Bennett ends and Lake Nares begins at this tiny village of un- 
certain houses and cabins. It was at this point that great herds of 
caribou formerly crossed the narrow stream which connects the two 
lakes. Originally called Caribou Crossing, it later was shortened to 
Carcross. The last spike in "the railroad that couldn't be built" was 
driven at Carcross on July 31, 1900. Carcross has a population of 
140; about 40 of these persons are white and the remainder are 
Indian. The school enrollment is 40. All of the natives gave evi- 
dence of rugged physical health. 

Then back to Skagway and SS Princess Louise on the same day. 

On the next evening, the tour arrived in Wrangell, Alaska. It 
was originally a trading post populated mainly by Indians under 
the protection of the Russians, but came under white dominance 
during the gold rush of '98. Wrangell has several interesting totem 
villages, and in fact more totem poles than any other town, most of 
which are still standing where originally erected. 

Alaska is enjoying a phenomenal growth in a variety of ways. 
Her resources are unlimited; her economic possibilities really 
stagger the imagination, Truly "Uncle Sam's Attic" deserves the 
title of "Wonderful Alaska." 

The tour arrived back for a day of sightseeing and shopping in 
Vancouver, B. C. on the ninth day. 

After an overnight journey on the SS Princess Elizabeth, the tour 
arrived in Victoria, B. C. on the tenth morning, and ready for an- 
other full day of sightseeing and shopping. This is the "City of 
Hanging Flower Baskets"; and a population of 100,000. 

The tour passengers sailed on the Princess Marguerite from 
Victoria to Seattle that evening, and then departed — some home- 
ward bound and some staying in Seattle for the American Baptist 

After a busy summer at the hospital, I was glad when the last 
week in September arrived, so that I could be off on another trip. 
This particular vacation was one of the most enjoyable and exciting 
ones that I have ever had. There was nothing monotonous about 
the entire two weeks. And I covered a lot of territory. 


My friend, Clara Bagne, was the financier, and I was the chauf- 
feur. If you don't think we had a "whale of a time," you are wrong. 

The trip started early one morning after my working until mid- 
night, so you can see that there was no time wasted in getting off 
to a good start. 

The Oregon coast line was at its best. There was no fog encounter- 
ed, so we enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the rugged and wind- 
ing coast line. We traveled through the myrtlewood country, and 
stopped at a few of the gift factories. 

Then we proceeded on through the Trees of Mystery and along 
the Redwood highway viewing the beautiful and gigantic Redwoods. 
We could not resist stopping at a few of the gift factories. 

San Francisco is definitely a city of hills, so now I think the hills 
of Seattle are mild in comparison. Some of the places that we visited 
were Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman's Wharf, Cliff 
House, and Seal Rock. 

Monterey, the Seventeen Mile Drive, and Carmel-By-The-Sea 
proved to be quite interesting. Carmel is an artists colony and is 
unique in its own right. The only likeness of all the shops are the 
Dutch doors. I would like very much to spend more time at this 
particular place. 

Santa Barbara is a pretty city. We visited the Mission here, and 
learned more about the founding and progress of all the Missions. 

Los Angeles was the hottest place that we found on the entire 
trip. It averaged about 97 degrees during the three days that we 
were there. The smog was at its worst, but we stayed to see all the 
sights and survived. It was much simpler to stay in the city of Los 
Angeles and take tour busses to all the surrounding areas. 

Disneyland was fabulous. Millions of dollars have been spent 
here; and it is well worth anyone's time to take a visit through these 
extraordinary settings of Frontierland, Fantasy land, Tomorrow- 
land, and Main Street, U.S.A. 

One tour took us to the Huntington Art Gallery, Library, and 
Gardens; then on to Pasadena, the Rose Bowl stadium; and then to 
the San Gabriel Mission. 

The tour to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Griffith Observatory 
proved to be most interesting. The homes in Beverly Hills were 
fabulous. Last, but not least, was the visit to the performance of 
Lawrence Welk and his orchestra with dance music at Ocean Park. 

It was time for us to leave Los Angeles, but we still had not seen 
all. We traveled along the coast, stopping by the Wayfarers Church 
to see the unique structure. This is a church of glass, perched high 
on a hill overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. 


San Diego is very close to the Mexican border; and not wanting 
to spend the night in Mexico, we stopped early in the afternoon to 
find our lodging for the night. 

The Mexican border town Tijuana was very dirty and disorderly. 
Many of the streets were unpaved ; and we saw one woman sweeping 
the rocky dirt street in front of her hut. We were not too keen in 
parking the car to walk around the streets of Tijuana, so we traveled 
on along the Pacific for 69 miles to Ensenada. This town did not 
look too much better, but we visited the shops anyway. We were 
quite fascinated with the shopkeepers trying to sell their wares. 
Everything was much cheaper — no tax either. The mode of living 
in this part of Mexico is primitive. 

Back in the good old U.S.A., we again stopped at another and 
more famous mission, the San Juan Capistrano. The gardens here 
were very beautiful, and pigeons were quite plentiful. 

At Buena Park, there is another much visited spot called Knott's 
Berry Farm and Ghost Town. We meandered through this area 
before journeying on to the next spot. This was quite the place, 
but much like any other ghost town. 

There is a scenic route in San Bernardino valley area called Rim 
of the World. This was a spectacular drive, and gave us many 
panoramic views. We saw mountains, forests, lakes, valleys, and 
desert on this 45 mile drive. 

Reno, Nevada was one of our many overnight stops. It really 
was living up to its name, "The Biggest Little City." It had only a 
few blocks lighted up like Broadway of New York, and most of 
these places were casinos. There was never a dull moment around 
the slot machines. It was interesting to watch the people play the 
machines. The motel where we stayed gave us two certificates to 
get a "Pack of Nickels" at the Primadonna Club. There was noth- 
ing to lose, so we each got our $1.50 worth of nickels, and started 
playing the slot machines. Luck was with me — hit the jackpot — 
$6.25 — not knowing anything about gambling, I thought I broke 
the machine when bells started ringing and people came from 
both sides telling me to put another nickel in the slot and pull the 
lever. This stopped the ringing, and then I was given the envelope 
containing $6.25. Beginner's luck, so I stopped, and still have the 
jackpot packet — still sealed. 

From Reno to Seattle, we saw beautiful scenery, and stopped 
several places along the way to scrutinize the area. In all, it was a 
lovely trip, but as usual, time was too limited. 

Now, I'm back to the grindstone again, and looking forward to 
next year's vacation. 

Hope that you have had a nice year. 

Barbara M. Ardis, Class 1945 



By Helen Pleasants Sweeley, Class 1919 

It was indeed a dream come true when, on the evening of Sep- 
tember 12th, in San Francisco, I stepped on a plane that would take 
me in just a few hours to New York. Those of us who did not grow 
up with airplane travel realize that it is quite fantastic to have 
dinner on one coast and breakfast on the other as though they were 
no distance apart. In the old days it seemed as remote to go to the 
moon as to go to New York; one of the reasons so many years 
elapsed before I could go. I really owe my trip to "quick travel." 

Elizabeth Sides and I left Baltimore in 1920, one year after our 
graduation. I had spent a year on duty at the Peninsula General 
Hospital when Miss Wise was superintendent and Helen Gordy 
was her assistant and surgical nurse. In August, 1920, we headed 
west, nursing first in Chicago; then Salt Lake City; Pueblo, Colo.; 
San Francisco and Modesto, California. There we were both mar- 
ried and our traveling stopped. We had had a most interesting trip 
— with practically all our nursing in general in the same hospitals — 

After so many years away, my trip back home was an experience 
that would be impossible for me to describe — such an interesting, 
happy one. 

"Mitchell" met me in Baltimore. I knew her the moment I saw 
her. After a few days with her and her better "three-fourths," 
Dennis, she and I spent a couple of days down on the Eastern Shore 
with Helen Gordy. 

While there at Quantico, we took in the Peninsula General Hos- 
pital. That beautiful hospital! It made me wish I could spend that 
year all over again in this lovely new hospital. It seemed natural, 
too, that a University of Maryland Hospital graduate was superin- 
tendent — Mrs. Mary Banes Layfield, '37. 

On our way back to Westminster, we picked up "Dark Brown" 
at the Baltimore Airport. She had flown from Chicago. After so 
many years, how could there have been so little change in her! In 
fact, I believe she was gayer than ever, the life of the party. She now 
lives in Florida. 

We three went by the University of Maryland Hospital where we 
met "Maston." She took us over the Hospital and then the Nurses' 
Home. Even in thirty-six years, how could there have been such an 
improvement? I could hardly have believed it, if I were not seeing 
it. For a moment I would liked to have turned back the clock of my 
own years — and go thru training again in this beautiful new Hos- 
pital. What an opportunity the future nurses have. I'm sure there 


can be no lovelier nurses' home for any hospital anywhere. We met 
several of the nurses, including Ethel Monroe Troy. It was as 
though I had seen her only yesterday. We felt especially fortunate 
to meet Dean Florence M. Gipe of whom I have read so much. 

I have always been proud that I was a University of Maryland 
graduate. If possible, I am even more proud than ever. When my 
trip took me to North Carolina, I saw the lovely hospitals at Chapel 
Hill and Duke. They certainly have nothing on our hospital in 

On the 22nd we were invited to a class reunion in the apartment 
of Alice Smarr Cleland. There were eight of us present: Nick, 
Gordy, Kling, Mitchell, Dark Brown, Smarr and Zepp had come 
from Pittsburgh. You can imagine there was not a dull moment. 
We missed all those absent but we realized what a privilege it was 
that so many of us could be together. No class could have been 
closer than our class of 1919. I hope the present classes, in their 
lovely surroundings, have the same loyalty that existed in the 
classes of long ago. 

After the luncheon and our parting, I went to Washington and 
spent the night with California Forest Service friends. Next morn- 
ing, my North Carolina family came for me and took me to Louis- 
burg, my hometown, near Raleigh. 

I won't take the time to tell about my trip there. I still have four 
aunts and an uncle, and many cousins. They were all the same to 
me. The years had not changed their spirits or mine. 

While at home, I had a reunion luncheon at my old college — 
Flora McDonald College, Red Springs. There were four of us — we 
had graduated in 1916. I spent the time there with a classmate now 
running a tobacco and cotton plantation. 

In all it was worth waiting so many years to step back into the 
life I had known so many years ago. I do want to thank each one 
who made the effort to see me and entertain me and show me 
around. I'm hoping there'll be a next time and that Sides will be 
with me. 



University Hospital 
Baltimore 1, Maryland 
Box 2 
Hello Girls: 

Just to tell each of you how deeply I appreciate your very inter- 
esting letters, and to thank you for your wonderful loyalty to your 
Alumnae Association and your Alma Mater. 

The letter of each one is enjoyed to the fullest extent by all who 
read the Bulletin. It has been repeated many times that the 
Bulletin is the tie that binds us all together so closely, and I hope 
through the years it will continue to do just that. 

Please keep the letters, articles and news rolling in as we all love 
to read them. Again many thanks to each and every member of the 
Alumnae Association for your continued interest in the organiza- 
tion, for without you there would be no Alumnae Association. 

With best wishes for A Very Happy New Year from the Alumnae 
Association and myself, I am, 

Cordially yours, 

Bessie Maston Arnurius 

Please send all new and changed addresses to: 

Mrs. Bessie M. Arnurius 

University Hospital 

Box 2, Baltimore 1, Maryland. 

Mrs. David S. Cook (Virginia Gillespie) Class 1947 

110 East Dr., Lakeside, Winston-Salem, N.C. (January 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Horine: 

Enclosed is my check for the Alumnae Association dues for 1956. 
This is the most enjoyable money ever spent. It's so wonderful to 
read all about the "doings" at the hospital and find out all about 
the Alumnae Association's activities. When the Bulletin arrives, 
everything in my house stops while I sit down to devour it from 
cover to cover. 

Last March I was in Baltimore for a brief visit and went down to 
the hospital, of course. When I saw the new building and all the 
changes that had taken place, I was so thrilled. It is a lovely place, 
makes one almost wish one could go in training again. With best 


Mrs. John H. Squier (Marguerite Kurtz) Class 1935. 

26 Work Ave., Del Rey Oaks, Monterey, Calif. (Jan. 10, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Horine: 

My husband is leaving for the Far East January 16, 1956. He 
just completed a ten months course at the Language School — took 
up Chinese; so my son and I are going to remain here. I will con- 
tinue working. Will you send my Bulletin to this new address? 
Say Hello to everyone back there for me. I often think of you all 
and remember the good old times we used to have at 620 W. Lom- 
bard St.; really thought at times we had a tough time, but looking 
back they were some of the happiest ones. 

Mrs. M. B. Guerrieri (Betty Jane Roop) Class 1946. 

511 E. Grand Ave., Escondido, Calif. (Jan. 6, 1956) 

Enclosed is a check for my Alumnae dues and the Bulletin. 
Would you please give them my changed address as last year I 
failed to receive the Bulletin and I do look forward to it. My 
husband just opened his dental practice here last month and we 
hope to make this our home. Right now I am nursing in his office, 
which is a new experience, as was crossing the country with our four 
children. With best wishes to all. 

Mrs. Homer Lawrence (Ella Elbourne) Class 1954 

203 Berger St., Malvern, Ark. (Jan. 10, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Baer: 

My husband being in the Army and assigned to Brooke Army 
Medical Center finds us in San Antonio, Texas, a delightful city 
of true Spanish descent. 

I am practicing my profession at Santa Rosa Hospital on their 
staff. Of course, nothing could compare to my beloved Alma Mater, 
but I enjoy my position, while proudly wearing my "Flossie." 

Mrs. R. C. Cloninger (Anne Hubner) Class 1947. 

600 E. Graham St., Shelby, N.C. (Feb. 11, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Just a note to let you know we had another little boy, Michael 
Charles, December 17, 1955. That evens the score — two boys and 
two girls. No other interesting news. However, we are still living 
in Shelby and love it. Will be looking forward to the Bulletin for 
all the interesting news of everyone. 

Clondike sends his best regards to you along with mine. 


Mrs. D. W. Hartsock (Nancy Jean Franklin) Class 1947. 

% Capt. D. W. Hartsock, Schofield Annex, 

Tripler Army Hospital, APO 957, 

% Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. (Jan. 24, 1956) 

Dear Bessie: 

Hope this reaches you before the new Bulletin is mailed so you 
will have the new address of the Hartsocks. We had a wonderful 
three years at Valley Forge Army Hospital. Then in November we 
sailed for Hawaii for a three year turn at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, 
Hawaii. The children love it, of course. Tom is five, Jim is four 
and Elizabeth Ann is two years old. December 1st, while attending 
an "Aloha Party," I had a very pleasant experience. Louise Ma- 
gruder Clary and Tom walked in. We were so glad to see someone 
from Maryland. When we finally get settled we will be living about 
five blocks apart. 

Don loves the assignment and is fine now after major chest sur- 
gery last August. Give everyone our best regards and save many 
kind regards for our special friend, Bessie. 

Mrs. Robert E. Brown (Mary Lou Nicol) Class 1944. 

10243 Trabuco, Bellflower, Calif. (Jan. 26, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

I certainly am a poor one for promptness in thanking you for 
your nice letter and the Bulletins. Now, of course, I would love 
to be brought up to date by having the 1951-54-55 Bulletins if 
possible. Am enclosing check for same. Perhaps some year I can 
manage to get word of my family in the Bulletin as we are very 
proud of our girls — Mary Kathleen, 9; Marjorie Ann, 8; Linda 
Jean, 7; Judith and Janet, age 6, twins. We moved from Bristol, 
Indiana, where my husband still has a business and came to Cali- 
fornia in May 1953 to open a branch here. My husband works be- 
tween Indiana and California so we are alone a good bit. I have 
been begged to go to work here by the nurses, but so far taking 
care of my husband's business here while he is in the east, and tak- 
ing care of five girls is quite a job, but I am weakening. Many 
thanks again for the Bulletins. 

Mrs. Thomas W. Valentine (Helen Winks) Class 1951. 

9881 Haitian Dr., Cutler Ridge, Perrine, Fla. (Feb. 11, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

We moved into our new home in April and are enjoying it very 
much. We are twelve miles south of Miami and since this is a new 


community we receive our mail at the Perrine postoffice ; hence the 
necessity for including Perrine in the address. 

My husband is still with the Dade County Board of Public In- 
struction and I finished my teaching duties with the University of 
Miami Department of Nursing last week, as we are happy so say a 
little "Valentine" is expected the latter part of this month. I will 
let you know when the little one arrives. With best wishes to all. 

Miss Bettv E. White, Class 1914. 

Accomac, Va., Box 35. (Feb. 11, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Enclosed you will find the money for the Bulletin. I have 
missed it since I retired two years ago. For over twenty years I 
was Superintendent of Nurses at a hospital in Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Since retiring I make my home with my sister in Accomac, Va, spend- 
ing part of my winters in Florida. 

Thanking you very much, and the very best of wishes for the 
Nurses' Alumnae Association. 

Mrs. John H. Davis (Alice Virginia Garrison) Class 1938. 
Route 1, Clarksburg, Md. 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

It was good to receive your card saying that the Alumnae 
Bulletin was ready, and I am enclosing money for same. I really 
do not have any news to tell you. My days are busy and happy. 
We have two children in school and one at home. I did meet a Uni- 
versity graduate at the school our children attend, I think her name 
was Miss Callahan (Shirley Elizabeth Callahan, Class 1952) and 
she is new to this area. We will probably see more of each other in 
the spring when our annual roundup of little ones will be ready for 
kindergarten in the fall. 

I always think of you with great affection for you were always 
kind and sweet. 

Mrs. J. B. Gregg (Pauline Snyder) Class 1945. 

14 Riverview Hghts., Sioux Falls, S.D. (Feb. 14, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Enclosed you will find the money for the Bulletin which I am 
most anxious to receive. Over a period of ten years I seem to have 
lost contact with about all of my classmates and often wonder 
where and how all of them are. 


Jack and I have been living in Sioux Falls for two years now. 
He is doing private practice — eye, nose and throat — and is much 
too busy. We hope in time to return to a teaching institution. We 
have three children: Michele, eight years; John, seven years, and 
Stewart, eighteen months old. With best regards to all. 

Mrs. Frank H. Bischoff (Patricia Ferguson) Class 1950 

9863 Omega Dr., Moline Acres 21, Mo. (Feb. 24, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Enclosed you will find the money for the 1955 Nurses' Alumnae 
Bulletin. Thanks so much for notifying me about the Bulletin, 
as I enjoy reading it tremendously. You asked for news for the 
current Bulletin. My change of address is above. We are getting 
so proficient at having baby girls we finally had to buy a house ! We 
have two little girls, Gail, born December 16, 1952, and Beth, born 
July 22, 1955. 

Mrs. Bert Sharp (Clara Frasco) Class 1945. 

83 S. 23rd St., Battle Creek, Mich. (Feb. 22, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

I am enclosing money for the Alumnae Bulletin, which I am 
most anxious to receive. It is sometimes quite difficult to keep up 
with the activities of the hospital and my old friends, though they 
are very dear to me. 

As for myself, I manage to keep up with my nursing by working 
one or two days a week at the local hospital here. Needless to say, 
I enjoy it immensely and find that our cap causes a mild sensation 
wherever I go. We have one little girl age two and I am expecting 
another child in September. My husband teaches school here in 
Battle Creek. I am looking forward to receiving the Bulletin. 
Thank you so much. 

Mrs. Irma Mervine Ingram (Irma Mary Mervine) Class 1947 
1105 Rotary Drive, High Point, N.C. 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

I am certainly looking forward to receiving my Nurses' Alumnae 
Bulletin. Hal and I now have three children: Hal, Jr., five and a 
half years; Fred Perry, three and a half, and Margot Mervine, one 
year. We feel like we are mighty lucky to have such a nice family. 
We now have two University Doctors here in High Point, Helen 
Home is our Pathologist and John Benson is here now in Internal 


Since my family keeps me so busy the only nursing I do is Volun- 
teer work with the Bloodmobile when it comes here. My cap still 
causes quite a bit of comment and I am mighty proud of it. Please 
give my regards to everyone at the University. Hal and I both miss 
all of our friends and he joins me in sending you our very best re- 

Mrs. James R. McNinch, Jr. (Carole J. Sewell) Class 1952 

214 Orchard Ave., Dover, Del. (Feb. 27, 1956 n 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Enclosed is my check for the 1955 Nurses' Alumnae Bulletin; 
we will be most anxious to hear of all our friends in the Bulletin. 

Jim and I are happy to announce the arrival of a second son, 
Paul Longfellow, on Christmas Day. Guess we will have that foot- 
ball team sooner than we expected. We are busy making plans for 
a few weeks vacation in Nassau next month. Our best regards. 

Mrs. Frederick E. Beck, Jr. (Nancy Black) Class 1942. 

131 Leidig Circle, Monterey, Calif. (March 3, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

This finds me living in California. My husband is attending the 
Naval Post Graduate School here. We expect to be here for three 

While here I had a chance to see my roommate from training, 
Esther Garrett Cox. Our children had a chance to get acquainted 
and I met her two year old for the first time. Her husband was at- 
tending the post graduate school, too. They are living in Guam. 
While here I also met Barbara Lamb, who is also a University nurse. 
She is here for the same reason as the rest of us. Louise Magruder 
Clarey stopped over here for the night, en route to San Francisco 
to board ship for Hawaii. Her husband is now stationed there. 

In May we are looking forward to our second baby. Our daughter, 
Patty, is four years old and can't wait for the baby. 

Any University graduates who happen to be in this area I will be 
more than happy to have them drop in. 

Mrs. Robert C. Rossberg (Anita Mary Krause) Class 1948 

6523 Longridge Ave., Van Nuys, Calif. (March 1, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

A brief note to let you know we are now the proud parents of two 
baby girls. The elder was born October 22, 1954, Linda Lee (a 


sweet little red head); the second was born October 22, 1955, Lynn 
Anita (she is a blonde, like her mother and daddy). I would have 
sent this off sooner, only I have just returned home from the hos- 
pital where I had surgery for a herniated disc. 

It is very nice to be here with the little ones again and I am look- 
ing forward to receiving the new Nurses' Alumnae Bulletin — 
it is always welcome at our home, as it is our only means of learning 
what our old friends are doing these days. We think of them often 
and wish we were situated a little closer that we might keep in touch 
more easily. (We still get Christmas cards from some of our ex- 
classmates which makes us very happy). 

Thanks for your time spent reading this, and don't waste any 
time in sending the Bulletin. Eagerly awaiting. 

Mrs. Donald W. Knutson (Jane C. Kelly) Class 1951. 

8B Ludlow Rd., Middletown, R.I. (March 5, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

I am looking forward to receiving the 1955 Nurses' Alumnae 
Bulletin. I am Jane Kelly Knutson, Class 1951. News about my- 
self could include the following: Married to Lt.j.g. Donald W. Knut- 
son on May 17, 1953. Living in Newport, R.I., where my husband 
is stationed on the Com Des Lant Staff. We have a baby girl, born 
October 13, 1955. Her name is Margaret Shaw. I would like to take 
this opportunity to tell all my old friends "hello," and thank you 
for getting in touch with me. 

Mrs. Kenneth O. Felton (Yvonne Janet Swarner) Class 1945 
Route 6, Somerset, Pa. (March 9, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Thanks so much for the card and am anxiously awaiting the new 
Bulletin. As you probably already know, I lost my husband, 
Maj. Kenneth Felton, in November 1953. I have three daughters — 
Marsha, ten; Linda, seven, and Kay, four years old. 

We have bought a new home and are living here in my home town. 
I am not working as I am kept pretty busy being a mother. How- 
ever, I am active in Nurses' Association, and Red Cross work here 
in town. Also am working on the Cancer Drive and Heart Fund. 
Thank you for remembering me. 


Mrs. Victor Manfre (Susan Hayes Vandervoot) Class 1939. 

512 Vernon Heights Blvd., Marion, Ohio. (March 8, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Thank you for your letter of March 2 regarding my change of 
address. We have, in fact, moved to Marion, Ohio, where my hus- 
band Victor is associated with the Export Sales Department of the 
Marion Power Shovel Co. 

Our little boy, Alexander, is now eight years old. Your kind in- 
terest is sincerely appreciated. With best regards to all. 

Mrs. Herbert R. Eden (Roxey A. Stambaugh) Class 1952. 

3123 N.W. 31st St., Miami, Fla. (March 1, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Yes, your address in Florida is correct; however, the name has 
changed to Mrs. Herbert R. Eden. I married a Floridian in October 
1955 and came here to Miami to live where Herb's home and work 
are located. At the present time we are living in a newly built and 
newly furnished duplex, but plan to build in the near future, before 
our expected baby arrives in early November. (We are thrilled). 

I am doing office nursing at the present for Dr. W. Carlton Rentz, 
a very reputable Physician and Surgeon in Miami. Will be watch- 
ing for the Bulletin. Thank you for your letter. 

Mrs. Edmund Hurley (Beatrice Horn) Class 1940. 

1837 Hale Ave., Louisville 10, Ky. (March 13, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

I am looking forward to receiving the Bulletin. It seems to be 
the only link I have left with classmates. Living so far away and 
with a family of little ones makes it difficult to attend the reunions 
and dances given. 

We have five children, the youngest having been born on Feb- 
ruary 9, 1956, making three girls and two boys. They really keep 
me busy and worn out. They can be so trying some days and such 
little dears others, but I would not trade them for anything. En- 
closed is the money for the Bulletin and I shall be looking for- 
ward to all the news in it. 


Mrs. Allan Carroll Fisher, Jr. (Mary Alice Michael) Class 1943 
4513 Gretna St., Bethesda, Md. (March 1, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Horine: 

Please note change of address as above. We moved into our 
new home in Bethesda last June. We are near the Bethesda Naval 
Hospital and we like it here very much. Our girls are growing up 
so fast. Suzanne is now eleven and Martha will be six in April. 
My husband, Allan, keeps very busy with his writings for the 
National Geographic Magazine. The article he enjoyed doing the 
most was on Aviation Medicine, in August 1955. With kindest 
regards to all. 

Mrs. Paul L. Heinins:er (Marv Green) Class 1946. 

215— 66th St., Virginia Beach, Va. (Feb. 6, 1956) 

Dear Alumnae: 

We are still in the Navy. We shall remain here until May 1, 
1956, and then my husband, two little girls and I shall return to our 
permanent home at 308 College St., Burlington, Vt., where my 
husband will resume his dental practice once again and bid farewell 
to Uncle Sam and our Xaw life. 

Mrs. John W. Watt (Elizabeth Waters Brown) Class 1931. 

2nd and Mt. Vernon Sts., Oxford, Pa. (Feb. 19, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Horine: 

I am enclosing a check for my 1956 Nurses Alumnae dues. Have 
just received the Bulletin which I look forward to each year. 

Thought my 1931 classmates might like to know that last fall I 
was appointed Home and School Visitor plus nursing in our school 
system here. We have twenty-one hundred enrollment. For the 
past four years I have substituted for the present school nurse who 
is retiring soon. She is responsible for fifteen hundred pupils, and I 
for six hundred in the present setup. I attended summer school at 
Westchester State Teachers College last year, and received the 
twelve credits necessary for Certification. Am enrolled in the Cur- 
riculum there for my B.S. Degree in Nursing Education. 

It was quite a struggle going to school again after twenty-four 
years, but have thoroughly enjoyed it, and have not done badly 
at all. Have three more summer sessions to go. Our son graduated 
with honors from High School in 1954, and is now a sophomore at 
Dickinson College. He expects to do graduate work in Chemical 
Engineering after Dickinson. Our class will celebrate its twenty- 
fifth anniversary this year in June, and I do hope to be present and 
see all of you then. 


Mrs. Dorothy Calafiore (Cochel) Class 1951. 

728 Solano, Albany, Calif. ■ (April 15, 1956) 

Dear Joyce: 

I enjoyed receiving your note with the news. Congratulations on 
both scores — marriage and parenthood. 

I am still with the Public Health Service and assigned this year 
to the Bureau of Acute Communicable Diseases of the California 
State Department of Public Health. It is a wonderful state. 

I will be in the East for one month this summer but in Georgia, 
not close enough to drop in for a visit. However, when I do return 
to Baltimore 1 shall do my best to see all the folks. Here is my check 
for the Alumnae dues. Say hello for me to everybody at the hos- 

Letter to Mrs. Richard L. Avery (Joyce Johnson) Class 1952. 
(Mrs. Avery is a member of the membership committee) 

Dear Madam: < Ma * 7 ' 1956) 

Mrs. Sallie Daugherty Yarger, an alumna of the Class of 1904, 
died April 3, 1956 at the Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Harrison- 
burg, Va. She suffered a heart attack a week before, and had a 
second one on the above date. 

She was very proud of being honored at the fiftieth anniversary 
of her class and had been looking forward to the fifty-fifth anni- 

If I can supply any additional information, please let me know. 

Very truly yours, 

Charles H. Yarger 

Mrs. Richard Hanke (Judy Liles) Class 1941. 

17180 Rinaldi St., Granada Hills, Calif. (May 10, 1956) 

Dearest Lorraine: (Lorraine Neel, Class 1941) 

You have probably long forgotten me since I don't keep in 
touch. Well, we did move to California, as you can see by the ad- 
dress. We have been here three years this summer and like it very 
much. We bought a four bedroom house in Granada Hills (San 
Fernando Valley) two years ago and simply love it. A house and 
three children keep one busy. Yep, we finally had our boy, little 
Dickie, just the most precious little fellow you ever saw, two and a 
half years old already. We have one daughter finishing the fourth 
grade and the other going into first grade next year. As I said, a 
family and a house surely keep you busy, although I have found 


time for P.T.A., youth group (Campfire Girls) and also a part-time 
position. We have had so many doctor bills that I went to work 
for a doctor, part-time, and it is just wonderful to be able to feel 
that independence again, and also helps out so much; shrubs, patio, 
and children do cost a lot. It is a wonderful thing to have a profes- 
sion to fall back on when it is needed. I have never regretted it for 
one moment. Say hello to everyone for me. 

Mrs. Harrison Lee (Anna Lew) Class 1945. 

OMR Box 999, APO 925, San Francisco, Calif. (May 10, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Your letter dated a month ago just reached me here in Tokyo, 
Japan. My husband is stationed here with the Armed Forces. Even 
though we have been here only a few months we find this place in- 
teresting. It is quite a metropolitan city, similar to New York City. 

For the first time since my graduation I am now a lady of leisure, 
enjoying this place and taking everything in that time permits. Am 
finding time to volunteer my services for mass vaccines in the Army 
School and other community programs, which I thoroughly enjoy. 
I would be most happy to receive the Alumnae Bulletin to know 
what is going on at home. With my very best wishes to all my 

Mrs. David I. Kellcher (Betty Lou Watts) Class 1950. 

Box 24, Balboa, Canal Zone. (May 11, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Horine: 

Enclosed you will find a money order covering my Alumnae dues. 
As of February 10th this year I was married to David I. Kellcher, 
who is with the Government's Internal Auditing Division here. 
Have given up my position as staff nurse at Gorgas Hospital but 
will go back this summer for a few months to work part-time in the 
surgical and orthopedic clinics . 

Always regret the fact that we are so far away when it is time for 
the banquet and dance. I had such a wonderful time last year. 

Mrs. George F. Mothersole (Jacquelyn Saunders) Class 1952. 

173 E. Washington St., El Cajon, Calif. (May 23, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Thank you very much for the application for membership and 
the Alumnae Bulletin. I enjoyed the Bulletin very much. In 
fact I wouldn't put it down for days after receiving it. 


As you have probably heard I know Jane Henderson, Class 1927, 
as she is the nurse for my children's doctor. The children love her. 
The first day we made a visit I recognized her pin, and it was like 
old home week. 

Some Class News: Mr. and Mrs. John H. Collins of Salisbury, 
Md. have a son, David, born in 1954. Mary Huddleson married to 
Mr. Roy E. Lott, early in 1955. She resigned from the N.N.C. in 
the summer of 1955. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McHenry have two 
boys, Bobby, born in February 1954, Jay, born August 17, 1955. 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Rose have two boys. Thank you again for 
the application and the Bulletin. 

Mrs. F. E. Loftin (Lillian Elizabeth Coulbourne) Class 1926. 

127 N. Madison St., Marion, N.C. (May 31, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

How I wish that it were so that we could take time out and make 
a trip to Baltimore June eight. I would love seeing old friends 
again, but don't see how we can get away, as several previous com- 
mitments have been made for the first two weeks in June. 

If you are ever in our mountains of North Carolina, please come 
to see us. Dr. Loftin retired from the Medical Corps of the Navy 
three years ago, after twenty-four years service. He went back to 
school, University of North Carolina, for graduate work. We have 
been in the western part of the state for almost two years. Dr. 
Loftin is Public Health Officer here. The country is perfectly 
beautiful and we are enjoying civilian life but all of us, at times, 
long for our old service and other friends. 

I shall be thinking of the Class of 1926 on the eighth of June. 
Please say hello to everyone for me. Thank you so much for your 

Mrs. Roy E. Lott (Mary Huddleson) Class 1952. 

123 Louis St., Apt. 4, East Lansing, Mich. (June 8, 1956) 

My dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

My mother gave me your letter inquiring my whereabouts and 
so forth. I am now residing in East Lansing with my husband, Roy, 
and our six months old boy, Gregory. I am not working in my pro- 
fession at present, but plan to in the fall, possibly a physician's 
nurse. My husband will attend M.S.U. in the fall. I would love a 
Nurses' Alumnae Bulletin. 


Mrs. William N. Corpening (Avis Simons) Class 1944. 

Box 167, Granite Falls, N.C. (June 9, 1956) 

Nurses' Alumnae Assn.: 

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Corpening (Avis Simons, Class February Div. 
1944) proudly announce the birth of a daughter, Sara Jane, on 
June 4, 1956. This makes six — three girls and three boys. We think 
that a good batting average for anybody! But we really do enjoy 
our family. We live a slow, easy life in the country and just wish 
more of you would drop by to see us. We have had lots of Mary- 
land Alumnae and Alumni visitors and always enjoy their visits 
so much. 

We are looking forward to our 15th Class Reunion. Enjoy the 
Bulletins so much — when it comes we drop everything and sit 
down and devour each word avidly! 

Mrs. George Milton Robertson (Shirley V. Pratt) Class 1943. 
4508 Shamrock Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. (June 26, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Avery: 

Thank you for your note. Enclosed is a check for my yearly dues. 
Please note that I was married February 5, 1955, and that my new 
address is as above. After leaving the Navajo Reservation (I was 
working at the Navajo Medical Center in Fort Defiance, Ariz)., 
I was lucky enough to be with a community hospital that had just 
opened at Williams, Ariz., the gateway to the Grand Canyon. It 
was there that I was recalled to active duty with the Navy at 
Santa Marguerite Ranch, Oceanside, Calif. There I practiced my 
specialty — Pediatrics. Never had a patient over thirteen years old 
with all those Marines at Camp Pendleton. But what wonderful 
coworkers I had. It had the qualities of working in a university 
center in that dependents unit. After discharge I worked at Luth- 
eran Hospital, Baltimore, for a short while. Then back to my spec- 
ialty as Clinical Instructor and Supervisor in Harriet Lane Home 
at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

What enjoyable thoughts I have now over the wash tub. It 
would seem that being a nurse is the "open sesame" to all kinds 
of adventure. As I look through our Alumnae book it would seem 
that this is especially true of the University nurses. 

Now my new career as wife to the most wonderful man in all the 
world is keeping me busy and happy while creating new memories. 


Mrs. George N. Crosland (Oscie Liuise Davis) Class 1930. 

% Capt. George N. Crosland, Naval Dental Clinic, 

Navy 128, F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif. (June 23, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Horine: 

My husband is being transferred to Pearl Harbor, Honolulu as 
District Dental Officer, and I think our fourteen year old son ex- 
pressed all our sentiments when he said, "That's cool, that's keen, 
that's real cool, daddy." 

Hope some day to make it back to Baltimore for an Alumnae 
Banquet and Class Reunion. Best regards to all. 

Mrs. Charles N. Masten (Maxine Carolyn Haynes) Class 1953. 
350 E. Holly Ave., Pitman, NJ. (July 13, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

I have been so wrapped up in the warm glow spread by the news 
captured inside the covers of the Bulletin that I am embarrassed 
so many days have passed without my writing to thank you for 
your thoughtful gesture. 

Please believe me, the kindness expressed in your sympathetic 
words really meant so much to me. It indeed helps so much when 
you know there are those who do care and understand. You see, 
my father died last year at approximately the same time of the 
year as my mother did this year; and both of my parents were only 
forty-seven years of age. 

I was married September 11, 1954, to Mr. Charles N. Masten, 
of Penna Grove, N.J. He is a graduate of University of Delaware, 
in Chemical Engineering, and received his Master's degree in same 
at the University of Michigan. I, myself, have engaged in many 
fields of nursing since I graduated and have loved them all. First 
I worked in an office for a small town General Practitioner. I did 
home deliveries in the wilds of North Carolina, home visits under 
the direction and supervision of the doctor I worked for. And 
since I have been in New Jersey I have worked general relief in two 
hospitals, in all departments. For a short time I was in delivery 
room in charge, until my health insisted I give it up. And until re- 
cently I did private duty and was on call to the operating room. 
So much in such a short period of time, but my husband is a Du 
Pont employee and is subject to transfer at any time. 

Please let me thank you again and I hope I can be of equal help 
to you sometime in the future as you have been to me in the past 


Mrs. Jerome E. Cohn (Jean Gloria Waters) Class 1948 

1555 Sherman Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. (July 22, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Do I remember you? I can assure you that it would be impos- 
sible for me to ever forget. I have waited so long to answer your 
letter because we are buying a house and I wanted to make sure 
that I sent you our correct address. Buying a house is quite a 
chore and sometimes things don't go the way you want them to go. 

As for family statistics; Mark, now two and a half years old, 
lively, noisy and a nice fellow (usually). Jeff is our other one. He 
was born March 8, 1956, here in Salt Lake City. He is in the coo- 
ing and laughing stages. Jerry is running the Pulmonary Respir- 
atory Laboratory at the V.A. Fort Douglas Hospital, which is con- 
nected with the University of Utah School of Medicine. I think 
Bruce Armstrong is at, or coming to, the University to do the same 
thing. Jerry worked with him at Hopkins. 

I haven't been doing anything but getting the family settled and 
running the house. We have been here a year now and will stay in- 
definitely. I would love to hear any news from there. Has there 
been a new Bulletin out? We send our very best to you. 

Mrs. William A. May (Carolyn Miller) Class 1952. 

20 N. Wahsatch Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. (Aug. 10, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

It has been almost two years since I left University. As you 
probably remember, Alice Boynton and I left on a trip west. We 
came to Denver and both started working at General Rose Me- 
morial Hospital in the operating rooms. We found Denver fasci- 
natingly interesting and just loved it. 

A year later, on February 25, 1956, I was married to Mr. William 
Allen May of Falls Church, Va., in the Trinity Methodist Church 
of Denver. Bill is serving with the Army at Fort Carson. I am 
working in the Operating Room at the Memorial Hospital here in 
Colorado Springs. I am teaching Operating Room Technique to 
the student nurses and enjoy it very much. Bill and I are looking 
forward to his discharge in December and our move back east to 
Roanoke, Va., which will be our home. 

We have found Colorado a wonderful and interesting state. I 
highly recommend it for an enjoyable vacation to anyone who likes 
the great outdoors and mountains. We have made our stay here 
just one great big vacation and love every minute of it. I am hop- 
ing to get a chance to visit the hospital when we come east in 
December. Remember me to everyone and don't work too hard. 


Mrs. Ethel A. Sellers, Class 1952. 

245 W. 104th St., New York 25, N.Y. (Oct. 3, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Just a line to let you know I have been awarded a Federal 
Scholarship for my Master's Degree at Columbia University. I 
have resigned as Evening Teaching Supervisor at Roosevelt Hos- 
pital, and am a full-time student once more. 

Gayle Hamlin, Class 1952, is in some of my classes and we are 
both delighted to be classmates again. Good luck with the Alumnae 
Bulletin again this year. It is so nice when it comes. 

Mrs. Thomas K. Williams, Jr. (Eloise Goode) Class 1943. 

760 Lakeland Dr., Apt. 7-A, Jackson 6, Miss. (Sept. 27, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Horine: 

I am truly sorry I've neglected this all of these months; thought 
I had taken care of it ages ago, but found it today while sorting out 
some papers. Please forgive my negligence. I would hate to miss 
the Bulletin. I have enjoyed it so much. 

We moved to Jackson, Miss., in July 1956. Dr. Williams is fin- 
ishing his Surgery Residence here at the new University of Missis- 
sippi Medical Center. I have a full-time job with our little girl, 
now a year old. She was born August 23, 1955. We named her 
Margaret Eloise, needless to say she is a treasure. 

Our best to you and the Alumnae. 

Lt. and Mrs. A. B. McClintock (Phvllis Booth) Class 1952. 

114 Woods Dr., Dothan, Ala. (Nov. 13, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

I was so happy to receive your card and note. We returned to 
the states in May and spent a very busy month in Baltimore be- 
fore moving to Texas, where my husband attended the Army Avia- 
tion School. We have since moved here to Alabama, where he is 
attending the second half of the school. It is wonderful being back 
home and some day I should like to write an article about our three 
years in England. 

We are happily anticipating the arrival of our second child any 
day now; I hope it arrives in time to make the Bulletin. 


Mrs. James Hunter (Margaret May Stoner) Class 1946. 

to Mrs. Adeline Cronin. (May 14, 1956) 

Dear Addie, Lee, and Pete: 

Your "come on" invitation sounds ever so tempting and makes 
me wish I could. Thanks so much but it will be impossible again 
this year. It seems our vacations in the East have never been at 
the opportune time for our reunions. Jim has his fifteenth medical 
reunion this year, too, so we will both have to hear of the good 
times via the grapevine. Certainly there should be someone present 
with a nose for news to keep us up-to-date with our classmates. 

Just in case you didn't know, we now have four little Hunters: 
Leslie Anne 6, Cindy 5, Jimmie 3, and Laurie three and a half 
months. (We also have long, cold winters). If Ramsey could only 
write, I'd have a good second-hand report. Nominate her for the 
gal most likely to write a letter. 

Say hello to everyone for me and if you are looking for someone 
to have another one for, a drink, that is, have one for me; and, oh 
yes, don't forget poor old Mrs. Chase. Have fun! 

Capt. and Mrs. Wm. S. Kiser, AO 2261657 

(nee Eugenia M. Crow, Class 1947) 

86th Tactical Hosp., APO 65, % Postmaster, New York, N. Y. 

(December 3, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

We are having a final fling in the Air Force before settling down to 
civilian life. We enjoyed our tour of duty in French Morocco so very 
much that we decided to extend to Germany for a year. 

There are so many interesting things to see, do, and buy — and, of 
course, we don't want to miss a thing. Our nineteen month old son 
is "all boy" that's for sure, he is happiest when he is toting a gun. 
He seems to become more onery every day, but we love it just the 

We are looking forward to July 1957, when Bill will begin a 
Residency in Urology at the University Hospital. Our best to you 
and all our University friends. 

Jean, Bill and Billy 


M/Sgt. and Mrs. Charles G. Morgan, AF 19336233 

(nee Anne Lutz, Class 1946) 

8th Air Police Sq. APO 929 

San Francisco, California. (December, 1956) 

Dear Folks: 

Here it is time again to wish you seasons greetings. The time is 
really flying and we are now counting the months 'til our return. 
We have eight more and then we'll be on our way home. 

We've all kept busy with various activities and there is never a 
dull moment here as you can well imagine. Johnny has grown so 
and is quite the little man. Carol Anne is such a good baby and has 
a smile for everyone. We are all enjoying her so much. 

Dad and Johnny spend lots of time together and the relationship 
is a joy to watch. How glad we are that he decided to be with us 
rather than staying home. I know that Mother would want it this 
way, too. 

We went to see a base talent show or rather variety show last 
night at the NCO club and enjoyed it very much. We knew several 
of the people in it and that makes it more interesting. 

Well, I must close and bathe and dress Johnny. We are going to 
visit some friends this evening to see some of their movies so we'd 
better get started. 

Remember us to everyone and to you lots of love. 

Anne and Buck and Children 
The teenagers are fine and very busy and are enjoying school. 

Mrs. James D. Williams (nee Henrietta Benton, Class 1945) 

1260 Pearsall Way, Yuba City, California. (November 27, 1956) 

Dear Mrs. Arnurius: 

Do you know I just now found an old letter from you back in 
1952; so, I put it on top to answer as soon as I could this morning. 
There have been so many unusual happenings around here I have 
not accomplished a great deal outside of redecorating our flooded 
home this past year. Honestly, we have been without furniture, 
rugs and drapes for so long now, we feel all "closed in" now that 
our house is beginning to be a home again. We lost all of our furni- 
ture and it takes a great deal of time to start all over. We started 
with our four bedrooms first and finally down to the living room. 
We are grateful for Jim's profession and wonderful practice here. 
He is enjoying some hunting here now. Our deep freeze is full of 
venison, duck and pheasant. Wish you could join us and we could 


talk about some of our well remembered friends while enjoying some 
of this game. 

John, Jim's twin, was here for Thanksgiving. He has a very nice 
office in Beverly Hills. You know probably of his marriage to Eva 
Gabor. They seem very happy, and we are looking forward to 
them flying up for Christmas. 

Do give our best regards to anyone you see from the Alumnae. 
We hope to fly in this coming summer. When will the Alumnae 
banquet be? This will be Jim's and John's tenth year. How the 
time goes by. Hoping all is well with you, and that we see you this 
coming summer. 



Virginia D. Speer, Class 1955, has an industrial position with the 
Armco Steel Corp. 

Mary Susan Yeager, Class 1953, accepted a position with the 
Armco Steel Corp. August 1, 1955. 

Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Anderson and family moved to California 
in the summer of 1954. Mrs. Anderson writes: "I have received my 
California State Registration and have been doing part-time nurs- 
ing in obstetrics here at a small community hospital in Pomona. 
I have enjoyed it very much." Mrs. Anderson was Helen Nuse, 
Class 1949. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred McCarthy moved to Old English School 
Rd. and Strafford Ave., Strafford, Pa., December, 1954. Mrs. Mc- 
Carthy writes: "We plan to have a nursing home here in about six 
weeks." Mrs. McCarthy was Louise Martin, Class 1931. 

Miss Ruth C. Frothingham, Class 1930, was transferred as Chief 
Nurse from the U.S.V.A. Hospital, Fort Howard, Md. in January 
1956, to U.S.V.A. Hospital, Denver, Colo. 

News of two sisters of 1933 Class: Mrs. J. B. Gibb (Sally Maria 
Melson) has one daughter, Mrs. Nancy Evans Payne, and a grand- 
daughter, Deborah Ann Payne, two years old. 

Mrs. A. Vernon Wright (Edna Estelle M. Melson), two boys, 
Richard W., sixteen years, and Kenneth M., age eleven years. 
Both families live in Accomac, Va. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Read, Jr., have moved into their new home, 
3307 Jan St., Tyler, Texas. Mrs. Read was Nancy Connelly, Class 


Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Mills and their two children moved into a 
new home, 1101 Northern Pkwy. in 1955. Mrs. Mills was Ethel 
Feterolf, Class 1947. 

Frances Ellen Campbell, Class 1952, received her B.S. Degree in 
Nursing Education in November, 1955. 

Mrs. William G. Chenoweth writes: "At present I am working 
night duty at the local small Community Hospital in Concord, 
Calif." She says, "There is certainly a great difference in duty be- 
tween a small hospital and a large one." 

Mrs. James P. Nichols writes: "I am an Alumna of June 1948' 
married, living in Davis, W.Va., and have two sons, Patrick, age 
two and a half years and Kevin, age one year." Mrs. Nichols was 
Martha Gasser, Class 1948. 

A note from Mrs. Paul F. Blackadar tells us she was married on 
February 6, 1954, to Lt. Paul F. Blackadar, U.S.N., Submarine 
Fleet. She says, "We have no children, and at the present I am 
living right outside of New London, Conn." Mrs. Blackadar was 
Ellen Ann Peregoy, Class 1951. 

Mrs. Dorothy Simpson Duvall, Class 1946, is working part-time 
in Dr. E. L. Pierpont's office. Mrs. Duvall writes: "We have four 
children now; a son was born August 3, 1954, which I did not let 
you know about." 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. T. O. Rooney are stationed in Heidelberg, 
Germany. Mrs. Rooney says they will be stationed there another 
year. She enjoys the Bulletin, and hopes to be able to come to a 
Class Reunion some day. Mrs. Rooney, Class 1938, was Virginia 
Annette Terry. 

Dr. and Mrs. Erwin Jennings have two daughters, June, five 
years old, and Vicki, who is three. Mrs. Jennings was June Winn, 
Class 1947. Dr. Jennings is practicing in Brunswick, Ga. 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Highman and four children, Laurie Lee, 
eight; Ainsley, six; Duncan, four; and Douglas, one and a half years 
old, live in Riverside, Conn. Mrs. Highman was Marguerite Odom, 
Class 1936. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Speeg and two children are living in New 
Orleans, have been there for three years. The children, Rickey, 
age eight, and Shirley, age five and a half years. Mrs. Speeg was 
Virginia Morgan, Class 1945. 

Mrs. Warner E. Crispens, nee Inez P. Parks, Class 1950, writes: 
"I always enjoy reading the Bulletin so much as I have very little 
contact with my classmates and University friends." She says, 
"There is not much news here as I spend all my time being a wife 


and mother. 'Cris' will soon be four years old and Gary is twenty 
months old." 

Dr. and Mrs. J. Carlton Godlove and their two daughters, Linda 
Jean, born September 25, 1950, and Martha Dale, born October 
19, 1954, are living in Martinsburg, W.Va., where Dr. Godlove is 
practicing general surgery. Mrs. Godlove was Mary E. Colorusso, 
Class 1946. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Piala moved into their new home at 31 Beacon 
Hill Drive, Metuchen, N.J., January, 1956. Mrs. Piala was Madelon 
Maxwell, Class 1945. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Little moved into their new home at 2113 
Saranac St., Adelphia Hills, Hyattsville, Md. in February 1955. 
Mrs. Little was Marianna Starford, Class 1940. 

Capt. Eleanor L. Gordner, A.N.C., Class 1943, is stationed at 
Tripler Army Hospital, APO 438, care of Postmaster, San Francisco, 
Calif. Capt. Gordner writes us, "I left Brooke Army Hospital in 
December, 1955, and am in sunny Hawaii — Land of Paradise. 
Capt. Marjorie Brown, a University girl, is also here. Thank you 
so much for sending the Bulletin." 

Elsie E. Schuff, Class 1948, is doing Polio Nursing throughout 
the country. She is employed by the National Polio Foundation. 

Valley Virginia Paradis, Class 1945, has a position doing general 
duty on Pediatrics at the Methodist Hospital in Joplin, Mo. She 
says, "I certainly have been proud of my cap and School, as they 
had never seen the cap here before I came." 

Mrs. Gordon Anderson (Sara Lee McCoy), Class 1949, writes us: 
"I have not been working for the past two years because I now have 
two children. Chris is three years old, and David is eighteen months 
of age. Thanks so much for sending the Alumnae Bulletin." 

Capt. H. P. Cope, A.N. is stationed with the 365th U.S.A.F. 
Hospital in Sampson A.F.B., Geneva, New York. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gluys moved into their new home at 182 
Parklawn Blvd., Columbus, Ohio, in February, 1956. Mrs. Gluys 
was Patricia Wheeler, Class 1952. 

Capt. and Mrs. William Kaufman are now stationed in Aiken, 
S.C. Mrs. Kaufman was Margaret O. Stein, Class 1947. 

Martha M. Hoffman, Class 1923, who for many years was an as- 
sistant in the Nursing School Office at the University Hospital, re- 
tired to her farm in Smithsburg, Md., on January 2, 1956. 


Mrs. Edith Alexander Hollowell, Class 1924, writes us: "My 
husband died of cancer last May 16th (1955)." She says she has 
her own home in Takoma Park, Md., and is doing private duty 
nursing. "Hope all of you are well." 

Mrs. Lola Forrest Halley, Class 1924, writes: "No news, only 
getting older. Would hate to miss the annual Bulletin." 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Cale and two daughters, six and three 
years old, are living at 8803 Mapleton Rd., Richmond, Va. Mrs. 
Cale was Katherine Elizabeth Bloom, Class 1944. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carroll and five children are living in 
Uniontown, Pa. Mrs. Carroll writes: "We have five children, the 
eldest is nineteen and the youngest four — three girls and two boys." 
Mrs. Carroll was Kathryn Mattingly, Class 1933. 

Mrs. Grady Luffman (Mary Jane Pennewell), Class 1945, is doing 
part-time work in the Delivery Room in the Winchester Memorial 
Hospital, Winchester, Va. Mrs. Luffman says she likes the work 
very much. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Kraus, Jr. moved into their new home at 
431 Virginia Ave., Salisbury, Md., on May 1, 1956. Mrs. Kraus 
was Elizabeth Warfield, Class 1952. 

Betty Lucille Nielsen, Class 1955, resigned her position at the 
University Hospital to accept a position as staff nurse at the Patux- 
ent River Naval Hospital, May 1, 1956. 

Mrs. Mary Worthy Lundeen, Class 1932, widow, has a part-time 
position in a doctor's office in Asheville, N.C. 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred J. Burkey and their two children, David 
James, age three, and Jane Ellen, age one, moved into their new 
home at 1264 Folkstone Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Pa., on March 21, 1956. 
On April 29th, Fred Jay Burkey arrived in the Burkey home. Mrs. 
Burkey was Lillian Carol Alcorn, Class 1949. 

Mrs. John D. Porter (Lucille Foster), Class 1939, writes: "So 
sorry I could not attend the banquet and dance, but have two 
babies now, and really too busy to take a day off. I can't think of 
anywhere I'd have liked to be more." The Porters live in Kentucky. 

Miss Shirley M. Shafer, Class 1951, has a position as Director of 
Nursing Service at the Coshocton County Memorial Hospital, 
Coshocton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Lynn H. Dawsey (Grace D. Wagner), Class 1928, writes us: 
"Received notice of the annual banquet and dance June 8th. Sorry 
I can't be with you. Surely would love to see old familiar faces. We 
moved to Georgia last year from Buffalo. My husband is with the 


Government here (Chemist) in Tifton, Ga., and we like the South 
very much." 

Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Christensen are living in their new home at 
1225 Biltmore Dr., Charleston, S.C. The Christensens' have four 
children. A son was born on November 30, 1955. Mrs. Christensen 
was Florence Darden, Class 1943. 

Rev. and Mrs. William M. Moore and two children are residing 
in Warwick, Va. Rev. Moore is Assistant Minister at the St. An- 
drew's Episcopal Church in Warwick. Mrs. Moore was Betty 
Arthur, Class 1952. 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Truxton, Jr. are residing in Fullerton, 
Calif. Mrs. Truxton writes us: "In April, 1943, I entered the Army 
Nurse Corps, serving there three years. Following my separation 
from the service, I attended school in the East. Several months 
after graduating from this school, I was married, and since my mar- 
riage my husband and I have been working in South America." 
Mrs. Truxton was Elizabeth Clarke, Class 1941. 

Miss Miriam Brown, Class 1955, has a position as staff nurse at 
Prince George Hospital, Cheverly, Md. 

Miss Shirley Ward, Class 1955, resigned as staff nurse at the Uni- 
versity Hospital, and now has a position in Dr. Don Knowlton's 
office in Washington, D.C. 

Mrs. Clarice Hughes Nochera, Class 1924, has resigned from the 
University of Maryland Nurses' Directory, and is living with her 
son, Mr. Frank P. Nochera, in Alexandria, Va. 

Lucy G. Winslow, Class 1952, resigned from her position in 
Richmond, Va., and now has a position as staff nurse in the Pedi- 
atrics Department at the University of Wisconsin Hospital, in 
Madison, Wis. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Arthur, Jr. and daughter, Margaret 
Carroll, have returned from Tiffin, Ohio, and are residing at 5510 
Alameda Blvd., Baltimore, Md. Dr. Arthur is Assistant Chief of 
the Obstetrical and Gynecological Staff at the Baltimore City 

Miss Katherine Veronica Shea, Class 1913, retired from Director 
of Nursing at the North Adams Massachusetts Hospital and is re- 
siding at 981 Summer St., North Adams. Miss Shea visited friends 
and classmates in Annapolis and Baltimore during the fall. 

Harriet Goeckler (Harriet E. Smith), Class 1947 writes from 
Yakima, Wash., to say that her husband has just opened an office 
to begin his practice of orthopedic surgery. She adds that their 
fourth child and first son arrived on April 22. He was named John 


E. Goeckler, Jr. "I have hopes to attend the banquet next year for 
our tenth anniversary." 

Miss Frances Sappington, Class 1937, is Supervisor of the Central 
Supply Room at Mount Wilson State Hospital, Mount Wilson, Md. 

Mary Brislin, Class 1951, has accepted the position of Associate 
Director of Nurses at Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, Md. 

Miss Carol Hosfeld is Head of the Department of Medical and 
Surgical Nursing at University Hospital. Miss Hosfeld was in the 
Class of 1950. 

Miss N. Katherine Kiddy, Class 1952, has an industrial position 
with the Central Medical Center at 338 W. Pratt St., Baltimore. 

Mrs. Frederick E. Connelly, nee Nellie Pardew, Class 1955, left 
the States by plane the last of November to join her husband in 
French Morroco. 

Margaret Ann Richardson, Class 1954, has joined the Army Air 
Force Staff in San Antonio, Texas. 

The past summer Miss Shirley Byers, Class 1942, spent ten weeks 
traveling in Europe. She visited Southern Germany, Italy, Swit- 
zerland, France, England and Scotland. While in France, she visited 
with Alden Tucker Scarborough also Class 1942, who is now living 
in Paris with her family. At present time Miss Byers is teaching at 
George Fox Junior High School in Pasadena, Md. 

Catherine Atwater, Class 1948, has a position in Annapolis, Md., 
with the Anne Arundel County Health Department. 

Mrs. Jame Small Baker, Class 1942, also has a position with the 
Anne Arundel County Health Department, Annapolis, Md. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Rayburn, and family moved to Pittsburgh, 
Pa., the first of November, 1956. Mrs. Rayburn was Joan Elaine 
Gleason, Class 1950. 

Miss Ruth Clements, Class 1920, who is Instructor at the Mil- 
ford Delaware Hospital, spent several days in Baltimore in Novem- 
ber visiting friends and classmates. 

Miss Marguerite Wilson Foster, Class 1939, has a position at 
Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, Md., as Instructor in Medical and 
Surgical Nursing. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Woelfel and five children are living in 
Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. They moved from Chicago, 111., 
last June. Mrs. Woelfel was Jean Louise Conrad, Class 1942. 


A note from Miss Shirley Byers tells us that on December 15 th 
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Scarborough will move to London from 
Paris. Mr. Scarborough will be assigned to the London Office as 
European Coordinator in charge of general administration. They 
will probably be in London until the spring of 1958. 

Mrs. Theodore D. Lewis, Jr., nee Shirley M. Johns, Class 1954, 
writes, "My husband, Ensign T. D. Lewis, Jr. and I are stationed on 
Okinawa ; we expect to be here for about eighteen months. Address : 
% Ensign T. D. Lewis, Jr., Navy No. 3867, VP-4, % Fleet Post 
Office, San Francisco, California." 

Mrs. Lolah Marshall Mihm, Class 1939, resigned her position 
with the Dental Department, and is now supervisor of the Central 
Supply Room, University Hospital. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Rowe, nee Nancy Elizabeth Meredith, 
Class 1950, moved to Georgia after Mr. Rowe's discharge from the 
Navy. Mrs. Rowe is doing private duty nursing at the Kennslone 
Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. 

Capt. and Mrs. Michael Iacona are residing in Newport, Rhode 
Island. Mrs. Iacona was Charlotte Halter, Class 1948. 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. James B. Nuttall have returned from abroad, 
and are residing at 134 So. Pershing Dr., Arlington, Va. Mrs. Nut- 
tall was Virginia B. Richardson, Class 1939. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lee W. Elgin, Jr. and two daughters, Cynthia and 
Laura Lynn, are living in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Elgin is 
in residency in Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat at Duke University. 
Mrs. Elgin graduated in 1954. 

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Cohn visited the University Hospital in 
December while east on Christmas vacation. They are living in 
Salt Lake City, Utah. Mrs. Cohn was Jean Waters, Class 1948. 

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Spaulding, Jr. and family have moved 
to Tucson, Arizona. Mrs. Spaulding was Doris A. Swartz, Class 

Mrs. Harold S. Holt tells us that her husband will retire from the 
duPont Co. in December, 1956. The Holts will move to Ocean 
Springs, Mississippi. Mrs. Holt was Elizabeth Copenhaver, Class 



Mrs. Mercedes Brown Duvall, Class 1919, to Mr. Charles E. 
Wilhelm, on December 19 in St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Mrs. Polly Clark Noell, Class 1916, to Mr. Frank Jennings, in 
September, 1955. 

Frances Ellen Campbell, Class 1952, to Mr. Albert P. Stauko- 
vich, on February 11, 1956. 

Betty Byers, Class 1948, to Capt. Walter H. Byerly, on July 21, 
1955, in Tokyo, Japan. 

Patricia Lee Mullican, Class 1955, to Mr. Thomas E. Davis, on 
February 25, 1956. 

Roxey A. Stambaugh, Class 1952, to Mr. Herbert R. Eden, in 
October, 1955. 

Shirley A. Eppel, Class 1955, to Mr. Sigmund Liberman, on 
December 18, 1955. 

Margaret Boyes Coulter, Class 1955, to Mr. Bruce Donald Fer- 
rell, on April 28, 1956. 

Frances D. McBain, Class 1955, to Mr. Elwood B. Sides, Jr., on 
June 2, 1956. 

Nancy Ann Gocke, Class 1955, to Dr. Stephen Barkchet, on 
June 16, 1956. 

Niki Lenora Nations, Class 1955, to Squadron Leader William 
Robertson Buchan, Royal Canadian Air Force, on June 2, 1956, in 
the Protestant Chapel in Zweibrucken, Germany. 

Nancy P. Silver, Class 1952, to Mr. William K. Connor, on June 
2, 1956. 

Shirley Guralnick, Class 1953, to Mr. Arthur Karlin Bernstein, 
on*April 29, 1956. 

Betty Suzanne Schiffbauer, Class 1952, to Mr. Burton M. Day, 
on May 12, 1956. 

Betty Lou Watts, Class 1950, to Mr. David I. Kellcher, on Feb- 
ruary 10, 1956. 

Martha Anne Smith, Class 1955, to Mr. John A. Seniff, in Sep- 
tember, 1955. 

Ana Maria Iruretagoyena, Class 1949, to Mr. Santiago de Gallo, 
on July 29, 1955, in Havana, Cuba. 

Shirley V. Pratt, Class 1943, to Mr. G. Milton Robertson, on 
February 5, 1955. 


Carolyn Miller, Class 1952, to Mr. William A. May, on February 
25, 1956. 

Joan Elizabeth Mathews, Class 1956, to Lt. Ralph Jacobsen, 
U.S. Navy, on June 2, 1956. (Mrs. Jacobsen won seventeen thousand 
dollars on a Television Program, Name That Tune, in June 1956). 

Maxine Carolyn Haynes, Class 1953, to Mr. Charles N. Masten, 
on September 11, 1954. 

Nellie G. Pardew, Class 1955, to 1st Lt. Frederick Earl Connelly, 
on July 26, 1956. 

Lou Ann Resh, Class 1956, to Mr. Wayne Ridgely Harman, on 
June 16, 1956. 

Suzanne Waterman, Class 1955, to Mr. Edward Lee Hines, on 
June 10, 1956. 

Delores Ann Tucker, Class 1953, to Mr. James K. Bouzoukis, on 
September 19, 1956. 

Mary Jaunita Buckner, Class 1951, to Mr. John Fountain Jones, 
Jr., on August 25, 1956. 

Julia Grammer Parkman, Class 1939, to Colonel Ralph Henry 
Hatfield, on September 29, 1956. 

Mary John Moniodes, Class 1955, to Mr. William Koutrelakas, 
on June 10, 1956. 

Joann Louise Hilt, Class 1952, to Mr. Allen Clark, on August 25, 

Mary Lou Chapman, Class 1951, to Mr. Carl Bennett Holdefer, 
on December 22, 1956. 

Gwendolyn Elaine Robertson, Class 1954, to Dr. Dean G. 
Waters, on December 29, 1956. 

Marv Ellen Reinhart, Class 1953, to Mr. Wayne R. Anderson, 
on May 20, 1955. 

Dorothy Helen McClure, Class 1956, to Dr. Paul Keller, on 
June 20, 1956. 

Abbie Schiff, Class 1955, to Mr. Robert M. Alpert, on September 
2, 1956. 

Irene D. Gladden, Class 1932, to Mr. Walter T. Anderson, on 
May 28, 1956. 

Rosemary Tisci, Class 1947, to Mr. Stanley Borowski, on August 
17, 1956. 



To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Durney, a son, Edward Charles, on 
December 25, 1955. Mrs. Durney was Lillie F. Porter, Class 1951. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Frederick Mitchell, II, a son, Daniel 
Frederick, III, on January 21, 1956. Mrs. Mitchell was Margaret 
Shockley, Class 1949. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Pusey, Jr., a son, Thomas Clarence, 
on January 10, 1956. Mrs. Pusey was Emily Webster Fitzgerald, 
Class 1954. 

To Dr. and Mrs. James Stanley Hunter, Jr., a daughter, Lauren 
Patrice, on February 1, 1956. Mrs. Hunter was Margaret May 
Stoner, Class 1947. The Hunters now have three girls and one boy. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Zeller, a daughter, Lynn Marie, on 
December 30, 1955. Mrs. Zeller graduated in 1951. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Turner W. Edge, a daughter, Beverly Ann, on 
March 30, 1955. Mrs. Edge was Dorcas A. McLaughlin, Class 1952. 

To Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Cloninger, a son, Michael Charles, on 
December 17, 1955. (That evens the score — two boys and two 
girls). Mrs. Cloninger was Anne Hubner, Class 1947. 

To Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Mills, a son, Richard Allan, on March 19, 
1954. They have a little girl six years old. Mrs. Mills was Ethel 
Fetherolf, Class 1947. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. BischofT, a daughter, Beth, on July 
22, 1955. Another daughter, Gail, born on December 16, 1952. 
Mrs. Bischoff was Patricia Ferguson, Class 1950. 

To Mrs. and Mrs. Halif H. Jaleel, a son, Omar, on January 22, 
1956. Mrs. Jaleel was Bertha Jean Hauver, Class 1954. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Edward Parker, Jr., a daughter, Mary 
Lou, on February 7, 1956. Mrs. Parker was Janet Lorraine White, 
Class 1950. 

To Dr. and Mrs. James R. McNinch, Jr., a son, Paul Longfellow, 
on December 25, 1956. Mrs. McNinch was Carole J. Sewell, Class 

To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Walcott, a son, Gary Wayne, in 
August, 1955. Mrs. Walcott was Darlene Trostle, Class 1948. 

To Mr. and Mrs. George E. Garrington, a son, William Todd, on 
March 28, 1955. Mrs. Garrington was Doris M. Price, Class 1952. 

To Dr. and Mrs. John M. Dennis, a son, Patrick France, on 
March 23, 1956. Mrs. Dennis was Mary Helen France, Class 1947. 


To Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Hurley, a son, on February 9, 1956. 
Mrs. Hurley was Beatrice Horn, Class 1940. The Hurleys have two 
other boys and two girls. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Roland O. Richardson, a daughter, Roselyn 
Katherine, on March 25, 1956. Mrs. Richardson was Merlene 
MacKenzie, Class 1954. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Novak, a son, Peter L., on October 15, 

1955. The Novaks have a son, Jeff, eight years old and a daughter, 
Joy, three years old. They live in Lakeland, Fla. Mrs. Novak was 
Delma Lorraine Clemons, Class 1945. 

To Capt. and Mrs. Calvin R. Porter, a daughter, Linda Jean, on 
March 5, 1956. Mrs. Porter was Jean M. Galton, Class 1952. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Fred J. Burkey, a son, Fred Jay, on April 29, 

1956. Mrs. Burkey was Carol Alcorn, Class 1949. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Peck, a son, Gary, on April 29, 1956. 
The Pecks have three other sons. Mrs. Peck was Eleanor April 
Gorke, Class 1948. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Horn, a son, Christopher Edward, 
on May 10, 1956. Mrs. Horn was Florence Wong, Class 1947. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Derek V. Dorey, a son, Derek Keene, on Feb- 
ruary 23, 1956. Mrs. Dorey was Miriam Heck, Class 1952. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Milke adopted a son, Charles Lee, 
in May, 1956. Charles Lee was born on November 21, 1955. Mrs. 
Milke was Shirley Belle Lyon, Class 1945. 

To M/Sgt. and Mrs. Charles G. Morgan, a daughter, Carol 
Anne, on May 26, 1956. Mrs. Morgan was Anne Lutz, Class 1946. 
The Morgans are stationed in Japan. 

To Dr. and Mrs. William N. Corpening, a daughter, Sara Jane, 
„i June 4, 1956. Mrs. Corpening was Avis Simons, Class 1944. 
Dr. and Mrs. Corpening have three girls and three boys. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Warner, a son, Thomas Houck, on 
February 22, 1956. Mrs. Warner was Jeanette Ruth Hall, Class 1947. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Carroll Fitzgerald, a daughter, Karen 
Mary, on February 24, 1956. Mrs. Fitzgerald was Katherine 
Imogene Robinson, Class 1954. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown Smith, Jr., a daughter, Terry 
Elaine, on February 28, 1956. Mrs. Smith was Catherine J. Adkins, 
Class 1952. 



To Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Conway, a son, Michael James, on 
March 3, 1956. Mrs. Conway was Imogene Marion Koontz, Class 

To Mr. and Mrs. Ira Leon McGill, a daughter, Susan Emory, on 
March 16, 1956. Mrs. McGill was Nina M. Dillinger, Class 1952. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bair, a daughter, Patrice Joan, on 
March 8, 1956. Mrs. Bair was Karolyn G. Shaffer, Class 1942. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Crow, Jr., a son, Robert Smith, 
III, on March 16, 1956. Mrs. Crow was Ethelyn Elaine Wood- 
burn, Class 1948. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Weikert, a daughter, Mary Kather- 
ine, on April 5, 1956. Mrs. Weikert was Eleanor Wright, Class 1947. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Tennyson, a daughter, Shirley Marie, 
on April 14, 1956. Mrs. Tennyson was Anne Louise Hutton, Class 

To Mr. and Mrs. Jack Elwood Winder, a son, Richard De Shield, 
on May 8, 1956. Mrs. Winder was Kathryn M. McCoy, Class 1949. 

To Dr. and Mrs. William Henry Mosberg, Jr., a son, James 
Francis, on May 18, 1956. Mrs. Mosberg was Barbara Jean Garri- 
son, Class 1946. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eugene Hannegan, a daughter, Susan 
Bettie, on June 6, 1956. Mrs. Hannegan was Betty Jane Eselhorst, 
Class 1948. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Hartt, a son, Jerzl Burton, on June 
11, 1956. Mrs. Hartt was Janet Mae Burton, Class 1955. 

To Mr. and Mrs. John Vincent Conway, a daughter, Deborah 
Lynn, on June 11, 1956. 

To Dr. and Mrs. David Hales Patten, a daughter, Jennifer Lynn, 
on June 18, 1956. Mrs. Patten was Esther Jean Watkins, Class 1953. 

To Dr. and Mrs. J. King B. E. Seegar, Jr., a son, James Massey, 
on May 12, 1956. Mrs. Seegar was Jane Elizabeth Slick, Class 1937. 

To Mrs. Thomas Reed Johnson and the late Mr. Thomas Reed 
Johnson, a daughter, Katherine Reed, on July 9, 1956. Mrs. 
lohnson was Carolyn Jane Ward, Class 1945. 

To Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kerger, Jr., a daughter, June Gil- 
vane, on July 10, 1956. Mrs. Kerger was Brunehilda Gondina 
Oliveira, Class 1948. 


To Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Teffeau, a son, William Wells, on June 
24, 1956. Mrs. Teffeau was Shirley Brown, Class 1955. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Piala, a son, Jack Maxwell, on June 
14, 1956. and also Thomas Maxwell, on May 3, 1955. (Sorry we 
did not get this notice for the 1955 Bulletin). Mrs. Piala was 
Madelon Maxwell, Class 1945. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Cohn, a son, Jeff, on March 8, 1956. The 
Cohns have a two and a half year old son, Mark. Mrs. Cohn was 
Jean Waters, Class 1948. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Monroe E. Fraleigh, a daughter, Donna Ellen, 
on August 28, 1956. Mrs. Fraleigh was Dorothea Fenwick, Class 
1953. Mrs. Fraleigh writes: "Donna joined our family to make us 
four. Peter enjoys his new baby sister very much." 

To Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Windsor, a daughter, Rebecca Jeanne, 
on July 3, 1956. Mrs. Windsor was Jeanne Rowe Snyder, Class 1950. 

To Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wroe, a son, Martin Paul, on July 
19, 1956. Mrs. Wroe was Edith E. Viereck, Class 1950. 

To Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hojnowski, a daughter, Adele Freda, on 
July 19, 1956. Mrs. Hojnowski was Ellen Stumpf, Class 1947. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Stephan, a daughter Marsha Mae, 
on July 21, 1956. Mrs. Stephan was Dorothy E. Kidd, Class 1947. 

To Mrs. George H. Smith and the late Dr. George H. Smith, a 
daughter, Terry Lee, on July 28, 1956. David Allen Smith was born 
on September 29, 1954. (Sorry we did not have this announcement 
in the 1955 Bulletin). Mrs. Smith was Patricia Robinson, Class 

To Mr. and Mrs. John B. Walker, a son, John William, on Sep- 
tember 5, 1956. Mrs. Walker was Catherine C. Nonamaker, Class 

To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Pulaski, a daughter, Jo Ann, on 
September 11, 1956. Mrs. Pulaski was Bettv Jane Roughton, 
Class 1947. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Tesher, a son, Lawrence Kurt, on 
September 15, 1956. Mrs. Tesher was Helen W. Hergert, Class 1956. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Chrissinger, a son, David Emanuel, 
on June 11, 1956. Mrs. Chrissinger was Ellen Tschantre, Class 1948. 

To Mr. and Mrs. John Kahl on April 11, 1956, a son, Joel David. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Scharp adopted a little girl, Carol Lynn, 
age ten months, in November. Mrs. Scharp was Phyllis Zimmerman, 
Class 1950. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Franklin John Porter, Jr., a son, Johnny, on 
May 6, 1955. Mrs. Porter was Catherine Louise Reinhart, Class 

To Mr. and Mrs. John J. Robinson, a daughter, Donna Jo, on 
March 16, 1955. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson have another daughter, 
Dotty Kay, three years old. Mrs. Robinson was Marion McClure, 
Class 1952. 

To Mr. and Mrs. James J. Beddows, a daughter, Stephanie Ann, 
on October 9, 1956. Mrs. Beddows graduated in 1953. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leroy Fuller, a son, Michael Walker, 
on October 24, 1956. Mrs. Fuller was Shirley Anne Hackenberg, 
Class 1951. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Hoatson, a son, Richard Douglas, 
on November 22, 1956. Mrs. Hoatson was Betty Ann Dorfler, 
Class 1954. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Woelfel, a son, John Frederick, on 
June 26, 1956. Mr. and Mrs. Woelfel have four sons and one daugh- 
ter. Mrs. Woelfel was Jean Louise Conrad, Class 1942. 

To Mr. and Mrs. John Bures, a daughter, Diane, in October, 
1956. Mrs. Bures was Mary John Poupalos, Class 1950. 

To Capt. and Mrs. Edward K. Chapman, a daughter, Karen 
Austin, on November 24, 1956. Mrs. Chapman was Carol B. 
Austin, Class 1954. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Rowe, a son, Mark Edward, on 
Tuly 21, 1956. Mrs. Rowe was Nancy Elizabeth Meredith, Class 

To Mr. and Mrs. William J. Donnelly, a daughter, Grace Ann, 
on November 9, 1956. Mrs. Donnelly was Jean Warfield, Class 

To Mr. and Mrs. John W. McCarley, Jr., a son, Timothy, on 
December 15, 1956. Mrs. McCarley was Betty Jane Thompson, 
Class 1947. 

To Dr. and Mrs. William S. Miller, a son, Daniel Shepherd, on 
October 3, 1956. Mrs. Miller was Anna J. Parker, Class 1941. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Lee W. Elgin, Jr., a daughter, Laura Lynn, on 
August 24, 1956. Mrs. Elgin graduated in 1956. 


To Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Weyn, a daughter, Leslie Adrienne, on 
December 21, 1956. Mrs. Weyn graduated in 1956. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Guy G. Babylon, a daughter, Donna Rae, on 
December 20, 1956. Mrs. Babylon was Mary Kathryn Warner, 
Class 1949. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Clifford S. O'Hearne, a son, Nicholas Michael, 
on September 19, 1956. Mrs. O'Hearne was Ingrid Davenport, 
Class 1955. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Henry David Perry, Jr., a son, Henry David, 
III, on September 20, 1956. Mrs. Perry was Margarette Edythe 
Weinhold, Class 1950. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Weber, a daughter, on September 21, 
1956. Mrs. Weber was Alice C. Schafer, Class 1953. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Basarab, a daughter, Daria, on July 
25, 1956. Mrs. Basarab was Wanda Gregorius, Class 1951. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Fleck, a daughter, Brenda Kay, in 
August, 1956. The Flecks have two boys. Mrs. Fleck was Sara 
Jane Beatty, Class 1951. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Clary, a daughter, Mary Louise, on 
August 8, 1956. Mrs. Clary was Louise Dukes Magruder, Class 

To Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Baer, a son, Randall Norman, on 
October 14, 1956. Mrs. Baer was Carolyn Elizabeth Myers, Class 
1953. Mrs. Baer was Corresponding Secretary for two years. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glotfelty, a daughter, Patricia Kay, on 
October 27, 1956. Mrs. Glotfelty was Rose Marie Hines, Class 1954. 

To Mrs. and Mrs. J. R. Kohlhafer, a daughter, Nancy Jane, on 
October 18, 1956. Mrs. Kohlhafer was Frances Kershner, Class 
1947. They have a son, Dennis, three years old. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin King, a daughter, Carol Jane, on 
September 16, 1956. Mrs. King was Helen Maxwell, Class 1952. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Louis P. Gonzalez, a daughter, Marjorie Ann, 
on November 13, 1956. Mrs. Gonzalez graduated in 1955. 

To Dr. and Mrs. Charles Dilzer, a daughter, Patricia Jane, on 
December 31, 1956. Mrs. Dilzer was Mary Muir, Class 1953. 



Chase, Evelyn M. (Mrs. Hugh C. MacPherson) 
Class 1913, on April 7, 1954. 

Sanderson, Sarah A. McFarlane 
Class 1906, on April 5, 1956 

Daugherty, Sallie Talbot (Mrs. C. M. Yarger) 
Class 1904, on April 3, 1956 

Weitzel, Venia Catherine 

(Mrs. H. Charles MacNabb) 

Class 1894, on May 14, 1956 

Bayly, Elizabeth Richards 
Class 1905, on July 24, 1956 

Carter, Lullie (Mrs. Hyde Hopkins) 
Class 1909, on August 25, 1956 

Hobbs, Myra Phelps 
Class 1900, on September 17, 1956 

Shertzer, Elizabeth 
Class 1893, on October 29, 1956 



Miss Frances M. Branley, one of Maryland's pioneer nurses and 
for many years director of nurses at St. Joseph's Hospital, died in 
her native Ireland at Beleek, County Fermagh. She was about 75. 

Miss Branley came at an early age to this country and in 1904 
was graduated from St. Joseph's Training School in its first class. 

She was thereafter superintendent of nurses in charge of the 
hospital operating room until going in 1918 to France with the 
University of Maryland unit, where she was supervisor of the 
operating room at a base hospital directly behind the front lines. 

Upon her return to this country, she was assistant and then act- 
ing director of nurses at the University of Maryland Hospital until 
returning to St. Joseph's in 1930. 

At the latter institution, she gave her guidance and able leader- 
ship to students of the School of Nursing until her retirement in 
1945 because of ill health. She returned to Ireland then to live out 
her years in volunteer nursing and church work. 

Members of the Alumnae Association of St. Joseph's School of 
Nursing held a requiem high mass for Miss Branley. 


Miss Goldie E. Frazee 
Tudor Arms Apts., G-l 

501 W. University Parkway 
BElmont 5-0400 Baltimore 10, Md. 

Delivery service to Nurses' Home First Monday of each month, 
between 2.30 and 3.30 p.m. 

Charges : 

New Point d'Esprit Caps (including laundering) .... $5.00 

New Crowns 50 

Laundering Caps 1.25 

Stringing 25 

Caps mailed in the city, twenty-five cents extra. 
Caps mailed out of city, fifty cents extra. 

All caps, laundered or new, must be paid for in advance. 



Under the Auspices of the Nurses' Alumnae Association 
of the University of Maryland 

The Directory is open for calls by telephone any hour, day and 
night except Fridays from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. and Sundays from 10 
a.m. - 1 p.m. Telephone BElmont 5-8491. 


(Revised 1954) 


This Directory shall be managed by a Directory Committee com- 
posed of a Chairman and four members of the Alumnae Association, 
to be elected every year at the Annual Meeting. This Committee 
must give a monthly report to the Alumnae Association. 

The Registrar shall be appointed by the Alumnae Association. 

Requirements for Membership on the Directory 

Members of the Directory must be registered nurses of Maryland 
and members of the Nurses' Alumnae Association of the University 
of Maryland. 

Through the courtesy of the Alumnae Association, a graduate of 
the University may join the Registry under these conditions. 

1. Applications must be filed with the State Board of Examiners 
for the next examination. 

2. Failure of two successive State Board Examinations auto- 
matically drops applicant from Registry unless she has proof that 
she was ill at the time of examination. 

3. In order to go on the Registry, graduate must apply in person 
to the Registrar with her certificate of nursing from the State Board 
Examiner of Nurses. If she has failed first State Board Examina- 
tion, she must apply for next examination, and receive her second 
certificate of nursing. 


All members of the Directory shall pay the annual dues of $22.50 
except those nurses registering after July 1, who shall pay $11.25. 
If the whole fee is paid in January, and only one-half year is worked, 
there will be no refunds. 


Exceptional cases are to be referred to the Directory Committee. 

Fiscal year begins January 1. Members are to be taken off Di- 
rectory for non-payment of dues at end of 90 days and to be notified 
of this by Chairman of Committee. Members are reinstated upon 
payment of dues. In case of sickness or other circumstances, time 
of payment may be extended at the discretion of Directory Com- 


1. Graduates are permitted to register for or against any kind of 
case or hospital or duty desired. 

2. Graduates of less than two years are allowed to register against 
contagious, mental or obstetrical cases only. 

3. Members "when on the list" and given call for cases not 
registered against are expected to respond or go to the bottom of 
the list. 

4. Nurses when on call are expected to keep in close touch with 
the Registrar. 

5. If a member wishes to resign from the Directory, she should 
do so in writing to the treasurer. She may then be reinstated at any 
time. Any nurse who does not send in written resignation can be 
reinstated only on payment of all back dues. 

6. In case of contagion, the nurse shall be governed by rules of 
the Health Department. 

7. Any complaints either from Directory members or concerning 
them may be made to Chairman of Committee or to Alumnae 
Association at regular meeting. 

8. Nurses' fees are approved by the Alumnae Association. 

$14.00 per day for 8-hour duty. 

S21.00 per day for 12-hour duty. 

$31.00 per day for 20-hour duty. 

$21.00 per day for 8-hour duty (2 pvt. pts.) 

$31.50 per day for 12-hour duty (2 pvt. pts.) 
At the University Hospital a nurse may be called, for her first 
day on a case, to report for duty not more than four hours preceding 
a regular period and asked to remain through the regular period for 
which she receives $1.75 per hour up to the time of regular period 
and $14.00 for regular period. 

If the request for a nurse should be cancelled after her arrival at 
her place of duty, she is expected to receive salary for one day's 

When nursing in hospitals, a nurse's fee is regulated by rules of the 
hospital in which she is working. 

9. Members may be denied use of the Directory at any time for 
not observing rules of same. 



First Vice-President 

Duties during the past term of office have been negligible. It is 
the responsibility of this office to take over Presidential duties in 
the absence of the President. However, such an occasion did not 
arise during the past two years. The First Vice-President is asked 
to serve on various committees, but as an alumnae member rather 
than as a requirement of the office. 

Recording Secretary 

The monthly minutes of the monthly meetings of both the Execu- 
tive Board and general meetings were duly recorded. 

Banquet Committee 

Through the efforts of the Banquet Committee, the annual ban- 
quet and dance in honor of the graduating class were held June 7, 
1956 at the Emerson Hotel. About 250 guests attended. 

Bulletin Committee 

The past year was spent in assembling the preceding material 
which was sent to us by our members, obtained through interviews 
and collected by the Committee's "newshens." 

(Reports were not submitted by our other remaining committee 
chairmen. We hope to have a complete list for you in 1957-1958). 



General Fund — Western National Bank 
Balance on hand December 31st, 1955 $ 831.81 


Dues $2,084.50 

Bulletin 976.00 

Directory 1 ,383 . 75 

Sick Benefits Paid by Members 263 .00 

Matured Bond for Sick Benefit Fund 2 , 000 . 00 

Matured Bond for Scholarship Fund 1 , 500 . 00 

Sale Plates and Ash Trays 180 . 75 

Banquet 991.00 

Sale Flowers April Meeting 17.05 

From Scholarship Fund for Scholarship 

Paid 1956 330.00 

From Sick Benefit Fund for Sick 200 .00 

Receipts for Scholarship Benefit 834.50 

From Louisa Parsons Fund for ill Nurses 

at Christmas 150.00 

Refund on Christmas Gifts 9.90 10,920.45 



Directory Expenses $1 , 472 . 03 

Annual Gift to Scholarship Fund 300.00 

Banquet Expenses 1 , 307 . 77 

Flowers 41 .82 

Addressograph 28.00 

Refreshments for Meetings 63 . 82 

Gift 50.00 

Bond for Treasurer 5 . 62 

Postage 1956 Bills 21 .92 

Office Supplies 1 5 . 20 

Postage 74 . 52 

Postage for 1957 Bills 24 . 24 

Rental Safe Deposit Box 3 . 30 

Transferred to Sick Benefit Fund for 

Benefit Paid by Members 263 .00 

Sick Benefits Paid 1956 200.00 

Restoration of Old Pictures 50 . 00 

Bulletin Expenses 1,913.52 

Transferred to Druid Hill Bldg. Loan to 

Sick Benefit Account 1,000.00 

Transferred to Druid Hill Bldg. Loan to 

Scholarship Fund Account 1 ,000 . 00 

Scholarships Paid . . 330.00 

Check Returned Unsigned 27 . 50 

Refund Overpaid Dues 1 . 50 

Printing 49.97 

Adell Stamp Recognition Fund 18. 75 

Speakers for Meetings 65 . 00 

Delegate to Convention 50 . 00 

Treasurer's Allowance 100.00 

W. G. Harne Addressing Meeting Cards. . 39 .00 

Expenses Fall Benefit 416.64 


Transferred to Union Federal Bldg. Loan 

Sick Benefit Account 1,000.00 

Transferred to Union Federal Bldg. Loan 

Scholarship Account 500.00 

Sun Paper Death Notice 1 . 50 

Commencement Awards Students 75.00 

Transferred to Union Federal Bldg. Loan 

proceeds of Benefit for Scholarship Fund 417 . 86 

Gifts for ill Nurses at Christmas 152.30 

Mrs. Arnurius Alumnae Expenses 19.40 

Repairing Typewriter for Mrs. Arnurius. . 41 .00 

Check Returned I.S.F 15.00 


Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 $ 597.08 

Balance on hand Druid Hill Bldg. Loan 

December 31st, 1955 1,035.29 


Interest 18.01 

Balance in General Fund, December 31st, 1956 1,650.38 

Sick Benefit Fund — 
Eutaw Savings Bank 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1955 2,944.26 


Dues $ 283 . 50 

Interest 85.82 


$ 3,313.58 


Sick Benefits paid to Members $ 200 .00 

12 Year Bonds Purchased October 31st 1,440.00 


Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 $ 1,673.58 

Druid Hill Bldg. Loan Assn. 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1955 $ 2,000.00 


Interest $ 64.46 

From Matured Bond 1,000.00 


Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 3,064.46 

Union Federal Bldg. Loan 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 1,000.00 

Total in Sick Benefit Fund December 31st, 1956 $ 5,738.04 

Scholarship Fund — 
Eutaw Savings Bank 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1955 $6,141.32 


Interest 171.85 

$ 6,313.17 

Disbursements Scholarships Paid 330.00 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 $ 5,983.17 

74 bulletin of the nurses* alumnae association 

Druid Hill Bldg. Loan 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1955 $ 1 , 705 . 52 


Interest $ 63.69 

Matured Bond 1,000.00 

Annual Gift 300.00 


Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 3,069.21 

Union Federal Bldg. Loan 

Account Opened September 10th, 1956 


12 Year Matured Bond $ 500.00 

Receipts from Fall Benefit 417 . 86 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 917.86 

Total in Scholarship Fund December 31st, 1956 $ 9,970.24 

Endowment and Loan Fund — 
Eutaw Savings Bank 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1955 $1,538.58 

Interest 42 . 52 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 $ 1 ,581 . 10 

Druid Hill Bldg. Loan 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1955 $1,047.35 

Interest 36.95 

Balance on hand December 31st, 1956 1,084.30 

Total Balance in Endowment and Loan Fund December 31st, 1956. $ 2,665.40 
Total in All Funds 20,024.06 

Government Bonds: 

From Sick Benefit Fund purchased 1947 

due 1959 $1,000.00 

From Sick Benefit Fund purchased 1957 

due 1969 2,000.00 

Total in Bonds $ 3,000.00 


Dues $ 1,383.75 


Registrar's Salary $1 , 117.20 

Social Security 55 . 20 

Unemployment Compensation 3 . 78 

Telephone 255.85 

Vacation Relief 40.00 


Deficit $ 88 . 27 



for the year ended 
DECEMBER 31, 1955 


Balance— January 1, 1955 $ 606.70 

Receipts 8,947.07 

Disbursements $ 9,553.77 

8 , 743 . 88 

$ 809.89 

Western National Bank 
Balance per Bank Statement 

dated December 30, 1955 $921 .01 

Deduct Outstanding Checks 111.12 

Balance— December 31, 1955 $ 809.89 

Outstanding Checks: 

No. 1273 $ 4.00 

No. 1279 10.00 

No. 1286 75.20 

No. 1287 21.92 

Sill. 12 


Balance— January 1, 1955 $ 2,782.56 


Dues $265 . 75 

Interest 72.86 338.61 

$ 3,121.17 

Benefits Paid 176.91 

Balance— December 31, 1955 $ 2,944.26 



Balance— January 1, 1955 $ 1,500.89 


Interest 37 . 69 

S 1,538.58 
Disbursements — None 

Balance— December 31, 1955 $ 1,538.58 


Balance— January 1, 1955 $ 6,166.26 


Interest 155.06 

S 6,321.32 

Scholarship Paid 180.00 

Balance— December 31, 1955 $ 6,141.32 


The Western National Bank — General Fund. . . $ 809. 89 

The Eutaw Savings Bank 

Sick Benefit Fund 2,944.26 

Endowment Fund 1 , 538 . 58 

Scholarship Fund 6 , 141 . 32 

The Druid Hill Federal Savings and Loan 

General Fund— Account No. 4223 1,017.50 

Scholarship Fund — Account No. 4056 1 ,705.52 

Endowment and Loan Fund Account No. 3965 ... 1 ,047.35 

Total Cash Balance All Funds $15 ,204. 42 



Culbertson, Caroline (Mrs. Lenshaw) 1893 

VanSantwoort, Elinor (Mrs. W. Mines) 1893 

Edmunds, Maria (Mrs. Thornton) 1895 

Brooks, Christine Gay 1897 

Galloway, M 1898 

Munder, Lela (Mrs. Stanley Blood) 1904 

Tongue, Amy Bruce (Mrs. Charles Wiley) 1907 

Ogburn, Ella Barringer 1907 

Almond, Blanche 1909 

Green, Anna May (Mrs. Anna Miller) 1909 

Shields, Lelia (Mrs. George E. Dawson) 1915 

Leister, Grace 1918 

Reamy, Helen Eugenia (Mrs. Gideon B. England) 1921 

Rhodes, Jessie Geraldine 1921 

Smith, Nancy Iris (Mrs. Horace C. Robinson) 1927 

Emmert, Grace Mae (Mrs. Hiphard) 1929 

Rodes, Luella Mildred (Mrs. Alan K. Gardner) 1932 

Thompson, Ruby Jean (Mrs. Daniel W. Ravesies) 1936 

Holbrook, Phyllis (Mrs. Geo. H. Lehrner) 1943 

Dougher, Perry (Mrs. Jos. N. Falls) 1943 

Lebeck, Clara Gertrude (Mrs. G. R. Hurd) 1943 

Fox, Elaine Elizabeth (Mrs. James C. Carroll) 1946 

Clark, Elizabeth (Mrs. James L. Vick) 1947 

Johnson, Carine 1947 

Blahut, Dolores A. (Mrs. Chas. Miller) 1950 

Clark, Joanne (Mrs. Wm. Gladman) 1951 

Brown, Margaret Mary (Mrs. Robert Needham) 1953 

If anyone knows any of these addresses please send to: 
Mrs. Bessie M. Arnurius, Box 2, University Hospital, Baltimore 1, 
Md. Thank you so much. 

Please keep the Alumnae Association informed of any changed 




Dunham, E. (Mrs. J. W. O'Rourke Unknown 

Dunham, Leila Unknown 

♦Goldsborough, Mary 

*Hale, Janet 

*Lee, Annie Edith (Mrs. F. S. Lovenskoild) 

♦Lucas, Mrs. Kate Crane 

*Neal, Amy 

♦Schleunes, Anna Louise K. 

*Bradbury, Mary Ella 
♦Cornman, Mary Egoff 

Culbertson, Caroline (Mrs. Lenshaw) Unknown 

*Daly, Emma J. 

*Mayes, Eleanor 

*Mergardt, Clara (Mrs. Jessie Reifsnider) 

♦Michael, Martha Bush 

♦Pyatt, Martha Allston 

♦Ravenell, Susan Stevens 

♦Shertzer, Elizabeth 

VanSantwoort, Elinor (Mrs. W. Mines) 
♦Williams, Emma May 


♦Anderson, Bessie 

♦Bonn, Carrie (Mrs. G. I. Barwick) 

♦Brown, Mary 

Haas, Rose (Mrs. S. Frederick Pfohl) 

Box 67, Salem Station, Winston-Salem 2, N.C. 
*Judd, Evelyn (Mrs. Joseph Duguid) 

Magruder, Emma 519— 25th Ave., San Diego 2, Calif. 

Mergardt, Emma (Mrs. Stow) 

Abbott's Nursing Home, 7 E. 4th St., Frederick, Md. 

Milnor, Constance (Mrs. J. Milton Wine) Unknown 

♦Morgan, Lucy H. (Mrs. Wm. O. Batcheler) 
♦Read, Elizabeth Alexander 

Thackston, E. G Unknown 

♦Thompson, Mary (Mrs. Frank Bissinger) 

♦Weitzel, Venia Catherine (Mrs. H. Charles MacNabb) 

* Deceased. 



*Blake, Sallie 

Edmunds, Maria (Mrs. Thornton) Unknown 

*Harry, Addie May 

Jones, Myra F East New Market, Md. 

*Rolph, Mary Eliza 


Frampton, Mary (Mrs. M. E. F. Hoshall) 

Rt. 2, Box 242, Yukon, Okla., % Mrs. Bill Porter 
*Lee, Elizabeth Collins 
*Robey, Frances Marion 
*Shipley, Wilhelmina 

*Slicer, Lucy Prevost (Mrs. Oscar Barnes) 
*Turley, Blanche 
* Wilson, Mrs. Cora Mason 


♦Baldwin, Mrs. Mary E. E. 

Brooks, Christine Gay Unknown 

Clegg, Mary Unknown 

*Cohen, Mrs. Ella Dorsey 
Crowe, Florence (Mrs. C. W. Mitchell) 

Wendover Rd. and Greenway, Baltimore 10, Md. 

*Jones, Susan B. 

*Keating, Martha Joanna 

*Lashley, Josephine 

*Lord, Athalia 

*Russell, Mary Adelaide 

*Slicer, Annette 

*Watkins, Katherine Tazwell 


Galloway, M Unknown 

Hughes, Mrs. Eunice Unknown 

*Lackland, Nannie J. 

*Maupin, Agnes 

*Rossell, Blenda 


*Brown, Margaret Symington 

Edwards, Katherine Unknown 

*Llewellyn, Bernardine (Mrs. Bernard H. Earley) 
*Pittman, Blanche 

Smith, Virginia (Mrs. B. H. Ransom) Unknown 

* Deceased. 



Blight, Marguerite (Mrs. N. B. Le-Seuer) 

"The Chase Home," Maryland Ave., Annapolis, Md. 
*Featherstone, Sophia S. 
*Gilliland, Lena (Mrs. Edwin L. Jones) 

Gray, Eliza Bond Route 3, Tarboro, N.C. 

*Hobbs, Myra Phelps 

Jones, Nannie H 1000 Floyd Ave., Richmond 20, Va. 

♦Little, Marion 

Milton, Louise Duncan 

% Miss Hester Strong, Chestertown 2, Md. 


♦Anderson, Grace Levering 
*Blake, Katherine Byrd 

Blight, Emalina (Mrs. Frederick E. Chambers) 

2992 Linwood Ave., Cinn. 8, Ohio, % Mrs. Virgie E. Tobin 
♦Burnett, May Compton 

Cooke, Mary Helen, 233 E. University Pkwy., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Daniel, Frances Byrd 29 Church St., Saranac Lake, N.Y. 

♦Dowdell, Mary Virginia 

♦Fendall, Martha F. (Mrs. Martha F. Cushing) 

♦Furbee, Katherine 

Henderson, L. Eugenia 917 W. Trade St., Charlotte, N.C. 

Jones, Mary Scott 326— 13th St., N.W., Charlottesville, Va. 

♦Mosby, Pauline V. 


♦Burch, Emma Clarke 

Dunderdale, Grace Lawrence (Mrs. Walter Koppelman) 

102 Millbrook Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Flanagan, Nettie Lucretia, 6604 Rannoch Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. 
♦Gregory, Mary W. 

♦Kinnirey, Nancy (Mrs. J. Howard Iglehart) 
♦Raines, Martha (Mrs. John Foster) 
♦Wise, Helen VanDevanter 


Blandford, Sara Reeves Clinton, Prince George's County, Md. 
♦Byrd, Margaret 
♦Cooke, Albina (Mrs. J. D. Reeder) 

Craft, Elizabeth Wainwright Vienna, Md. 

♦Craig, Louise Irene (Mrs. James U. Dennis) 

Elgin, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Arthur H. Mann) Unknown 

♦Fulton, Isabel (Mrs. Charles E. Pearson) 

* Deceased. 


Gallagher, Ella Teresa 1 W. Potomac St., Williamsport, Md. 

*King, Annie Estelle (Mrs. F. W. Sieling) 

Massey, Margaret K. (Mrs. Nathan Winslow) 

102 W. 39th St., Baltimore 10, Md. 

Miller, Mary Carolan 102 Thurston Rd., Rochester 11, N.Y. 

*Northrup, Mary A. 

Reeve, Annie Hutchinson Unknown 


*Bush, Mrs. Lucy Ladd (Mrs. H. J. Harby) 
♦Daugherty, Sallie Talbot (Mrs. C. M. Yarger) 

Dilworth, Florence (Mrs. Wm. M. Porter) 

2229 Park St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
*Gaskill, Laura M. 
*Guerrant, E. Janie 

Guerrant, Pattie Reamy 

4816 Rosewood Ave., Los Angeles 4, Calif. 

Lewis, Christine M Unknown 

Munder, Lela (Mrs. Stanley Blood) Unknown 

*Parrott, Emily May 
*Schroeder, Harriet Alice 

Walker, Louise Tremlett (Mrs. Harrison Cassard) 

2231 California St., Washington, D.C. 
* Walton, Nancy Lane (Mrs. Morden Rigg) 


*Bayly, Elizabeth Richards 
Brosenne, Dora Iola (Mrs. B. F. Oliver) 

1826 Eye St., N.W. Washington 6, D.C. 
*Cowling, Margaret Brand 
Ferrell, Nellie Rives (Mrs. Nellie Gardner) 

Williams Home, Longhorne Rd., Lynchburg, Va. 
Geare, Millicent (Mrs. Page Edmunds) 

98 Broadwater Way, Gibson Island, Md. 
Gildea, Eleanor Virginia (Mrs. Eugene H. Mullen) 

1020 Malaga Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 
Hilliard, Nellie Harrison (Mrs. L. C. Covington) 

2260 Cecilia Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 
Jones, Lettie Terry (Mrs. S. T. R. Revell) 

815 Walnut Ave., Louisville, Ga. 
*Kuhn, Ruth Rosalie (Mrs. M. C. Stephens) 
Owings, Lelia Griffith (Mrs. E. B. Quillen) 

4 E. 30th St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Schaefer, Carlotta Lee (Mrs. Thomas F. Murphy) 

317 E. Lorraine Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Trenholm, Lila (Mrs. Walter H. Hopkins) 

13 Maryland Ave., Annapolis, McL 


Carter, Nellie % Mrs. Charles Hammer, 

203 Colonial Ct., Lynchburg, Va. 
*Chapman, Annie Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Wright) 
Clarke, Mrs. Ethel Palmer By-the-Brook, Madison, Conn. 

Cunningham, Sara W. (Mrs. Charles F. Morse) 

155 — 24th Ave., San Francisco 21, Calif. 
*Doyle, Lenora Griffith (Mrs. Walter W. White) 
*Ellicott, Nancy Carroll 
Jessop, Miriam Louise (Mrs. Frank B. Hines) 

"Brampton," Chestertown, Md. 
Landwehr, Katherine Kelling (Mrs. Cassius McCarl Lemley) 

324 Cobun Ave., Morgantown, W.Va. 
Lawrence, Margaret Eleanor (Mrs. Samuel W. Moore) 

4715 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Phillips, Aerl Magdalene (Mrs. J. T. H. Greenwell) 

3902 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. 
*Query, Clara A. 
*Sanderson, Sarah A. McFarlane 
*Truitt, Georgia Anna 


Barber, Jennie Dean Tidewater, Va. 

Bay, Grace Irene (Mrs. Alexander Y. Watters), Jarrettsville, Md. 

Bell, Alice Frances (Mrs. J. Burr Piggott) 

3040 Idaho Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D.C., Apt. 515 

Brewington, Esther Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter Prentis Causey) 

4470 S. 36th St., Arlington, Va. 
*Brian, Nancy L. 

♦Griffith, Isabelle (Mrs. Harry K. Fleck) 
*Grimes, Mary Erie 
*Haydon, Jane T. 

Hissey, Naomi Viola R.D. 1, Easton, Md. 

McNabb, Nancy Martin (Mrs. Robert P. Bay) 

2935 N. Charles St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
*Minnis, Rosamond 
*Minor, Evelyn 

Ogburn, Ella Barringer Unknown 

Peyton, Mrs. Corrie Foster Washington, Va. 

*Pue, Marie (Mrs. M. R. Chapman) 

Robertson, Clara B. (Mrs. R. M. Latimer) Beltsville, Md. 

Tongue, Amy Bruce (Mrs. Charles Wiley) Unknown 

* Deceased. 



Anderson, Minnie Bond (Mrs. R. B. Hayes) 

Box 106, Hillsboro, N.C. 
*Cox, Charlotte Agnes 
Cunningham, Anna KifTaria (Mrs. William J. McDonnell) 

337 Commercial Ave., S. San Francisco, Calif. 
*Dawson, Clyde Clayton (Mrs. Frank Lynn) 

Gavin, Mary 315 E. 68th St., New York 21, N.Y. 

Gourley, Henrietta Ascom (Mrs. Wm. H. Dowell), Barstow, Md. 
Hamlin, Martha R. (Mrs. N. J. Haynes) 

Hotel Glendale, 701 E. Broadway, Glendale, Calif. 

Hamlin, Mary Virginia Martinsville Rd., Danville, Va. 

*Hostrawser, S. A. 

*Parsons, Harriet J. 

*Price, Lulu (Mrs. John Thawley) 

*Russell, Augusta Cassandra 

Schull, Ethel (Mrs. Ethel Steinman) Unknown 

Smith, Maude Fowble (Mrs. Thomas R. Cornelius) 

504 Rossiter Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Wilson, Rose (Mrs. Ira N. Thayer) 

604 Minor Ave., Kalamazoo 43, Mich. 
Wright, Mary Emma (Mrs. G. H. Richards) Port Deposit, Md. 


Almond, Blanche Unknown 

*Carter, Lullie (Mrs. Hyde Hopkins) 

*Chapline, Eva Sidney 

*Chapline, Laura (Mrs. W. J. Coleman) 

Dukes, Catherine Mabel (Mrs. J. B. Magruder) 

2821 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
*Ely, Emily 

Getzendanner, Elizabeth M., 728 Colorado Ave., Balto. 10, Md. 

Green, Anna May (Mrs. Anna Miller) Unknown 

Hall, Beulah O. (Mrs. A. C. Stamps) 

945 Truro Ave., Inglewood, Calif. 

Pue, Louise Dorsey 3022 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Robey, Helen Mary Springfield State Hosp., Sykesville, Md. 

Saulsbury, Mary Barton, 220 W. Monument St., Baltimore 1, Md. 
*Squires, Lucy Bright 
*Tewes, Gertrude Hedwig (Mrs. Lewis S. Cole) 

Tull, Grace Schoolfield 203 Hawthorne Rd., Balto. 10, Md. 

Wham, Anna Lou (Mrs. C. M. Pitt) 

411 W. 2nd St., Washington, N.C. 
* Wright, Vera (Mrs. Wilbur M. Scott) 

* Deceased. 



Barber, Lucy B. (Mrs. Woodley C. Blackwell) Heathsville, Va. 
Barrett, Adele Davis (Mrs. William Parramore) Cochran, Ga. 
Burton, Cora (Mrs. Leonard F. Johnson) 

175 Third Ave. N.W., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Dry, Anne Melisse "The Whitfield," 2309 N. Ocean Blvd., 

Ocean Front, Myrtle Beach, S.C. 
*Edmunds, Martha Venable (Mrs. Dwight Gray Rivers) 
*Garrison, Gertrude Anna (Mrs. Gertrude McMillan) 
Holland, Agnes Kirk (Mrs. J. D. Fiske) Kingsville, Md. 

Israel, Ellen Coleman, 101 W. Monument St., Baltimore 1, Md. 

Kimmel, Mary Morgan 1623 Park Ave., Baltimore 17, Md. 

King, Florence Dandelet (Mrs. T. Marshall West) 

Annapolis Junction, Md. 
Lee, Sarah Ambrose (Mrs. Frank Woodward) 

Route 2, Box 172, Tallahassee, Fla. 
*Long, Lillian (Mrs. Claude Smink) 

McKay, Virginia Opie 16 West Gate Rd., Annapolis, Md., 

% Mrs. Samuel Ogle Tilghman 
Meredith, Frances May 3915 Canterbury Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
*Murchison, Belle (Mrs. Fred Vinup) 
Pleasants, Pauline Brooke (Mrs. Joe M. Sparks) Monkton, Md. 
Price, Lulu Conway (Mrs. John Robertson) 

19 North St., Onancock, Va. 
Strohm, Emelia Augusta (Mrs. William H. Spalding) 

239 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore 17, Md. 
*Taylor, Margaret 
*Wiggins, Mary Constance (Mrs. Harrison W. Cole) 


*Berlin, Ruth (Mrs. William Chipman) 
Brady, Mary Gertrude, 1049 E. 5th St., Long Beach 12, Calif. 
Curtiss, Nellie E. (Mrs. T. C. Kerns) 

120 Briarcliff Rd., Durham, N.C. 
Garner, Jane Rockhold (Mrs. William Michel) 

1015 Poplar Grove St., Baltimore 16, Md. 
*Gephart, Louise M. (Mrs. Erasmus Kloman) 
Grubb, Anna S. (Mrs. A. B. Janney), 520 Hillcrest, Moultrie, Ga. 

Hutton, George Allen Kingsville, Md. 

Helland, Naomi (Mrs. Harold M. Strong) 

1730 California Ave., Santa Monica, Calif. 
Kinney, Ivy Irene (Mrs. E. C. Hagood) 

914 Bernice Ave., S.W., Albuquerque, N.M. 
♦Patterson, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. H. R. Neeson) 
Ricketts, Stella U 605 Bosley Ave., Towson 4, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Robinson, Eva (Mrs. William Doeppers) 

7034 Park Ave., Indianapolis 20, Ind. 
*Scarff, Marvel (Mrs. John Von Dreele) 
*Sprecher, Frances W. (Mrs. E. W. Smith) 

Stouffer, Barbara J°PP a Rd-> Riderwood P.O., Md. 

Sullivan, Mary Ellen 16 River St., Danvers, Mass. 

Williams, Alva M 5006 C St., St. Denis, Md. 


*Blake, Lillian F. 

♦Coale, Mattie E. (Mrs. C. Alpha) 

*Conner, Bernice V. 

♦Cox, Eulalia M. 

*Dawson, Ethel M. (Mrs. Edwin V. Bogert) 

Harvey, Lucv L 3508 Coolidge Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 

Lilly, Lucy M. (Mrs. C. R. Stokes) 

211 N. Oleander Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 
♦Logue. Ethel 
♦Lynch, Agnes May 
Miles, Mary Juliette (Mrs. Russell Perkins) 

Ambassador Apts., Baltimore 18, Md. 
♦Prince, Blanche L. 
Ridgely, Eliza Nally (Mrs. J. C. Ringgold) 

1047 Catalpa Ave., Chicago 40, 111. 

Smith, Marion C 1004 Dulaney Valley Rd., Towson 4, Md. 

Steiner, Mary K. (Mrs. Wilbur Wilson) 

320 Schley St., Cumberland, Md. 

Stouffer, Lena Elizabeth Joppa Rd., Riderwood P.O., Md. 

Wells, Alice (Mrs. Charles Hunt) 

499 Colborne St., Brantford, Ontario, Can. 


♦Brownell, Edith M. 
Butts, Ann Elizabeth (Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Grimstead) 

2904 Erdman Ave., Baltimore 13, Md. 
♦Chase, Evelyn M. (Mrs. Hugh C. MacPherson) 
Coward, Adelaide (Mrs. R. C. McCotter) . .Box 85, Grifton, N.C. 

Dean, Elva L 620 W. Lombard St., Baltimore 1, Md. 

♦Dent, Edith 
Hessler, Frances Sophie (Mrs. Roger V. Parlett) 

2742 E. Mable St., Tucson, Ariz. 
♦Hull, Willie 
Laws, Margaret G. (Mrs. Richard T. Walker) 

Chantry House, Salisbury, Md. 
Mallon, Martha 2336 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore 23, Md. 

* Deceased. 


*McCann, Natalie Isabel 

*Patterson, Dorothy H. (Mrs. Remington Patterson) 

Price, Golda G 214 W. Monument St., Baltimore 1, Md. 

Rennie, Mary (Mrs. B. K. Blaylock) 

2246 Mecklenberg Ave., North Charlotte, N.C. 

Rush, Pearl Lavora (Mrs. James E. Thompson) 

117 Upnor Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
♦Rutherford, Mary A. (Mrs. Cleveland D. Whelchel) 

Rutherford, Volina M., 332 S. Manhattan PL, Los Angeles 5, Calif. 
*Selby, Mary Myrtle 

Shea, Katherine Veronica. .981 Summer St., North Adams, Mass. 
*Welch, Katherine W. (Mrs. T. B. Wood) 


♦Balsey, Marie K. (Mrs. Ralph Bonnell) 
Burns, Olive K. (Mrs. George W. Keys) 

55 E. Amelia Ave., Orlando, Fla. 
Clendenin, Virginia R. (Mrs. William C. Hickling) 

Moose Lake, Minn. 
Coulbourne, Alice K. (Mrs. Alice C. Stevenson) 

828 S. Rappollo St., Baltimore 24, Md. 
Davis, Sadie E. (Mrs. A.W. Reier), 1 N. Center St., Dundalk, Md. 
Dukes, Ann G. (Mrs. James Enoch Fonvielle) 

210 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Ervin, Edith (Mrs. Leroy Lewis) 

214 N. Union Ave., Havre de Grace, Md. 
Ervin, Margaret L. (Mrs. J. Preston Landing) 

57 Prospect Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Foley, Julia C 5 East Argyle St., Rockville, Md. 

Funk, Jessie Sier (Mrs. Walter A. Cutsail) 

114 E. Church St., Frederick, Md. 
Grant, Pearl (Mrs. N. B. Hendrix) 

122 S. Maple Ave., Martinsburg, W.Va. 
Hill, Lucy Courtney (Mrs. E. Barrett Prettyman) 

5306 Woodlawn Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
Hudnall, Mrs. Carrie 

Court Apt. 4, Fairmont Farms, Fairmont, W.Va. 
Hughes, Bertie (Mrs. Robert G. Davidson) 

5220 Biddison Lane, Baltimore 6, Md. 
*Hull, Grace 
Lord, Letitia E. (Mrs. Howard M. Freeman). .New Market, Va. 
*Miller, Maude E. (Mrs. George C. Coulbourn) 
McCann, Elsie (Mrs. H. C. Hood) 

115 W. 29th St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Murray, Carrie (Mrs. John R. Smith) 

311 N. College St., Douglas, Ga. 
*Roussey, Bessie M. (Mrs. Ramsey Standiford) 
Ryan, Abigail C. (Mrs. J. L. McCormick) 

4834 Hart Drive, San Diego 16, Calif. 
*Sander, Marie E. (Mrs. Joseph P. Stockett) 
Shelton, Frances (Mrs. Clyde Blake) 

123 W. Roe St., Buchanan, Mich. 

Sigmon, Mrs. Bertie May 354 College Ave., Rock Hill, S.C. 

Sprecher, Marjorie B. (Mrs. John Woodcock) 

608 Penn St., Holidaysburg, Pa. 
*Stepp, Lulu R. 

Stoneham, Grace (Mrs. Lewis K. Walker) Ahoskie, N.C. 

Weaver, Pearl M P.O. Box 97, Weaversville, N.C. 

*Weber, Dorothy M. (Mrs. Alex S. Coleman) 
Zepp, Katherine R. (Mrs. James S. Billingslea) 

108 Central Ave. N.W., Glen Burnie, Md. 


Bay, Nettie Mabel. . 3120 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Beazley, Elizabeth B. (Mrs. Elizabeth Rhodes) Unknown 

Bogart, Corinne Lorraine (Mrs. W. Starford) 

6203^ Maple St., Grafton, W.Va. 
Boor, Eva M. (Mrs. Henry S. Van Gassbeck) 

Apt. 2, 105 Northeaston Rd., Glenside, Pa. 
Conner, Emily Ruth (Mrs. Charles Reid Edwards) 

106 Longwood Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 
*Coppersmith, Martha May (Mrs. Leon Kays) 
Dilly, Gertrude (Mrs. Paul D. Etzler) 

5808 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 
*Frothingham, Norma Irene (Mrs. Ray D. Chapman) 
*Lea, Mabel lone (Mrs. Mabel Oehler) 
McDaniel, Lillian Kemp 

1665 Sulphur Spring Rd., Baltimore 27, Md. 
Meredith, Florence (Mrs. Claude B. Hicks) 

302 Park Ave., Lagrange, Ga. 
*Meyer, Alpharetta 
Nordt, Elizabeth (Mrs. Harvey C. Bridgers) 

Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 

Pinckard, Roberta Susan Byrdton, Va. 

Shields, Lelia (Mrs. George E. Dawson) Unknown 

*Skinner, Florence (Mrs. H. Caldwell) 

Stoneham, Ruth Cundiff, 20 E. Mt. Vernon PI., Baltimore 2, Md. 
White, Betty Eliza Box 35, Accomac, Va. 

* Deceased. 



Blake, Helen Lamie (Mrs. Henry T. Reutter) 

549 Harwood Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Clark, Laura Polly (Mrs. Albert L. Noell) 

1407 Mimosa Dr., Greensboro, N.C. 
Dix, Nellie Eureke (Mrs. Hubert Bowers) 

7084 Glen Eagle R.D., Norfolk, Va. 
Dunn, Margaret, 7838 West Dr., Harbor Island, Miami Beach, Fla. 

Eichner, Louise K. (Mrs.) 2111 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Forney, Marian Ashbury (Mrs. Harry W. Hammond) 

Chocorua, N.H. 
Henkle, Julia Louise (Mrs. John A. Skladowski) 

514 Stamford Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 

Hoffmaster, Emma Blanche Route 3, Hagerstown, Md. 

Hurst, Annie Spiller (Mrs. Charles E. Hickerson) 

Route 1, Box 53, Severn, Md. 
*John, Mary Edna 
Kauffman, Julia Irene (Mrs. James B. Scarborough) 

Ferry Farms, Annapolis, Md. 
*Langenfeldt, Marie Estelle 
*Mayo, Margaret Colin (Mrs. Edward Dubart) 
*McSherrv, Helen Bertielle 

Null, Lillie Grace 1421 Park Ave., Baltimore 17, Md. 

*Phelan, Elizabeth 
Reamv, Hildegarde (Mrs. Jake Linn) 

4352— 17th Ave. South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Rutherford, Elsie Love (Mrs. Albert F. Gluck) 

4469 Ventura Ave., Van Nuys, Calif. 
Scaggs, Lucy Dulaney 

1336 Locust Rd. N.W., Washington 12, D.C. 
*Scarff, Inez May 
Selfe, Serena Webster (Mrs. William A. Bridges) 

10 Othoridge Rd., Lutherville, Md. 
Simmons, Maude (Mrs. John Caldwell) 

Pfeibber Junior College, Misenheimer, N.C. 
*Smith, Bernice Viola 
Smith, Sallie (Mrs. Horace Bvers) 

509 Woodlawn Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Walter, Marguerite M. (Mrs. Theodore Warner) 

217 Hanover St., Annapolis, Md. 


*Cavano, Adeline Belle (Mrs. Fred B. Smith) 
Cecil, Mrs. Lenore Andrews (Mrs. Reginald Cecil) 

135 Newburg Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Dearmyer, Helen L. (Mrs. J. F. Pessel) 

115 Broad St., Hopewell, N.J. 

Fahrney, Myrtle May 720 Grantley St., Baltimore 29, Md. 

*Hedges, Lilly Seaton 
Keffer, Laura Augusta (Mrs. George W. Lemley) 

R.D. Star, Tannery, Va. 
Kenny, Emily Elizabeth 

48-A Pomeroy Terr., Northampton, Mass. 
Klase, Nancy Josephine (Mrs. Claude S. Warrell) 

5145 Mount Air Ave., Lakewood, Calif. 
Lloyd, Ellen Christine. . . .3316 Ellerslie Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Marsh, Elizabeth Louise P.O. Box 605, Williamsburg, Va. 

Minnis, Jemina (Mrs. Ebenezer McClane) 

116 Snyder St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Minnis, Nancy 116 Snyder St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Mohler, Mrs. Annie Roader, 1521 Eutaw PI., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Monroe, Ethel Catherine (Mrs. John Paul Troy) 

2119 Chelsea Terr., Baltimore 16, Md. 
Mouse, Lucv Edith (Mrs. Thomas Frere) 

861 Park Ave., Baltimore 1, Md. 

Murray, Olive Ellen Route 1, Whaleysville, Md. 

Pennewell, Jane Adeline (Mrs. Jane P. Wallace) 

R.F.D. 2, Snow Hill, Md. 
Quiglev, Bertha May 

% Mr. Harry G. Pentz, 1526 Bolton St., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Risley, Marguerite Eugenia (Mrs. John L. Bitner) 

11801 Gainsborough Rd., Rockville, Md. 
*Robinson, Anna Caryle (Mrs. John F. Lutz) 
*Shertzer, Rheta (Mrs. J. D. Harrison) 
Simpson, Elsie May (Mrs. Elsie S. Williamson) 

3223 Military Rd. S.W., Washington 15, D.C. 
Stoneham, Annette Purcelle (Mrs. E. E. Hobbs) 

P.O. Box 429, Silver Spring, Md. 
Thorn, Norma Augusta (Mrs. William Meushaw) 

108 Dumbarton Rd., Garden Apts., Baltimore 12, Md. 


Barwick, Caroline Elizabeth (Mrs. Luther Gentry) 

2694 Thornhill Dr., San Carlos, Calif. 
Bay, Beulah Gertrude (Mrs. Alvin McCausland) 

6212 Burgess Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Benson, Martha Harrman (Mrs. Evan M. Jones) 

3312 Chadbourne Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio. 
Carr, Mrs. Esther (Mrs. William Melvin) 

308 S. Union Ave., Havre de Grace, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Dolly, Iva May (Mrs. J. M. Underhill) 

8 N. Hillside Rd., Atlantic City, N.J. 
Ensor, Altha Elizabeth (Mrs. Jack Busch) 

722 Cator Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. 
*Flaharty, Nellie (Mrs. Roy Boyd) 

Flowers, Jeanette 1424 Park Ave., Baltimore 17, Md. 

*Hook, Emma Kate 
*Kinney, Maude (Mrs. Maude Tanner) 
Kirkley, Naomi Celeste (Mrs. Edgar Fay) 

7216 Lanark Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 

Lauper, Margaret Ruth Main St., Ellicott City, Md. 

Leister, Grace Blanche Unknown 

Linstrum, Mrs. Gay (Mrs. Harry Hughes) 

% Mr. Neal Linstrum, 720 Deepdene Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 
McCarthy, Ellen Price (Mrs. Frank Ogden) 

2701 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
McDaniel, Lena (Mrs. Charles Rauschenbach) 

39 Highland St., Hammond, Ind. 
McMillan, Martha Gladys 

4100 Groveland Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 
Moore, Cecelia (Mrs. Herbert Zimmerman) 

218 S. Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 
Oldhouser, Minnie Christine 

42 Patapsco Ave., Linthicum Hghts., Md. 
Ridgely, Florence Margaret (Mrs. Edward M. Killough) 

Carrollton Ave., Ruxton P.O., Md. 
Ridgely, Helen Lee (Mrs. Earl Stewart DeWitt) 

232 Cottage PI., Charlotte, N.C. 

Scout, T. Ann 51 Commerce St., Smyrna, Del. 

Singleton, Jessis (Mrs. Ralph Guzman) 

Box 374, Red Springs, N.C. 
Turner, Marian Gertrude (Mrs. R. E. Outerbridge) 

Dean Cottage, The Flats, Bermuda 
*Viberg, Judith 
Ward, Mary Lee (Mrs. Frank M. Boyette) 

111 Spring St., Fayetteville, N.C. 
Yingling, Ruth Helen Pocomoke City, Md. 


Aldrich, Annette (Mrs. George Holman) 

132 Arbutus Dr., Clarksburg, W.Va. 

Brady, Ethel Jonesville, Mich. 

Brown, Hady (Mrs. Salvador A. Macis) 

Medical Dept., Tela, Honduras, C.A. 
Brown, Marian Mercedes (Mrs. Charles E. Wilhelm) 

4062— 9th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

* Deceased. 


Cleland, Alice Smarr. . . .Ambassador Apts., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Cordy, Helen Marie Quantico, Wicomico Co., Md. 

*Jones, Grace Elizabeth (Mrs. Wallace G. Dougherty) 
King, Bertha D'Andelet (Mrs. Bertha D. K. Freeman) 

1122 Spring Rd. N.W., Apt. 8, Washington 10, D.C. 
Kling, Caroline (Mrs. F. Vernon Preston) 

6123 Falls Rd., Baltimore 9, Md. 
"Lloyd, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Henry M. Walter) 
Lohse, Mrs. Agnes (Mrs. Z. N. Beach) 

Cheshire Rd., R.F.D. 2, Wallingford, Conn. 
Mitchell, Edna (Mrs. Dennis Smith) 

49 Carroll St., Westminster, Md. 
Murray, Emma Norman, 2806 Marshall Ave., Newport News, Va. 
Nichols, Jane Blair (Mrs. Harry Juelg) 

825 Belgian Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Pleasants, Helen Carlisle (Mrs. Frank M. Sweeley) 

197 E. Theall St., Sonora, Calif. 
Sides, Elizabeth Conley (Mrs. John E. McDonald) 

814 York St., Oakland, Calif. 
Zepp, Katherine McLane (Mrs. Newell M. Douglass) 

60 Youngwood Rd., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. 


"Alexander, Christine (Mrs. Joe Mayoral Parracia, Jr.) 
Barnett, Louise Viola (Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider) 

5205 Springlake Way, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Baugher, Margaret Eleanor (Mrs. Herman Hesse, Jr.) 

Route 2, Box 63, La Roche Ave., Savannah, Ga. 
Bay, Ethelyn Pauline (Mrs. Charles Coleman Dever) 

14 Summerfield Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
"Biddlecomb, Emily Trew 
"Butler, Eleanor (Mrs. H. W. Post) 

Clements, Ruth % J. R. Rogers, Milford, Del. 

Evans, Emily (Mrs. Adam S. Gregorius) 

1633 Northwick Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Gilbert, Helen Ann (Mrs. Granville Roop), Box 64, Mt. Airy, Md. 
Howell, Florence (Mrs. Adrah L. Buddin) 

Box 21, Rock Hill, S.C. 
Kirkley, Azalea (Mrs. Tiffany J. Williams) . . .Charlottesville, Va. 
"Langford, Marie Antoinette 
Little, Rachel Ann (Mrs. William Leuders) 

Ridgeview Rd., Staunton, Va. 
Maston, Bessie Lee (Mrs. Harold O. Arnurius) 

701 Cathedral St., Baltimore 1, Md. 
McGovern, Clara Mary. . .4225 Wickford Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Northcutt, Lenora Louise (Mrs. Robert Mates), Indian Head, Md. 
*Reynolds, Grace Coulson (Mrs. Charles D. Warfield) 
Scaggs, Edna Kathleen (Mrs. Edwin L. Rembold) 

7812 Old Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Schwab, Myrtle Marie (Mrs. William P. Grantlin) 

4315—12 Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
*Shipley, Goldie May (Mrs. C. G. Meintz) 

Tillett, Zora, Ward E, Eastern State Hospital, Williamsburg, Va. 
*Trevilian, Mabel Emeline 

Yates, Edna Virginia 927 St. Paul St., Baltimore 2, Md. 

Yingling, Emma R. (Mrs. Arleigh Albert) 

3639 Clifmar Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 


Bateman, Louise (Mrs. Daniel Brooks) .... Brooklandville, Md. 

Childs, Helen 3518 Meadowside Rd., Baltimore 17, Md. 

*Fisher, Mary Cutter (Mrs. Frank Ankeney) 
Gaver, Norma Lavada (Mrs. Daniel W. Justice) 

4205 Maine Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Gorman, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. Albert Leuba), Randallstown, Md. 
*Hampton, Claribelle 
Hogshead, Kate Womack (Mrs. J. Morris Reese) 

300 Morris Ave., Lutherville, Md. 
Martin, Blanche Lee (Mrs. Cyrus F. Horine) 

3939 Cloverhill Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
McDaniel, Mary Bell (Mrs. Henry Weissner) 

2908 Church Rd., Parkville 14, Md. 
Minnis, Christine (Mrs. Ralph Collins) 

116 Snyder St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Neady, Susan Pauline 140 S. Broad St., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Reamy, Helen Eugenia (Mrs. Gideon B. England) Unknown 

Reese, Zadith Violet (Mrs. William D. Pitt) 

210 Edgevale Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 

Register, Ruby 79 Buchanan Ave., Asheville, N.C. 

Rhodes, Jessie Geraldine Unknown 

Smith, Julia Rebecca (Mrs. Edgar R. Dione) 

1203 St. Agnes Lane, Baltimore 7, Md. 
Wood, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. William O. Garvin) 

Box 12, Tilghman, Md. 


Bowie, Lucille (Mrs. G. R. Joyner) 

155 Chestnut St., Suffolk, Va. 
*Callaghan, Vera 

* Deceased. 


Deputy, Mary Julia (Mrs. Albert W. Strong) 

1708 Park Ave., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Du Bois, Cecile Marie (Mrs. David W. Bien) 

5504 South Bend Rd., Baltimore 9, Md. 
Elgin, Grace Lovell (Mrs. Edgar Hartley) 

5106 Windsor Mill Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Lord, Mrs. Nettie Bradley 5 Merrill Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Morrison, Frankie Bowman (Mrs. James J. Mulligan) 

8519 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore 4, Md. 
*Yeager, Eva 


Boyd, Ruth Winifred (Mrs. Arthur Monninger) 

800 E. North Ave., Baltimore 2, Md. 
*Dunn, Helen Louise 
Graham, Evelyn Pearl (Mrs. Carlton Wich) 

6802 Ridgewood Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Harkins, Hulda (Mrs. Colvin H. Carter) 

705 Kingston Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Hazen, Dorothy Lucille (Mrs. Oscar J. Horn) 

995 Market St., Meadville, Pa. 
Herrington, Margaret Mary (Mrs. E. C. Ruhland) 

1724 Richmond Dr. N.E., Albuquerque, N.M. 

Hoffman, Martha M 620 W. Lombard St., Baltimore 1, Md. 

Hoke, Lillie Ruth 410 S. Braddock St., Winchester, Va. 

*Horst, Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs. John Meighan) 
Kish, Velma Katherine 

5914 Whitworth Dr., Los Angeles 19, Calif. 
*Maxwell, Irene Agnes 

McCann, Wilhelmina N 115 W. 29th St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Nagel, Ida Marie (Mrs. V. Edwin Unger) . . . . Federalsburg, Md. 
Pratt, Anna Elizabeth. . .620 W. Lombard St., Baltimore 1, Md. 
Read, Kathryn Ames (Mrs. Milton G. Kellam) 

Kellam's Grocery & Gen. Merch. Store, Franktown, Va. 
Schroeder, Marie E. (Mrs. Carlton A. Davenport) 

Hertford, N.C. 
Stailey, Margaret May (Mrs. Crawford C. Sargeant) 

8611 Lynnbrook Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Teeple, Helen Stedman (Mrs. John B. Fassitt) 

Box 292, 31 Cherry St., Rising Sun, Md. 
Toms, Kathryn Rowland. .. .31 E. Irvin St., Hagerstown, Md. 
West, Regina Medora (Mrs. Ira Preston Champe, Jr.) 

601 Fort Hill Dr., R.F.D. 2, Charleston, W.Va. 
White, Ruth Anna (Mrs. Walter E. Holt) 

P.O. Box 66, Dover, Del. 

* Deceased. 



Alexander, Pauline Louise (Mrs. George Hollowell) 

113— 3rd Ave., Takoma Park 12, Md. 
Appleton, Vera Pauline (Mrs. V. P. Steele) 

2905 Ulman Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 

Barnes, Undine 1726 Roosevelt St., Hollywood, Fla. 

Bell, Janet Mcintosh 142 Greenwood St., New Haven, Conn. 

Bennett, Alice Moore (Mrs. Wm. H. Varney) 

Box 106, 122 Belvidere Ave., Washington, N.J. 
Bennett, Mrs. Pearl Phillips, 3032 Harford Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Brude, Mrs. Lucy (Mrs. Wm. T. Abercrombie, Jr.) 

Branch Pike, R.F.D., Riverton, NJ. 
Calloway, Esther (Mrs. A. J. Couhig) 

Woodbrook Rd., Dover, Del. 
Compton, Pinkie Lee (Mrs. Kirby McManus) 

Box 6, Joppa, Harford Co., Md. 
Copenhaver, Elizabeth (Mrs. Harold S. Holt) 

P.O. Box 217, Ocean Springs, Miss. 
Davis, Marie M. (Mrs. Paul R. Wilson) 

111 Ashfield Ave., Piedmont, W.Va. 
Fisher, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles F. Fay) 

4505 Kathland Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Forrest, Lola Ruth (Mrs. George Halley) 

129— 5th St. N., Twin Falls, Idaho 
Headley, Sara Price (Mrs. Wm. L. Hampshire) 

4900 Leeds Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Hoopes, Mrs. Madeleine, P.O. 762, 76 La Sierra Dr., Arcadia, Cal. 
Hughes, Claire (Mrs. Frank Nochera) 

407 MacAdams PI., Alexandria, Va., % Mr. F. P. Nochera 
Kraft, Dorothy Christine (Mrs. Dorothy K. Herbert) 

46 Church St., Ellicott City, Md. 
McCormack, Margaret Jane., 28 Chase St., North Adams, Mass. 
Moore, Rachel Frazier (Mrs. Wm. Scott) 

140 York St., Gettysburg, Pa. 
*Morgart, Julia Helen (Mrs. Jack Beachley) 
*Pope, Jane 
Schaale, Bernice D. E. (Mrs. H. Wilson Fancher) 

4124 S.W. 7th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Scott, Jane (Mrs. Oliver S. Lloyd) 

5402 Purlington Way, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Shaffer, Mary Catherine, % Medical Dept., Stewart's Dept. Store, 
Lexington & Howard Sts., Baltimore 1, Md. 
Slez, Mary Irene (Mrs. Nordahl O. Gunderson) 

1316— 28th St., Rockford, 111. 
Spencer, Lenora (Mrs. William T. Medford) 

4507 Old Court Rd., Baltimore 8, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Sponsler, Mary Rebecca (Mrs. Edward W. Penning) 

1317 Franklin Ave., Asbury Park, N.J. 
Thomas, Kathryn (Mrs. S. J. Wishner) 

198 Myrtle Dr., Great Neck, N.Y. 

Thompson, Iceline (Mrs. David Ellicott) Streett, Md. 

Tillinghast, Robina H. . . 155— 18th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Wertz, Gladys A. (Mrs. Leroy Minnich) 

836 Westmont Rd., S.W. Atlanta 10, Ga. 
*Whitworth, Esther 


Barr, Alberta 142 N. Main St., Port Deposit, Md. 

Cannon, Elizabeth 215 Market St., Pocomoke, Md. 

Croll, Mildred Marie.. . .33-15— 81st St., Jackson Heights 12, N.Y. 
*Coulter, Zelda Blanche (Mrs. Este Kelly) 
Fletcher, Grace Thelma (Mrs. Grace F. Rathert) 

415 N. Spring St., Apt. 7, Winston-Salem, N.Y. 

Forrest, Anna Louise 918 Miccosukee Rd., Tallahassee, Fla. 

Frick, Esther Evangeline (Mrs. Henry M. Landis) 

2012 Charlotte Dr., Charlotte 3, N.C. 
Hathcock, Mary Agnes (Mrs. R. A. Billings) 

10 Babcock PI., Lynnbrook, N.Y. 

Kirtner, Mattie Moore 704 W. 7th St., Radford, Va. 

Nock, Myrtle Marstella. . Norfolk General Hospital, Norfolk, Va. 
Scott, Mary Sterling. . . .3830 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 15, Md 
Shatzer, Myrtle (Mrs. Wilson T. Ward) 

6214 Wayne Ave., Apt. 7, Philadelphia 44, Pa. 
Wall, Laura (Mrs. Moody N. Hinton) 

1331 W. Thomas St., Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Walter, Charlotte Elizabeth (Mrs. George R. Stottlemeyer) 

1202 Eutaw PI., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Whitley, Myrtle Estelle (Mrs. Jacques Klein) 

289 Feronia Way, Rutherford, N.J. 


Allen, Naomi (Mrs. John D. White) 

333 E. Main St., Emmitsburg, Md. 
Bond, Mildred (Mrs. Arthur M. Kingsbury) 

1629 Walterswood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Caples, Virginia Elizabeth (Mrs. Edward Reichert) 

Monkton, Md. 
Coates, Marion Jeanette (Mrs. Harry C. Hagan) 

111 Symington Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Coulbourne, Lillian Elizabeth (Mrs. W. F. E. Loftin) 

127 N. Madison St., Marion, N.C. 
Diehl, Sarah Weitzell (Mrs. Vincent Edwards) 

106 Diamond St., Butler Pa. 
*Ellers, Maybelle (Mrs. Paul Sorsby) 
Ewell, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Anthony Buchness) 

Broadview Apts., 116 W. University Pkwy., Balto. 10, Md. 
Fink, Margaret Virginia (Mrs. William E. Hahn) 

47 Holmehurst Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Glover, Dorothy Rebecca (Mrs. William E. Lennon) 

122 W. Central Ave., Federalsburg, Md. 
Hershey, Esther Elizabeth (Mrs. M. W. R. Pennock) . . .Gap, Pa. 
Hurlock, Edna Myrtle (Mrs. Harold H. Coyle) 

1015 Jackson St., Annapolis, Md. 
Mundy, Fannie Mae (Mrs. Lewis K. Woodward, Jr.) 

Box 112, Woodstock, Va. 
Parks, Colgate Charcilla (Mrs. C. Gardner Warner) 

7115 Bristol Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Powell, Marian (Mrs. Theodore C. Buck, Jr.) 

3514 Clifton Ave., Apt. E, Baltimore 16, Md. 
Scott, Elizabeth (Mrs. Frederick A. Snyder) 

6323 Iris Ave., Cincinnati 13, Ohio 
Shoultz, Carol (Mrs. Jerome V. Pace) 

Indiana State Sanatorium, Rockville, Ind. 
Sperber, Elsie V. M., Springfield Rd., Route 32, Sykesville, Md. 
Sperber, Theodora H.E., Springfield Rd., Route 32, Sykesville, Md. 


Baldwin, Estelle Coates, 701 1-A Fordham Ct., College Park, Md. 
Blackburn, Hazel (Mrs. Thomas J. McLay) 

P.O. Box 14, 96 Main St., Port Deposit, Md. 
Bost, Stella (Mrs. Donald A. Stockley) 

411 Southway, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Foust, Eva (Mrs. Lea A. Darley) 

5014 Ready Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Gerber, Theresa Rhae (Mrs. Jerome E. Manheimer) 

617 Gist Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 
Hall, Rebecca Jane (Mrs. John Robert Phillips) 

5806 Bayou Bend, Houston, Texas. 

Henderson, Jane Grace 8243 University, La Mesa, Calif. 

Holloway, Ethel Kathryn (Mrs. Stanley Bodner) 

425 S. Grand view St., Los Angeles 5, Calif. 
Jackson, Virginia E. (Mrs. James Saffell) 

64 Main St., Reisterstown, Md. 
*Jarrell, Emma E. (Mrs. Morgan Bennett) 

* Deceased. 


Krause, Beatrice Lutz (Mrs. W. Paul Dailey) 

3905 River Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Royster, Lucy C. (Mrs. Morris Brenner) 

3509 Alton PI. N.W., Washington 8, D.C. 

Seiss, Theodorsia (Mrs. John Kaas) Rocky Ridge, Md. 

Smith, Nancy Iris (Mrs. Horace C. Robison) Unknown 

Wallis, Louise Mather North East, Md. 

Young, Grace Elizabeth (Mrs. Ray Spangler) 

5515 Mattfeldt Ave., Baltimore 9, Md. 


Currens, Margaret E. (Mrs. Geo. Johnson), Box 335, Grundy, Va. 
Dugger, Hilda Louise (Mrs. Wilmer Noble Barnes) 

430 Choice St., Bel Air, Md. 
Hall, Edith Elizabeth (Mrs. Frederick D. Miller) 

3019 E. Monument St., Baltimore 5, Md. 
Hamrick, Irene Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Fleischer) 

1311 Pentwood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Hastings, Martha Alice (Mrs. W. Guy Garheart) 

Route 2, Box 128, Sykesville, Md. 
Hoffman, Anne Evelyn (Mrs. Jos. Lynd), % T/Sgt. Jos. C. Lynd, 

AF 31171974, ATF 13th Prov. Sq., 
APO 63, % Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. 
Hough, Goldie (Mrs. Dewey Talbott) 

5346 Wright Ave., Baltimore 5, Md. 
Huddleston, Thelma Lee (Mrs. Reginald Hall) 

635 Gorsuch Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Leishear, Frances Mildred Brinklow, Md. 

*Magruder, Martha Agnes 
Marcus, Mildred May (Mrs. Curtis Holland) 

5 Maple Dr., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Pearce, Marie C. (Mrs. Vincent Staton) 

209— 7th Ave., E. Hendersonville, N.C. 
Pennewell, Elizabeth (Mrs. James L. McCrosson) 

P.O. Box 115, Laurel Springs, N.J. 
Preister, Elizabeth Augusta (Mrs. Frank R. Jones) 

2616 Yorkway, Dundalk 22, Md. 
Riffle, Mary Margaret 

The Latrobe Apts., 4-F, Charles & Read Sts., Balto. 2, Md. 
Roth, Katherine Landwehr (Mrs. Charles V. Taylor) 

Central Louisiana State Hospital, Pineville, La. 
Slacum, Emily Rose (Mrs. Harold Davis) 

2622 Iverson St. S.E., Washington 21, D.C. 
*Smith, Vada Burnetta (Mrs. Wilbur L. Martin) 

* Deceased. 


Wagner, Grace Belle (Mrs. Lynn Dawsev) 

714 W. 12th St., Tifton, Ga. 
Winship, Emma Arline, 3641 Greenmount Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Work, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. Raymond Kornlau) 

1248 Edison St., York, Pa. 


Bradburn, Eva (Mrs. John W. Moulton) 

1113 South West Ave., Johnson City, Tenn. 
Conner, Gertrude Nelson (Mrs. Lester Whitaker) 

209 W. Mosher St., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Coulter, Mildred Malinda (Mrs. Charles M. Thomas) 

Barbot Apts., A-3, 1328 Baker Ave., Augusta, Ga. 
Dick, Grace Eleanor (Mrs. Wilfred C. Gosnell) 

3621 Kimble Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Emmert, Grace Mae (Mrs. Hiphard) Unknown 

Esterly, Edna (Mrs. A. Talbott Brice) Jefferson, Md. 

Fazenbaker, Freda (Mrs. Charles E. Gill) 

315 Sequoyah Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. 
Fite, Lida Jane (Mrs. A. J. Lyons) 

7022 Taylor Terr., Landover Hills, Md. 
*Fox, Margaret Milton (Mrs. Howard S. Poole) 
Gillis, Christine Baird (Mrs. W. Thomas Hadden) 

19 Waterloo Rd., Half-Way-Tree, Jamaica, B.W.I. 
Goodman, Hattie Goldie (Mrs. S. S. Sapero) 

3225 Powhatan Ave., Baltimore 16, Md. 
Haddox, Evelvn Catherine (Mrs. J. Bernard Hasenbuhler) 

P.O. Box 342, Berkeley Springs, W.Va. 
Hastings, Daisy Mae (Mrs. Donald McGregor) 

450 Church St., Brighton, Mich. 
McLaughlin, Gertrude Cecilia (Mrs. A. W. McCoy) 

430 Hillcrest Ave., Teaneck, N.J. 
Miller, Corienne (Mrs. Lester Reiber) 

Dudley St., Lonaconing, Md. 

Morgan, Edith E 616 W. 165th St., New York 32, N.Y. 

Neikirk, Milbrey Catherine. .1505 Bolton St., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Nelson, Margaret (Mrs. Harry E. Young) 

1062 Avenue D, Perry Point, Md. 
Pifer, Martha Rebecca (Mrs. O. D. Wells) 

232 Kalaroma St., Staunton, Va. 
Rankin, Mildred Nancy (Mrs. James P. Fisher) 

909 Regester Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Roth, Emma Elizabeth (Mrs. James E. Hipp) 

5305 Herring Run Dr., Baltimore 14, Md. 

* Deceased. 


*Shipley, Mildred May 

Swartz, Vesta L. . .214 E. Watauga St., Johnson City, Tenn. 
Thawley, Grace Liden (Mrs. T. Wesley Bullock) 

Dupont Hghwy., Millsboro, Del. 
Valaco, Dena Virginia, 323 East St. nr. Gay St., Baltimore 2, Md. 
Victor, Alberta Lillian (Mrs. Henry Wagner) 

5121 Frederick Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Wetzel, La Rue Koontz (Mrs. Richard Byers Martin) 

2556 N. 5th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Willis, Hilda Dale (Mrs. Frank Every) 

The Pines-on-the-Severn, P.O. Arnold, Md. 
Wright, Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs. Louis E. King) 

606 Hastings Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Young, Ruth Anna (Mrs. Ruth Y. Mace) 

1411 Quarrier St., Charleston, W.Va. 
Zapf, Mrs. Evelyn Byrd 

Jefferson Apts., 4 E. 32nd St., Baltimore 18, Md. 


Adkins, Gladys Blanche (Mrs. Vernon Eaton) 

174 Locust St., Akron 2, Ohio. 
Ayersman, Ethel Ellen (Mrs. Frank Greenwald) 

Star Route, Rowlesburg, W.Va. 
Baker, Doris Julia (Mrs. William C. Dunn) 

3618 Landgrehr Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
*Bradley, Alma M. (Mrs. Eugene Thielke) 
Brittain, Bernice Elizabeth (Mrs. S. Sprigg Reeves, Jr.) 

Chaptico, Md. 
Bulman, Mabel Hume. . . 107 W. Monument St., Baltimore 1, Md. 
*Conner, Marie 
Davis, Oscie Louise (Mrs. George N. Crosland) 

% Capt. G. N. Crosland (DC), Naval Dental Clinic, 
Navy 128 Fleet P.O., San Francisco, Calif. 
Dutterer, Grace H. (Mrs. Gordon L. Filbey) 

Route 5, Dogwood Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 

Frothingham, Ruth Cecilia U.S.V.A. Hospital, 

1055 Clermont St., Denver 20, Colo. 
Hutchinson, Lera Mae (Mrs. Wm. J. Kurtz) 

4611 Willard Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
Laigneil, Eva E. (Mrs. Ralph E. Bankert) 

410 Garland Rd., Northwood, Wilmington 3, Del. 
Lefler, Anne (Mrs. Carl D. Fink), 3 Orchard Lane, Concord, N.C. 
Reed, Mildred (Mrs. William J. Lance) 

2503 Hartford Rd., Austin, Texas 

* Deceased. 


Sheppard, Myrtle (Mrs. Muriel LeNane) 

% Mr. H. F. Sheppard, Streett, Md. 
*Tarun, Bertha Anne (Mrs. Bert N. Morrison) 
Tilghman, Maude Ethel (Mrs. Robert A. Powers) 

216 Great Falls Rd., % Chestnut Lodge, Rockville, Md. 
Trice, Elizabeth Stevenson (Mrs. Wm. A. Hart) 

1505 Tanglewood Rd., Columbia 39, S.C. 

Walsh, Helen (Mrs. Elbern Thompson) Rowlesburg, W.Va. 

Ward, Ruth Caroline (Mrs. Henrv Goeb) 

3307 Beverly Rd., Baltimore 14, Md. 


Bennett, Margaret Louise (Mrs. Clyde D. Herrell), Waterloo, Ohio 
Bodmer, Doris Louise (Mrs. Alfred W. Stoner) 

5623— 67th Ave., Riverdale, Md. 
Bolton, Dorothy May (Mrs. Warren E. Rabbitt) 

Spencerville, Md. 
Bond, Annie Irene (Mrs. Paul P. Glenn) 

Clemmer Mill Rd., Springmount, Pa. 
Brown, Elizabeth Waters (Mrs. John W. Watts) 

2nd and Mt. Vernon Sts., Oxford, Pa. 

Click, Evelyn Irene (Mrs. Joe Businsky) Lonaconing, Md. 

Conner, Evelyn Annette (Mrs. Wm. Giles Burton) 

Boydton Health Dept., Boydton, Va. 
Cox, Marie Olga (Mrs. Arthur L. Burkman) 

6503 Loch Hill Ct., Towson 4, Md. 

Ervin, Emma Irene (Mrs. Raymond F. Lewis) Unknown 

Goodell, Margaret Jessie (Mrs. Edward Winship) 

2002 Dulaney Valley Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Groomes, Margaret Boone (Mrs. Wm. F. Hobbs) 

Box 36, Olney, Md. 

Hales, Edna Sallie Snow Hill, Md. 

Hall, Marion Clara (Mrs. Charles C. Stine) 

859 W. Broadwav, Red Lion, Pa. 
Helsby, Helen Roselyn (Mrs. Wm. H. Smith) 

2406 Albion Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Heritage, Elizabeth Virginia 

1407 Stanhope Ave., Richmond 27, Va. 
Horseman, Florence Rowe (Mrs. Howard W. Kopp) 

4425 Alan Dr., Apt. D, Baltimore 29, Md. 
Langford, Elton Louise (Mrs. Clarence Q. Bunderman) 

105 Kuethe Rd., Glen Gardens, Glen Burnie, Md. 
Martin, Louise Davis (Mrs. Alfred McCarthy) 

Old Eagle School Rd. & Stafford Ave., Stafford, Pa. 



Mills, Mildred Viola (Mrs. Frank E. Forrest) 

50 York St., Gettysburg, Pa. 
Nesbitt, H. Edith (Mrs. Elmer Ault) 

3203 Bayonne Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Noble, Lillian Charles (Mrs. John P. Spain) 

4011 Oakmore Rd., Oakland, Calif. 
Reiblick, Vivian Frances (Mrs. Wm. R. Davidson) 

Old Court Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Roach, Rowena (Mrs. Franz Gostisha) 

24 Laurel Ave., Larkspur, Calif. 
Sills, Elsie Hayes (Mrs. Hyman I. Sandler) 

3615 Hillsdale Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Smith, Ardean Lucita (Mrs. Daniel O'Reilly) 

187 Pinehurst Ave., New York 33, N.Y. 
Toms, Josephine Annabella (Mrs. Theodore L. Wycall) 

116 Chatham St., Chatham, N.J. 
Williams, Josephine Virginia (Mrs. Wm. Speer) 

3312 Lawnview Ave., Baltimore 13, Md. 
Wood, Hulda Vane Hertford, N.C. 


Butler, Nellie Virginia (Mrs. Howard W. Kline) 

5440 Taylor St., Bladensburg, Md. 
Cameron, Blanche Virginia (Mrs. S. P. Jackson) 

3188 S. 6th St., Salt Lake City, Utah 
Durst, Gladys Leona (Mrs. Elmer C. Durst) . . . .Grantsville, Md. 
Emery, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. B. D. Edgar) 

6 Dogwood Way, Basking Ridge, N.J. 
Gladden, Irene Douglass T. (Mrs. Walter T. Anderson) 

Mt. Vernon Rd., Route 1, Princess Anne, Md. 
Hardin, Maurice (Mrs. Harry M. Robinson, Jr.) 

216 Northway, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Holloway, Eva Opal (Mrs. Robert O. Phipps) 

514 Mt. Ida Terr., Kingsport, Tenn. 
Huddleston, Margaret Louise (Mrs. Eugene Brown) 

Summerville, W.Va. 
Lee, Virginia (Mrs. Thomas B. Israel) 

203 Patuxent Rd., Laurel, Md. 
Michael, Mildred Elizabeth (Mrs. Morris E. Beachy) 

Box 94, Route 2, Grantsville, Md. 
Miller, Carrie Estelle (Mrs. Foster M. Laucks) 

730 W. Main St., Red Lion, Pa. 
Miller, Ella Irene (Mrs. Ordin Grimm), 2 E. High St., Windsor, Pa. 
Morris, Ruby Harold (Mrs. George Ernst), R.D. 1, Milford, Ohio 
Murdoch, Virginia Louise 

2129 Florida Ave. N.W., Washington 9, D.C. 


Reifsnider, Janet Beryl (Mrs. R. Edgar Booth) 

1603 Montpelier St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Richards, Margaret 

Lt. Col., NC, USN, U.S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda 14, Md. 

Rodes, Luella Mildred (Mrs. Alan K. Gardner) Unknown 

Rudisill, Gladys Louise (Mrs. Harry J. Sheldon) 

36 Meloise St., Adams, Mass. 
Schaffer, Ruth Madeleine (Mrs. Wm. T. Schlotterbeck) 

190 Columbia Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 
*Schuh, Josephine Alice (Mrs. Martin D. Tenney, Jr.) 
*Taylor, Arminta Evelyn 
Thompson, Julia Waddington (Mrs. Bain H. Harris) 

215 Canterbury Rd., Jacksonville, N.C. 
Wilburn, Clara Evelyn (Mrs. Ellsworth Holder) 

Box 73, Sipesville, Pa. 
Worthy, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Carl V. Lundeen) 

2 Northwood Rd., Grovewood Park, Asheville, N.C. 


Barclift, Daphne (Mrs. Lewis F. Walston) 

1305 Walton Ave., La Porte, Ind. 
Blum, Dorothy (Mrs. Norman N. Towne) 

507 Wilder Ave., Huron, Ohio 
Bowman, Dorothy M. (Mrs. T. C. Caulfield) 

354 Wister Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. 
Burnette, Arra Marie (Mrs. Walter B. Morgan), King George, Va. 
Caldwell, Thelma J. (Mrs. George J. Sawyer) 

4808 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Christopher, Dorothy (Mrs. George E. Burgtorf) 

40 Church St., Ellicott City, Md. 
Clarke, Marie (Mrs. Thomas S. Lyon) 

500 Fountain St., Havre de Grace, Md. 
Conner, Bessie (Mrs. Gurney M. Walker) 

5004 Ross Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Dahlmer, Ruth (Mrs. Albert L. Benson) 

712 Murdock Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Hix, Gladys Schaum (Mrs. Richard D. Cole) 

625 Valley Lane, Towson 4, Md. 
Jones, Doris (Mrs. L. Edward Warner) 

4327 Marble Hall Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Mattingly, Kathryn (Mrs. Harold W. Carroll) 

95 Stockton Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 
McCune, Mary (Mrs. Henry Kramer) 

2307 Lynn St., Parkersburg, W.Va. 
McKeel, Alice S. (Mrs. Phillip D. Harcum) 

2300 Washington Ave., Newport News, Va. 

* Deceased. 


Melson, Edna (Mrs. A. Vernon Wright) Parksley, Va. 

Melson, Sally (Mrs. J. B. Gibb) Accomac, Va. 

Reese, Mildred (Mrs. George N. Tucker) 

Route 5, Box 2361M, Oroville, Calif. 
Scarborough, Bertha (Mrs. Charles H. Doeller, Jr.) 

1506 Round Hill Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Sherman, Margaret 2734 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Skinner, Martha (Mrs. Brooks P. Ebert) 

1636 Barbara Dr., Wooster, Ohio 
Stack, Virginia (Mrs. Wm. Simmons) 

509 Priscilla St., Salisbury, Md. 
Stein, Anna (Mrs. Howard W. Parmelee) 

Streetsboro St., Hudson, Ohio 
Wengard, Margaret (Mrs. Harry MacMurdo) 

167 W. Patriot St., Somerset, Pa. 
Wright, Dorothy (Mrs. John A. Sherwood) 

7020 Plymouth Rd., Baltimore 8, Md. 
Wynne, Vivian (Mrs. Booster Lindsey) 

126 E. Main St., Plymouth, N.C. 


Carroll, Alma (Mrs. Earl T. Brach) 

88 Montclair Ave., Montclair, N.J. 
Conklin, Ada Lythe (Mrs. Emil Hildenbrand) 

4201 Fessenden Rd. N.W., Washington 16, D.C. 
Deans, Pauline (Mrs. Albert H. Oyeman) 

Route 2, White Hall, Md. 

Dobbins, Vera (Mrs. Vera D. Ulrich) Diana, W.Va. 

Doll, Ann Elizabeth (Mrs. James B. Tucker) Omar, W.Va. 

Dutterer, Bernice (Mrs. James F. Bittner) 

1114 Rosedale Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 
*Gosnell, Margaret 
Gregorius, Gertrude (Mrs. S. M. Rumpanos) 

2108 Venetia Rd., Mobile, Ala. 
Gufstafson, Louise (Mrs. L. M. Schoeller) 

403 N. Church St., Thomaston, Ga. 
Hoff master, Marguerite (Mrs. Foster J. Rowen) 

9301 Milroy PI., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Koontz, Elizabeth Hattie (Mrs. Malvern Hammond) 

Westminster Rd., Reisterstown, Md. 
Lewis, Myra (Mrs. Everett S. Lank) 

5325 Yorktown Rd., Washington 16, D.C. 
Matzen, Kathryn (Mrs. Thomas Christensen) 

6905 Baltimore Blvd., College Park, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Nixon, Elizabeth Maie (Mrs. Frank E. Skinner) 

Cove Grove Farm, Hertford, N.C. 
O'Xeil, Catherine Augusta, 816 Lawrence St., Monongahela, Pa. 
Paul, Louise (Mrs. Cornelius M. YanderMey) 

875 Post St., San Francisco, Calif. 
Rhode, Elizabeth (Mrs. Edgar M. Wheeler) 

Longnecker Rd., Glyndon, Md. 
Rice, Elizabeth (Mrs. John Warren) 

308 Montgomery St., Laurel, Md. 
Roth, June (Mrs. John L. Van Meter) 

311 S. George St., Charles Town, W. Va. 
Seipt, Isabelle (Mrs. Robert M. Dean, Jr.) 

2223 Chestnut Ave., Carlsbad, Calif. 
Snyder, Wilda Louise. . . .1419 Glendale Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Steinwedel, Lois M. (Mrs. Edward L. Kaiserski) 

20 Dutton PI., Baltimore 28, Md. 
*Tantarri, Gertrude (Mrs. Reginald Heffner) 

Uber, Esther Eleanor 1210 St. Paul St., Baltimore 2, Md. 

Warner, Willie Hollace (Mrs. Ralph W. Baumgardner) 

116 S. Greene St., Westminster, Md. 
Weller, Ethel Elizabeth (Mrs. Henrv H. Dunton) 

9795 Halsey Rd., Jacksonville 7, Fla. 
Wright, Hazel (Mrs. Ernest F. Saunders) . . . Kennett Square, Pa. 


Barden, Thelma Alice (Mrs. John P. Zebelean, Jr.) 

Wilkins Ave. & Rolling Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Bowman, Sara Kathrvn (Mrs. Carl E. Bailev) 

820 E. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Chanev, Yolande Wellington (Mrs. Y. C. Milholland) 

6714 Windsor Mill Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Chelluck, Helen (Mrs. Tryon A. Power) 

'5928 Bertram Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Colev, Mabel Jackson (Mrs. Wm. H. Harmever) 

Brooklyn Bridge Rd., Route 1, Box 325, Laurel, Md. 
Elchenko, Alice Vera (Mrs. Glenn D. Steele) 

3 Park Dr., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Evans, Ethel Irene (Mrs. Wm. R. Powell) 

% Lt. Wm. R. Powell, 2060 Glebe Rd., Apt. 206, Arlington, Va. 
Gwaltnev, Thelma Lucille (Mrs. Charles Purcell) 

110 Sherwood Ave., Pikesville 8, Md. 
*Hamilton, Elsie A. (Mrs. George Banky) 
Hoddinott, Beatrice Edison (Mrs. Howard B. Mays) 

5207 St. Alban's Way, Baltimore 12, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Hoke, Anne Frances (Mrs. Harry C. Hull) 

4909 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Kurtz, Marguerite Louise (Mrs. John H. Squier) 

26 Work Ave., Del Ray Oaks, Monterey, Calif. 
Miller, Helen Marie (Mrs. Arnold Dixon) 

425 Prince George St., Laurel, Md. 

Miller, Rita Virginia 401 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 

Nunnelee, Elizabeth Lewis (Mrs. Berkley A. Brundson) 

724 W. Main St., Washington, N.C. 
Potter, Mary (Mrs. Walter M. Fox, Jr.) 

431 Clyde Ave., Concord, Calif. 
Price, Ruth Rattenbury (Mrs. Milton Winkler) 

9819 Homeland Ave., Baltimore 34, Md. 
Rencher, Dorothy Ann (Mrs. Wm. Travers) 

306 N. Clairmont Dr., Salisbury, Md. 
Richards, Mary Garnet (Mrs. H. Merryman Tiralla, Jr.) 

1822 Yakona Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Roth, Mabel Pearl (Mrs. Garland Hogge) 

701 Morris Ave., Lutherville, Md. 
Roush, Ruth Mildred (Mrs. Tames W. Horrigan) 

742 Anneslie Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Rullman, June (Mrs. Edward H. Burghardt) 

R.F.D. 1, Box 387, Arnold, Md. 
Shimp, Marie Hopfield (Mrs. Julian Rosiak) 

3525 Twin Peak Rd., San Bernardino, Calif. 
Thompson, Emma Virginia (Mrs. C. Wesley Benson) 

Route 2, Box 117-F, Chino, Calif. 
Wheeler, Claudia (Mrs. Wavne B. Hamilton) 

R.F.D. 2, Oakland, Md. 

Whitehurst, Doris 1305 Valley Ave., Winchester, Va. 

Wilson, Lillian Louise (Mrs. Creston Ward) 

Mariner's Rd., Crisfield, Md. 


Bowling, Vernice Lee (Mrs. Raymond J. Emery) 

4840 Harvard Lane, Denver 10, Colo. 
Claibourne, Nina Stirling (Mrs. John E. Hamm, Jr.) 

617 Overbrook Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Connelly, Frances Emily (Mrs. Mark R. Montgomery) 

101 Church St., Fairchance, Pa. 
DeLawter, Margaret Teresa 

U.S.P.H.S. Hospital, Stapleton, Staten Island 4, N.Y. 
Dodson, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. Lee W. Blondell) 

Rt. No. 8, Box 464, P.O. Pasadena, Md. 
Dooley, Angela Rose (Mrs. James O. Clark) 

211 N. Hammonds Ferry Rd., Linthicum Hghts., Md. 


Fowble, Mary Eleanor (Mrs. Wm. B. Long) 

Tony Tank, Route 2, Salisbury, Md. 
Heilman, Marian Elizabeth, 1st Lt., A.N.C. Retired, 

Box 145, Orlovista, Fla. 
Johannes, Norma Louise (Mrs. Harold A. Englemann) 

214 E. Washington St., Morton, 111. 
Kefauver, Mary Catherine, 4408 Walnut St., Philadelphia 4, Pa. 
Knoeller, Mary Olree (Mrs. Douglas Browning) 

425 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Lindsav, Grace Elizabeth 

% Mr - J- A - Lindsay, 8 Vance St., Lexington, N.C. 
Lloyd, Doris Gillespie (Mrs. J. C. Fargason) 

1388 Theatre Rd., Lot 16, Tabbs, Va. 
Lubinski, Sophia Ann (Mrs. Ann Miller) 

3600 Erdman Ave., Baltimore 13, Md. 
Magaha, Annabelle (Mrs. C. Cleve Kelbaugh) 

703 W. 36th St., Baltimore 11, Md. 
Miller, Hazel Almeda (Mrs. Gibson J. Wells) 

309 E. 33rd St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Odom, Marguerite (Mrs. David A. Highman) 

Terrace Ave., Riverside, Conn. 
O'Sullivan, Anne Jessup (Mrs. Andrew D. Taylor) 

2610 Selwyn Ave., Charlotte 1, N.C. 
Riley, Delia P. (Mrs. R. L. Rasmussen) 

Box 317A, Brooklyn Bridge Rd., Laurel, Md. 
Rose, Margaret Bowen . . . .5700 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, Md. 
Smith, Florence Beryl (Mrs. Mayo Thomas) 

347 Gordon St., Jackson, Tenn. 
Tayloe, Frances (Mrs. Lewis H. Jannarone) 

The Marylander, 3501 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Thomas, Lucille Gordon (Mrs. Lewis W. Wamsley) 

15371 Alden Ave., Detroit, 21, Mich. 

Thompson, Ruby Jean (Lubinski) Unknown 

(Mrs. Daniel W. Ravesies) 
Wicker, Virginia Dare Courtney (Mrs. Brayton V. Danner) 

436 N. Union St., Lincoln, 111. 


Banes, Mary Virginia (Mrs. Samuel B. Layfield) 

Box 46, Somerset & Hampden Aves., Princess Anne, Md. 
Bosley, Wanda Delphine (Mrs. Frank S. Lewis). . . .Joppa, Md. 
Carpenter, Catherine (Mrs. Edward Tochterman) 

3516 Edrman Ave., Baltimore 13, Md. 
Cornelius, Sara (Mrs. Wm. Robeson) 

102 Garfield St., Waynesboro, Pa. 
Cramer, Mildred (Mrs. Daniel H. Cruz) 

1105— 11th Ave., Anchorage, Alaska 


Dallmus, Esther M. (Mrs. R. Woodland Rowe) 

Box 34, Urbanna, Va. 
Hersh, Naomi (Mrs. Clarence Merryman) 

3607 Woodlea'Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Hooe, Mina (Mrs. Clarence H. Pierce) 

522 S. Church St., Charles Town, W.Va. 
Kautz, Marjorie (Mrs. Harold R. Corkran) 

218 Mine Bank Lane, Baltimore 27, Md. 
Kluka, Mary (Mrs. James F. Gormally) 

36 Center St., Rumson, N.J. 
Knight, Sallie (Mrs. Joseph H. Miller) 

3706 Cedar Dr., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Lewis, Edith E. (Mrs. S. Ady Ward) 

314 N. Union St., Havre de Grace, Md. 
Mattson, Evelyn (Mrs. Bowen Hardesty) 

79 W. Main St., Frostburg, Md. 
McArthur, Muriel (Mrs. Willard E. Jones) 

79 Cypress St., Charleston, S.C. 
Moye, Louise (Mrs. Winfield Thompson) 

Box 845, Goldsboro, N.C. 
O'Connor, Beatrice Patricia (Mrs. Beatrice O. Bassett) 

613 Magnolia Ave., Sanford, Fla. 
Parks, Willye Frances (Mrs. John H. Lucas) 

440 Homer St., Salisbury, Md. 
Pennington, Rose (Mrs. Lawrence Sellers) 

Fresh Air Camp, Benson, Harford Co., Md. 
Pilgrim, Beatrice (Mrs. Marvin S. Burstone) 

9203 Ewing Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Quarterman, Lena Winifred (Mrs. John E. Matol) 

161 E. 4th Ave., Roselle, N.J. 
Rayme, Carolyn (Mrs. Bayes Bishop) 

203 E. Robinson St., Barberton, Ohio. 
Rudisill, Mary (Mrs. Francis F. Gsegner) 

505 Hazelwood Dr., Marietta, Ga. 
Sappington, Frances V., 1031 Maiden Choice Lane, Balto. 29, Md. 
Scarborough, Duesetta (Mrs. J. Thomas Clark), Centreville, Md. 
Shaffer, Charlotte Eileen (Mrs. Ernest L. Martin) 

Hampstead, Md. 
Sherill, Evelyn (Mrs. Albert H. Locke) Box 12, Magnolia, Del. 
Skinner, Mary (Mrs. John C. Pound) 

104 N. Rolling Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Slick, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs. J. King B. E. Seegar, Jr.) 

112 Elmhurst Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 

Stauffer, Eleanor Cardiff, Md. 

Strickland, Rose Elizabeth (Mrs. Joe G. Rekart) 

4522-A Arico Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo. 
Sutton, Edna (Mrs. Edward J. Bradel, Jr.) 

45 Pilgrim Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 


Toom, Dorothy M. (Mrs. George F. Pollock) 

USOM, H&S Div., Navy 150, % FPO San Francisco, Calif. 
Turner, Margaret (Mrs. John Garrity) . . . Box Q, Mayodan, N.C. 
Wagner, Helen (Mrs. Francis E. LaMotte) 

7904 Rolling View Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Wilson, Mabel Jane (Mrs. Wilbur F. Rippel) 

3514 Walbrook Ave., Baltimore 16, Md. 

Bates, Mrs. Victoria Willard 

Hopkins Apts., 31st & St. Paul Sts., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Baughman, Anna Mildred 

2103 Erdman Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Bowling, Ada Gray 

2006 Ramblewood Rd., Apt. C, Baltimore 14, Md. 
Burbage, Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs. Robt. L. Schraitle) 

2082 Morrison Ave., Lakewood 7, Ohio 
Coleman, Dorothy Ellen (Mrs. Robt. Eldon Fenzel) 

4835 Central Ave., Riverside, Calif. 
Coleman, Myrtle Ashley (Mrs. Wm. R. Caltrider) 

8525 Water Oak Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Connelly, Nancy V. (Mrs. E. R. Read, Jr.) 

3307 Jan St., Tyler, Texas 
Dees, Mary Ann (Mrs. E. C. Chamberlain) 

316 Sunset Dr., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Dixon, Dorothy Lee 2018 Wolcott Ave., Wilmington, N.C. 

Eckenrode, Mary Rachel (Mrs. James C. Strong) 

3957 Gaspar Dr., Dallas 20, Texas 
Gambrill, Treva Lou (Mrs. J. Howard Choate) 

4110 E. Hawthorne St., Tucson, Ariz. 
Garrison, Alice Virginia (Mrs. John H. Davis) 

R.F.D. 1, Clarksburg, Md. 
Graham, Carola Beatrice (Mrs. Edwin R. Ruzicka) 

10 Lancaster Rd., Needham 92, Mass. 
Hanna, Lois Catherine (Mrs. Eugene M. Hundertmark, Jr.) 

Piney Grove Rd., Reisterstown, Md. 
Haugh, Gwendolyn (Mrs. C. Franklin Almony) 

503 Park Ave., Towson 4, Md. 
Hedrick, Anna Lee (Mrs. Robert Campbell) 

% Mr. G. C. Hedrick, 185 Park Ave., Beckley, W.Va. 
Kalar, Nelda (Mrs. Irving E. Biasi) 

Windsor Ct. Apts., 2111 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 16, Md. 
Kalbaugh, Mary Esther (Mrs. Wm. H. Leitch) 

1117 Lansing St., Aurora 3, Colo. 
Kroh, Louise Emily (Mrs. Charles D. Allman, Jr.) 

5713 Chinquapin Pkwy., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Llewellyn, Anne Parry (Mrs. Stuart G. Coughlan) 

3 Tarns Ave., Staunton, Va. 


Mays, Sara Jane (Mrs. Edward A. Cockey, III) Cockeysville, Md. 
McNabb, Lena (Mrs. H. Fenby Becker) 

701 Flamingo Dr., West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Monath, Vivian Verdin (Mrs. James W. Tyler) 

5020 San Juan Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Selkamaa, Ingrid Elizabeth (Mrs. George W. Flager) 

% Maj. Geo. Flagler, G.I. Div. Hq., U.S.A.R.E.U.R., 
APO 403, % Postmaster, New York, N.Y. 
Stephens, Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs. Alvin C. Hall) 

102 Poplar St., Trussville, Ala. 
Stephenson, Doris Virginia (Mrs. Jack F. Peet) 

Apt. 260C, Chatham Annex, Williamsburg, Va. 
Streett, Flora Mitchell. . .4625 Manordene Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Terry, Virginia Annette (Mrs. Thomas O. Roonev) 

% Lt. Col. Thos O. Rooney, G 4 Div., U.S.A.R.E.U.R., 
APO 403, % Postmaster, New York, N.Y. 
Tharpe, Iva Lois (Mrs. Charles Culp) 

Willoughby Beach, Edgewood, Md. 
Walker, Alice Jane (Mrs. Alice W. Burch) 

Federal St., Snow Hill, Md. 
Wert, Janice Jane (Mrs. John C. Lovell) 

9454 Poole St., La Jolla, Calif. 
Wilson, Kathryn (Mrs. Carl O. Baerhold) 

Holbrook Rd., Randallstown, Md. 
Winfield, Irma Hott, Capt., N-2282 

901 Aspen St. N.W., Washington 12, D.C. 


Beall, Margaret Davidson (Mrs. J. F. B. Johnston) 

% Cdr. J. F. B. Johnston, U.S.N. Hq. FEC (JEC) APO 500, 

% Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. 
Bennington, Margaret Eleanor (Mrs. Frederick H. Megenhardt) 

1542 Stonewood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Clark, Mary Sunshine (Mrs. Chester L. Harris) 

23 Edison St., E. Hartford, Conn. 
Craven, Nancv Lou (Mrs. Robert C. Sheppard) 

311 Montrose Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Culler, Margaret Odell (Mrs. Margaret Zell) 

548 Yale Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Danforth, Dorothy Margaret (Mrs. Daniel Hope, Jr.) 

Braewood, South Rolling Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Dorsett, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs. Arthur Sylvester Lee, Jr.) 

36 Strauss Ave., Indian Head, Md. 
Doyle, Thelma Catherine (Mrs. C. Inskeep) 

43 E. Railroad St., Lonaconing, Md. 
Foster, Lucille Elizabeth (Mrs. John D. Porter) 

4236 Blackburn Ave., Ashland, Ky. 


Foster, Marguerite Wilson 

103 Green Meadow Dr., Timonuim, Md. 
Grammar, Julia Juanita Parkman (Mrs. Ralph H. Hatfield) 

P.O. Box 406, Waverly, Va. 
*Hollister, Louise Margaret 
Lee, Margaret Maddox (Mrs. H. P. MacCubbin) 

323 W. Cecil St., Winchester, Va. 
Magruder, Catherine Boone (Mrs. Whitmell B. Small) 

617 E. Maple St., El Segundo, Calif. 
Marshall, Lolah Harrington (Mrs. Ferdinand A. Mihm) 

8744 Lackawanna Ave., Towson 4, Md. 
Richardson, Virginia B. (Mrs. James B. Nuttall) 

134 So. Pershing Dr., Arlington, Va. 

Roach, Mary Jane 7011-A Fordham Ct., College Park, Md. 

Shaff, Dorothy Elizabeth (Mrs. James H. Walker) 

1 Grandview Dr., Charleston 2, W.Va. 
Travers, Estelle Marian, Maj., A.N.C. Med. Sect., 8202 

AUKMAG, APO 102, % P.M., San Francisco, Calif. 
Vandervoot, Susan Hayes (Mrs. Victor Manfre) 

512 Vernon Hgts. Blvd., Marion, Ohio 
Wilson, Margaret Fentress (Mrs. Thomas C. Webster) 

4336 N. Charles St., Baltimore 18, Md. 


Akers, Evelyn Geraldine (Mrs. Edward E. Jerome) 

200 Blenheim Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Albright, Pearl Elaine (Mrs. Paul L. Beach) 

421 Somerset Ave., Salisbury, Md. 
Baer, Martha Louise (Mrs. Joe R. Creager) 

1310 N. Potomac St., Hagerstown, Md. 
Broadnax, Claire Patria (Mrs. Wm. J. Perry, Jr.) 

1107 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, N.C. 
Bussard, Mary Madora (Mrs. Edward G. Kyne) 

615 Hilltop Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Conley, Virginia Carolyn. .206 Tunbridge Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Duffee, Ava Virginia (Mrs. Willard P. Stumpf) 

32 Enjay Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Gardner, Nellie Ferrell (Mrs. Donald W. Kimlin) 

9 Adele St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Granofsky, Elizabeth C. 

1290 Woodruff Ave., Los Angeles 24, Calif. 
Horn, Beatrice Catherine (Mrs. Edmund Hurley) 

1837 Hale Ave., Louisville, Ky. 
Linthicum, Laura Ellen (Mrs. Paul Wildman) 

Oakland Rd., Simpsonville, Howard County, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Mcintosh, Annie Margaret (Mrs. Alvin R. Uhlfelder) 

4037 The Alameda, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Nester, Edna Cecilia (Mrs. Louis Calvin Gareis) 

1651 Northwick Ct., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Parks, Bessie Marie (Mrs. Edward A. Giller) 

604 Linnard St., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Pember, Laura Grace (Mrs. Charles V. Miller) 

762 Midland Ave., York, Pa. 
Provance, Dorothy Jane (Mrs. Elmer C. Graves) 

7150 Cyril Ct., Chicago, 111. 
Remke, Pauline Isabel (Mrs. Wm. V. Daley) 

49 Greenwood Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Rothhaupt, Ruth Anna (Mrs. James E. Snyder) 

The Snyder Nursing Home, R.F.D. 3, Gettysburg, Pa. 
Scharf, Nellie May (Mrs. Wm. H. Fisher, Jr.) 

800 Camden St., Salisbury, Md. 
Sherwood, Alida (Mrs. Walter Larsen) 

3068 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Sinnott, Mary Louise (Mrs. R. M. Noell) 

56 MacArthur Ave., Closter, N.J. 
Skaggs, Mary Alice (Mrs. John C. Kuhn) 

% Dr. W. B. Skaggs, 114 James Rd., Hinton, W.Va. 
Smithson, Ethel Buffet (Mrs. M. S. Ballo) 

34 Wark Ave., Monterey, Calif. 
Starford, Marianna Kearfoot (Mrs. Robert R. Little) 

2113 Saranac St., Adelphia Hills, Hyattsville, Md. 
Teeple, Laura Elizabeth (Mrs. George R. Nehls) 

4905 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis 10, Minn. 

Thompson, Ruby Estelle Box 6815, Towson 4, Md. 

Vivod, Marion Helen (Mrs. Robert Kalbaugh) 

Church St., Westernport, Md. 
Ward, Dorcas Viola (Mrs. Floyd M. Ballew) 

1149 E. Brill St., Phoenix, Ariz. 
Watson, Ada Margaret (Mrs. Leo Kridle) 

608 Snyder St., Connellsville, Pa. 
Wilkins, Amv Lee (Mrs. Amy Lee Wells) 

801 N. Eutaw St., Apt. E-9, Baltimore 1, Md. 
Woerner, Ruth Carey (Mrs. Charles M. Schnitker) 

512 Sussex Rd., Towson 4, Md. 


Almony, Ruth Ella (Mrs. Wm. E. Dixon) 

Roache's Lane, Reisterstown, Md. 
Barkdoll, Charlotte Sue (Mrs. J. Howard Franz) 

Belair Rd. at Kingsville, Baltimore County, Md. 
Chesson, Ruth Ferrell (Mrs. W. Nelson Boatner) 

71 N.W. 32nd Ct., Miami, Fla. 


Clarke, Elizabeth Stella (Mrs. James C. Truxton, Jr.) 

P.O. Box 32, Fullerton, Calif. 
Edmundson, Margaret Bernice (Mrs. J. C. Cuddington) 

% Mrs. Edmundson, Mt. Olive, N.C. 
Evans, Flora Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles E. Hickman) 

2614 Washington Blvd., Baltimore 30, Md. 
Foster, Mildred Elizabeth. . .616 Walker Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Hammer, Nell (Mrs. Warren Giauque) 

9014 Adelphia Rd., Hyattsville, Md. 
*Heintz, Phyllis (Mrs. Edgar B. Bates) 
Higgins, Mary Ellen (Mrs. John W. Williams) 

822 Villa Ridge Rd., Falls Church, Va. 
Jones, Thelma Madge (Mrs. B. J. Bjorklund) 

AFNC 7280 USAF Hosp., APO 30, % P.M., New York, N.Y. 
Lightbourne, Rebekah S. (Mrs. Wm. B. McGuine) 

Shady Side, Md. 
Liles, Judy (Mrs. Richard Hanke) 

17180 Rinaldi St., Granada Hills, Calif. 
Matthews, Charlotte Lee (Mrs. Harold C. Guy) 

4917 S. Quail St., Norfolk 13, Va. 
Neel, Catherine Lorraine, 4625 Manordene Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Parker, Anna J. (Mrs. Wm. S. Miller) 

315 Stone Gate Rd., Peoria 51, 111. 
Reynolds, Margaret Lois (Mrs. Robert P. Menees, Jr.) 

3726 Murwarth Dr., Houston 25, Texas 
*Rice, Helen Floy 

Sample, Myra Mae (Mrs. Victor Datesh) Unknown 

Scholl, Mary Catherine (Mrs. Henry Haase) 

4212 Harford Terr., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Shaver, Etta Mae (Mrs. Merritt E.Robertson), New Windsor, Md. 
Simmons, Edna Virginia (Mrs. Harrison Hammer) 

Route 4, P.O. Box 890, Tampa, Fla. 
Stanley, Frances Jane (Mrs. Fred B. Trembath) 

1606 Montgomery Rd., Willow Run, Wilmington, Del. 
Wilson, Martha Charlene (Mrs. Albin P. Davis, Jr.) 

25912 Matfield Dr., Torrance, Calif. 

Wilson, Phelena Sue (Mrs. Giles Q. Gilmer) Lebanon, Va. 

Wolfe, Elizabeth Louise (Mrs. George H. Stevens) 

Route 6, Box 515-H, Stockton, Calif. 
Yates, Mary Grace (Mrs. H. Clarke Cruikshank) 

6001 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Zeller, Doris Carolyn (Mrs. Hamilton R. Fishbach) 

1415 W. Mineral King, Uisalia, Calif. 

* Deceased. 



Albaugh, Ivy May (Mrs. Irwin Morey) 

805 Nottingham Rd., Syracuse 10, N.Y. 
Alt, Anna Doris (Mrs. Stephen G. Heaver) 

1618 Lochwood Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Angelberger, Grace Elizabeth (Mrs. Sidney Pendleton) 

Silver St. N., Wilbraham, Mass. 

Ballard, Emilie Margaret 5102— 41st Ave., Hyattsville, Md. 

Beach, Emmett Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert E. Eby) 

Island Creek, Md. 
Black, Nancy (Mrs. Frederick E. Beck, Jr.) 

131 Leidig Circle, Monterey, Calif. 

Byers, Shirley 509 Woodlawn Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 

Coard, Louise Mason, Capt. N-1577, 

Brooke Army Hosp., BAMC, Fort Sam Houston, Texas 
Conrad, Jean Louise (Mrs. Richard F. Woelfel) 

1052 Yorkshire Ave., Grosse Pointe Park 30, Mich. 
Cope, Helen Pauline, Capt. N.N.C. 

Box 936, Sampson AFB, Geneva, N.Y. 
*Etzler, Dorie May (Mrs. Charles R. Mathis, Jr.) 
Foster, Emma Gladys (Mrs. Walter H. Smith) 

7825 Baltimore St., Baltimore 24, Md. 
Frederick, Grace Cecilia (Mrs. Russell O. Eckert) 

4707 Talbot Rd., College Park, Md. 
Garrett, Esther Blanche (Mrs. James L. Cox) 

% Mrs. Wm. L. Garrett, 5305 Lanai St., Long Beach 8, Calif. 
Hodges, Julia Lee (Mrs. Caesar Orofino) 

1750 Ladera Vista Dr., Fullerton, Calif. 
Hubbard, Florence (Mrs. Norman Tarr) 

Harrison & Goldsboro Sts., Easton, Md. 
Jones, Nancy Lee (Mrs. David F. Altimier) 

9126 Champlain Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y. 
Leonard, Gladys Maude (Mrs. Paul P. Poffenberger) 

R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, Md. 
Logan, Margaret Matilda (Mrs. G. Hampton Richards, Jr.) 

Box 42, Port Deposit, Md. 
Loock, Marguerite Elizabeth (Mrs. Maurice Gelpi) 

408 Harwood Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Magruder, Louise Dukes (Mrs. Thomas A. Clary) 

136 Muliwai Ave., Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii, T.H. 

Petry, Mary Ruth (Mrs. John W. Blunt) Centreville, Md. 

Repp, Martha Virginia (Mrs. Arthur C. Burleigh, Jr.) 

1224 Fairfax Ave., Birmingham 3, Mich. 
Shaffer, Karolyn Gwendolyn (Mrs. Robert W. Bair) 

62 Bond St., Westminster, Md. 

* Deceased. 


Skiles, Rachel Louetta (Mrs. Michael Davinich) 

308 William Rd., Rochester, Mich. 
Small, Rosalind Jane (Mrs. Frank G. Baker, Jr.) 

P.O. Box 1446, Annapolis, Md. 
Tucker, Anna Penelope (Mrs. Wm. H. Woodson) 

249 Pierce St., Twin Falls, Idaho. 
Tucker, Rebecca Alden (Mrs. Maxwell Scarborough) 

16 Gresham Gardens, London N.W. 11, England 


Adams, Jane (Mrs. Harry A. Camp, Jr.) 

728 Churchill Dr., Charleston, W.Va. 
Allen, Mary Evelyn (Mrs. B. D. Sittman) 

3687 Avocado Ave., Coconut Grove, Miami, Fla. 
Beard, Ethel (Mrs. Harold Biehl) 

3515 St. James Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Bennington, Irma (Mrs. Paul I. Monninger) 

326 S. Norwinden Dr., Delaware County, Springfield, Pa. 
Brown, Ada (Mrs. George H. Heller) 

807 Highland Terr., St. Alban's, W.Va. 

Brown, Rebecca 509 Brooks St., Charleston, W.Va. 

Burr, Marguerite Elsie (Mrs. Craig W. Wayman) 

53 New Street Hill, Bromley, Kent, England 
Darden, Florence (Mrs. H. R. Christensen) 

1225 Biltmore Dr., Charlotte 7, N.C. 
Davis, Mary E. (Mrs. J. J. Range) 

805 N. Locust St., Johnson City, Tenn. 
DeShane, Amy Lee (Mrs. Francis H. Miller) 

1505 Norman Ave., Lutherville, Md. 

Dougher, Perry (Mrs. Joseph F. Falls) Unknown 

Eselhorst, Evelyn (Mrs. Richard Fowler) 

125 Main St., Spencer, Mass. 
Fanning, Martha (Mrs. Leroy W. Tilt, Jr.) 

115 N. Postor St., Shelby, N.C. 
Forsythe, Ruth (Mrs. James H. Shell) 

1127 Gypsy Lane, W., Towson 4, Md. 
Gerwig, Doris (Mrs. James Feaster, Jr.) 

Greene St., Oakland, Md. 
Goode, Eloise Josephine (Mrs. Thomas K. Williams, Jr.) 

760 Lakeland Dr., Apt. 7-A, Jackson 6, Miss. 
Gordner, Eleanor Louise, Capt. A. N.C. 

Tripler Army Hosp., APO 438, % P.M., San Francisco, Calif. 
Harlan, Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert E. Kennedy, Jr.) 

165 Riverview Dr., Collin's Park, Newcastle, Del. 

Holbrook, Phyllis (Mrs. George A. Lehrner) Unknown 

Hollister, Sarah (Mrs. Van R. Whiting) 

Rockawalkin Rd., Hebron, Md. 


Horner, Bernice (Mrs. Thomas P. O'Brien) 

591 Chinlee Dr., Lexington, Md. 
Hutchins, Miriam (Mrs. Howard W. Stier) 

42 Holster Rd., Clifton, N.J. 
James, Betty Mae (Mrs. Carlos Ortega) 

2318 Cottonwood Dr., Alexandria, Va. 
Jones, Frances Anita (Mrs. Robert Marshall) 

4646-A S. 36th St., Arlington 6, Va. 
Kurzenknabe, Catherine (Mrs. John R. Owen) 

11237 S. Talman Ave., Chicago 43, 111. 

Lebeck, Clara Gertrude (Mrs. George R. Hurd) Unknown 

Maxwell, Ula V. (Mrs. David B. Grey) 

205 Bradford St., Charleston 1, W.Va. 
Mehring, Idona (Mrs. William H. Teeter) 

235 Baltimore St., Taneytown, Md. 
Michael, Mary Alice (Mrs. Allen C. Fisher, Jr.) 

4513 Gretna St., Bethesda, Md. 
Michaels, Ruth M. (Mrs. F. Drenan Gassaway) 

444 Bigham St., Pittsburgh 11, Pa. 
Misener, Ruth (Mrs. Edwin J. Austin) 

6965 Caldwell Ave., Maspeth 78, Long Island, N.Y. 
Moore, Pauline (Mrs. Berry C. Rogers) 

Route 1, Box 153, Joppa, Md. 
Pannill, Marguerite (Mrs. James Pruitt), Main St., Oxford, N.C. 
Pratt, Shirley V. (Mrs. G. Milton Robertson) 

4508 Shamrock Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Price, Thelma (Mrs. George J. Miller) 

428 Academy Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Roberts, Clara (Mrs. John Wilson) Bel Air, Md. 

Roelke, Margaret 518 West B St., Brunswick, Md. 

Sagardia, Maria 

Director of Nursing, Mt. Wilson Hosp., Mt. Wilson, Md. 
Schwinger, Rita D. (Mrs. Lawrence E. Larsen) 

725 Mt. Holly St., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Sellner, Margaret (Mrs. John L. Mullen) 

2402 Evans Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 
Smith, Elizabeth J. (Mrs. K. R. Brizzee) 

% Dr. K. R. Brizzee, Dept. of Anatomy, School of Medicine, 
University of Utah, Salt Lake City 1, Utah 
Stultz, Miriam E. (Mrs. Frank S. Parrott) 

148 Lilly Ave., Salisbury, N.C. 
Weigert, Anna F. (Mrs. Austin W. Bittle) 

548 Alleghany Ave., Towson 4, Md. 
Williams, Frances Danby (Mrs. Edward H. Price) 

614— 27th St., Vienna, W.Va. 
Yeager, Susan Margaret (Mrs. Benson W. Unger) 

648 Callen Ave., Morgantown, W.Va. 



Adams, Jeanne (Mrs. Thomas L. Wilson) Murrayville, 111. 

Beane, Virginia June (Mrs. John P. Sheperdson) 

1 Saxon Rd., Worcester, Mass. 
Bloom, Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs. George M. Cale) 

8803 Mapleton Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Brechiel, Lorraine (Mrs. Frank P. Montgomery) 

68 Shelter Lane, Levittown, Pa. 
Brigham, Marjorie (Mrs. Robert W. Miller) 

Route 3, Box 230, Rockville, Md. 
Brill, Jo Ann (Mrs. Harold R. Westcott) 

14 Riverview PI. N., Scituate, Mass. 
Clarke, Margaret Susan (Mrs. Richard A. Hicks) 

4014 Little John Dr., Corpus Christi, Texas 
Clinite, Caroline (Mrs. Wm. B. Littlepage) 

3705 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. 

Coffman, Lois Estelle (Mrs. Clair Beegle) Unknown 

Custer, Mary Jane 211 E. Patriot St., Somerset, Pa. 

Dayhoff, Violet (Mrs. Richard S. McKamey) 

1932 Woodside Ave., Baltimore 27, Md. 
Devanna, Barbara (Mrs. Harry Hutchins).338 Peevy, Buford, Ga. 
Elste, Alice M. (Mrs. C. Hammond Brown) 

4637 Marble Hall Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Gillelan, Marianna (Mrs. Michael Kormanski) 

66 Bogert Ave., Pearl River, N.Y. 
Gingrich, Jeannette (Mrs. Charles D. Chaput) 

8 Richmond St., Haverhill, Mass. 

Gooch, E. Elizabeth 3404 Carlisle Ave., Baltimore 16, Md. 

Gow, Janet Reid., 8723 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

Headley, Hilwin Clare (Mrs. Wm. Muller) 

Route 3, Charlottesville, Va. 
Hertzog, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Frank P. Gilley) 

64 W. Broadway, Bangor, Me. 
Hornbaker, Jane (Mrs. Robert E. Fore) 

70 East Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 
Hubbard, Henrietta Katherine (Mrs. C. V. Latimer, Jr.) 

20 Elm St., Hudson Falls, N.Y. 
Johnson, Margaret Ernestine (Mrs. Paul A. Moore) 

MOQ No. 2222, Camp Lejeune, N.C. 
Kercheval, Emma (Mrs. Francis L. Grumbine) 

411 N. Chapel Gate Lane, Baltimore 29, Md. 
Kessler, Doris Mae, Capt. 21711-W, 

315 Camellia Circle, Warner Robins, Ga. 
Kindig, Eloise (Mrs. John A. Smith) 
St. Vincent's Hosp., 7301 St. Charles Rock Rd., St. Louis 10, Mo. 

Kite, Myrtle June 4322 N. 4th St., Arlington, Va. 

Konold, Claire (Mrs. Morris C. Maple, III) 

% Mr. G. Konold, 14 Gourley St., Passaic, N.J. 


Laws, Mary Frances (Mrs. Henry V. Guhleman, Jr.) 

Box 122, Greenbury Rd., Jefferson City, Mo. 
Leaf, Annette Catherine 

6414 Old Washington Blvd., Elkridge 27, Md. 
Lister, Frances C. (Mrs. Joseph E. D'Auteuil) 

8580 Cuefor Crescent, Norfolk, Va. 
Love, Ann Elizabeth (Mrs. Dawson Murphy) 

204 High St., Cambridge, Md. 
Ludwig, Margaret Mae (Mrs. Frederick M. Spitzhoff) 

Succasunna, N.J. 
Magalotti, Angeline (Mrs. Thomas J. Maloney, Jr.) 

6816 South Jeffery, Chicago, 111. 
McCann, Marjorie (Mrs. Harrison C. Brown) 

1577 Pershing Dr., Apt D, Presidio, San Francisco, Calif. 
Michelitch, Mary Ann (Mrs. Edward J. Petrick) 

908 Lance Ave., Marly n Manor, Essex, Md. 

Miller, Mabel Margaretta, 1134 W. Auslie, Chicago 40, 111. 

Nelson, Dorothy Jean (Mrs. James G. Disharoon) 

5510 Madison St., East Riverdale, Md. 
Nicol, Mary Lou (Mrs. Robert E. Brown) 

10243 Trabuco, Bellflower, Calif. 
Olson, Ellen Lorraine (Mrs. Benjamin Hinchman, III) 

630 Main St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Pearson, Dorothy (Mrs. John W. Stoner) 

155 Grove Dr., Woodside, Calif. 
Rothhaupt, Margaret (Mrs. Richard Tawney) 

202 N. Prince St., Shippensburg, Pa. 
Simons, Avis (Mrs. Wm. N. Corpening) 

Box 167, Granite Falls, N.C. 
Smith, Eleanor Randolph (Mrs. Tommy V. Thain, Jr.) 

% Mrs. Ellen H. Smith, Box 45, Route 3, Goldsboro, N.C. 
Storey, Cora Virginia (Mrs. John H. Webb). . . Sudlersville, Md. 
Strother, Ruth Lenore (Mrs. Joseph B. Nathan, Jr.) 

441 N. Brookside, Witchita, Kan. 
Walker, Nancy Lee (Mrs. Robert E. Heffner) 

Box 1064, Huntington, W.Va. 
Williams, Helen (Mrs. Robert G. King) 

1417 Taylor Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Wright, Elizabeth (Mrs. Donald S. Preston) 

606 Old Orchard Rd., Bel Air, Md. 
Yingling, Mildred 

% Mrs. Edgar C. Yingling, R.F.D. 1, Westminster, Md. 


Abshire, Gladys Ellen (Mrs. Donald W. Mintzer) 

3009 Evergreen Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Ardis, Barbara Mae 5335 Fisher PL, Seattle 8, Wash. 


Arris, Margaret Jeanne (Mrs. Emory B. Shipley, Jr.) 

909 Cherokee Trail, Frederick, Md. 
Austin, Doris Lee (Mrs. John Z. Macomber) 

Spring Mount Rd., Spring Mount, Pa. 

Auvill, Esther Lillian (Mrs. Arthur Perle) Unknown 

Ballard, Sara Elizabeth (Mrs. Edward P. Smith, Jr.) 

223 Fairchild, Lakeland Village, San Antonio, Texas 
Benton, Henrietta Mary (Mrs. James D. Williams) 

1260 Pearsall Way, Yuba City, Calif. 
Blood, Dorothy Emma (Mrs. William B. Overstreet) 

3302 Fayette Rd., Kensington, Md. 
Bodiford, Helen Victoria (Mrs. John W. Hobbs) 

P.O. Box 192, Powder Springs, Ga. 
Bodmer, Mary Ann (Mrs. Charles A. Johnson) 

% Mr. Roy Bodmer, Bealsville, Md. 
Brown, Mary Lou (Mrs. Eugene H. Conner) 

1015 Stoney Brook Dr., Springfield, Delaware Co., Pa. 
Burbage, Virginia Powell (Mrs. Stephen R. Keister) 

2701 Lafayette Rd., R.D. 2, Erie, Pa. 
Clemons, Delma Lorraine (Mrs. Peter J. Novak) 

941 Golden Rule Dr. S., Lakeland, Fla. 
Collison, Ellen Louise (Mrs. William F. Behlke) 

R.F.D. 2, Denton, Md. 
Cushen, Etta Belle (Mrs. William Lightner) 

155 King St., Hagerstown, Md. 
Davis, Gertrude Marie (Mrs. Jesse C. Staton) 

204 S. 9th St., Morehead City, N.C. 
Frasco, Clara Hellene (Mrs. Bert Sharp) 

83 S. 23rd St., Battle Creek, Mich. 
Grey, Zane (Mrs. Edwin J. Beller) 

5819 Dewey St., Cheverly, Md. 
Groves, Mary Roe (Mrs. Harry E. Walkup) 

5 B Veterans' Dr., Asheville, N.C. 
Hilbert, Edythe Avaniel (Mrs. William B. Mann, Jr.) 

Box 289, Route 2, Gate City, Va. 
Horine, Alice Catherine (Mrs. John A. Scigliano) 

% Mr. Grover Horine, R.D. 2, Myersville, Md. 

Jones, Joy Irene (Mrs. Graham E. White) 

5902— 66th Ave., Riverdale, Md. 

Kirk, Mary Frances (Mrs. E. Burl Randolph) 

908 Duff Ave., Clarksburg, W.Va. 
Kurz, Barbara Jeanne (Mrs. Jos. E. Polite) 

1115 New Jersey Ave., Westchester, Pa. 

Larsen, Elly Dagman (Mrs. Ernest Delk) 

621 E. 46th St., Hialeah, Fla. 

Layman, Nancy Lee (Mrs. Howard N. Detrick) 

140 N. Early St., Alexandria, Va. 


Lew, Anna (Mrs. Harrison Lee) 

Box 999, APO 500, % P.M., San Francisco, Calif. 
Lillard, Edith Rebecca (Mrs. Stanley L. Umstead), Poolesville, Md 
Lyon, Shirley Belle (Mrs. Charles W. Milke) 

7727 Bagley Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Mcllvaine, Vivian Martiel (Mrs. Joseph Brannon) 

1013— 6th Ave., Albany, Ga. 
Macom, Forest Dale (Mrs. Charles J. Goetter) 

2516^ Marian St., Orlando, Fla. 
Maxwell, Enid Madelon (Mrs. Joseph J. Piala) 

31 Beacon Hill Dr., Metuchen, N.J. 
Miller, Lenora Frances (Mrs. Charles H. McKenzie) 

4835 Carmella Dr., Baltimore 27, Md. 
Morgan, Virginia Adelaide (Mrs. David E. Speeg) 

509 Melanie Ave., New Orleans 20, La. 

Monroe, Blanche Anita Unknown 

Morton, Roberta Elizabeth (Mrs. Harold W. Evans, Jr.) 

2127 Willow Lane, Falls Church, Va. 

Paradis, Valley Virginia 787 Lancaster St., Albany 3, N.Y. 

Pennewell, Mary Jane (Mrs. Grady Luffman) 

409 Walnut St., Berryville, Va. 
Pennington, Almeda (Mrs. Benton H. Gross, Jr.) 

Ridgewood Rd., Bel Air, Md. 
Sellers, Nancy Ann (Mrs. Millard B. Eaton) 

308 W. 1st Ave. N., Roseburg, Ore. 
Snyder, Betty Kathryn (Mrs. Edward Sokolski) 

38 Fairview Ave., Danbury, Conn. 
Snyder, Pauline Benfer (Mrs. J. B. Gregg) 

14 Riverview Heights, Sioux Falls, S.D. 
Swarner, Yvonne Janet (Mrs. Kenneth O. Felton) 

Route 6, Somerset, Pa. 
Tucker, Anna Leigh (Mrs. James Winterringer) 

1424— 4th Ave. S.W., Rochester, Minn. 

Valentine, Agnes Ann . . . . Route 2, Taneytown, Md. 

Wahle, Doris Elizabeth (Mrs. Harold N. Taylor) 

3739 Greenach, Houston, Texas 
Ward, Carolyn Jane (Mrs. Thos. Reed Johnson) 

1816 Ellinwood Rd., Baltimore 6, Md. 
White, Helen Mae (Mrs. C. F. Murray) 

60 Market St., Hertford, N.C. 

Williams, Kathryn Granite, Md. 

Wright, Anna Lee (Mrs. Matthew Macek) 

87 Arah St., Manchester, N.H. 


Arnold, Amber Lucille (Mrs. Eugene R. Zimmerman) 

10116 Crestwood Rd., Kensington, Md. 


Bennett, Audree Helen (Mrs. Frank A. Lucas) 

203 Wilmington Ave., Tonawanda, N.Y. 
Bloom, Jean Louise, 124 W. 87th St., Apt. 1-B, New York 24, N.Y. 
Boone, Genevieve LaRue (Mrs. Calvin E. Zimmerman) 

410 Nancy Ave., North Linthicum, Md. 
Brien, Mary Ann (Mrs. Edwin L. Pierpont) 

8204 Liberty Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Byrnes, Mary Catherine (Mrs. Harry L. Bessett, Jr.) 

6222 Catalpha Rd., Baltimore 14, Md. 

Chenette, Irene (Mrs. Henry W. D. Holljes) Unknown 

Cogar, Edna B. (Mrs. Harry G. Conner) 

3818 Eunice Ave., Wilmington 8, Del. 
Colorusso, Mary Eleanor (Mrs. J. Carlton Godlove) 

709 W. King St., Martinsburg, W.Va. 
Cormany, Mary Helen (Mrs. Mary C. Cormany) 

130 Prospect St., East Orange, N.J. 
DeHaven, Anna Lee. . . .3902 N. Charles St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Duvall, Marian Phyllis (Mrs. Joseph D. Kavanaugh) 

5904 St. Lo Ave., Rockville, Md. 
Foster, Ellen Dorothea. . .4406 Bayonne Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Fox, Elaine Elizabeth (Mrs. James C. Carroll) 

208 Kenneth Blvd., Haverlock, N.C. 

Garland, Jewell Helen (Mrs. Jock C. Smith) Grundy, Va. 

Garrison, Barbara Jean (Mrs. Wm. H. Mosberg, Jr.) 

120 Hawthorne Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Greene, Mary Catherine (Mrs. Paul L. Heininger) 

308 College Ave., Burlington, Vt. 
Harshman, Margaret B. (Mrs. Kent Longnecker) 

Leahi Hospital, Honolulu, T.H. 
Hutton, Anne Louise (Mrs. Bernard Tennvson) 

1538 Ramblewood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Janovitch, Margaret Albena 

847 Lothrop St., Apt. 412, Detroit, Mich. 
Jordon, Ruth Nell (Mrs. Victor Metta) 

1217 Broad wood Dr., Rockville, Md. 
Kent, Mae Ruth (Mrs. Rov S. Melvin, Jr.) 

Reese Rd., R.D. 4, Westminster, Md. 
Klevisher, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles F. Ireland) 

5555 Bruner St., Hinsdale, 111. 
Knowles, Grace Anne (Mrs. William F. Carr) 

5928 N.W. 6th Ave., Miami, Fla. 
Logan, Anna Ruth (Mrs. Homer J. Gerken) 

217 Crescent Rd., Ocean City, N.J. 
Lutz, Anne Caroline (Mrs. Chas. G. Morgan) 

% M/Sgt. C. G. Morgan, A.F. 19336233, 8th Air Police Sq., 

APO 929, San Francisco, Calif. 
McComas, Hazel Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles L. Carroll, Jr.) 

5010 Embla Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 


Mosberg, Rosalie Adeline (Mrs. Randolph C. Cronin) 

42 Croftley Ave., Towson 4, Md. 
Parker, Fanny Lou (Mrs. Benjamin W. Daniels, Jr.) 

Route 3, Goldsboro, N.C. 

Popp, Eva May 2738 Reese St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Ramsey, Marion Yvonne (Mrs. Edwin O. Daue) 

6 Riddle Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. 
Reachard, Dorothy Ruth (Mrs. Robert E. Funk) 

215 W. 2nd St., Waynesboro, Pa. 
Reynolds, Shirley Ruth (Mrs. Frederick Goodrich) 

4754 Alcazar Way, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Roop, Betty Jane (Mrs. Media B. Guerrieri) 

511 E. Grand Ave., Escondido, Calif. 
Schellhammer, Isabelle Emily (Mrs. Jefferson M. Chairs, Jr.) 

Box 326, R.F.D. 5, Pasadena P.O., Md. 

Sclavos, Mary R.D. 2, Newark, Del. 

Scruggs, June Eldridge (Mrs. June S. Mohler) 

200 Garden Ridge Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Shores, Sara Jeanette (Mrs. Paul S. Soteropulos) 

713 — 6th Ave., Coralville, Iowa 
Simpson, Dorothy Gladys (Mrs. Chas. R. Duvall) 

731 Cloudyfold Dr., Pikesville 8, Md. 
Sirman, Ellen Mae (Mrs. Joseph F. LiPira) 

8400 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore 4, Md. 
Sliney, Phyllis Alice (Mrs. Robert E. Lee) 

22 Aberdeen Rd., Framingham, Mass. 
Stoner, Margaret May (Mrs. James S. Hunter, Jr.) 

1603— 6th St. S.W., Rochester, Minn. 
Thomson, Barbara Ann (Mrs. Harold M. Lamb) 

10 Stehle St., Annapolis, Md. 
Todoroff, Helen (Mrs. William Needham) 

1116 Court Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Turner, Edith Grace (Mrs. Wm. D. McDavitt) 

1103 Wilson Dr., Upper Darby, Pa. 
Viereck, Helen Pauline (Mrs. Zola Bauer) 

Box 443, Covelo, Calif. 
Weimer, Sarah Elizabeth, 5708 Loch Raven Blvd., Balto. 12, Md. 
Wilson, Elinor Cordelia (Mrs. William F. Wells) 

5022 West Hills Pkwy., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Zellman, Dorothy Arline (Mrs. Oluf O'Toole) 

613 N. Byers, Magnum, Okla. 


Ambrosius, Mildred Helen (Mrs. Gold McBride) 

2340 Eutaw PI., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Baggett, Ellen Dorman (Mrs. John Millar) 

Union Deposit Rd., R.D. 1, Harrisburg, Pa. 


Barefoot, Ruby (Mrs. Earl R. Compton) California, Md. 

Blalock, Peggy Simpson (Mrs. Carl Cordara) 

1525 Bank St., Baltimore 31, Md. 

Bradford, Mary Jo (Mrs. William W. Martin) . . .Unknown 

Brannock, Clara (Mrs. Edward K. Winslow) 

5018 La Paz Dr., San Diego 13, Calif. 
Brown, Jane (Mrs. Wesley H. Johnson, Jr.) 

7817 Aiken Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Canton, Eleanor Ann (Mrs. John Zink) 

1301 St. Paul St., Earl Ct. Aprs., Apt. 80, Balto. 2, Md. 

Clark, Elizabeth (Mrs. James L. Vick) Unknown 

Cochran, Anne (Mrs. Edwin M. Hubbard) 

680 Wayne Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Crow, Eugenia Margaret (Mrs. Wm. S. Kiser, III) 

% Capt. Wm. S. Kiser, AO 221657, 86th Tact. Hosp., 

APO 65, New York, N.Y. 
Delaney, Mary (Mrs. Thomas Strain) 

3142 Dresden Rd., Zanesville, Ohio 
Dobihal, Elaine Frances (Mrs. James R. Gosey) 

2214 Pleasant Dr., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Dunk, Emma Eloise (Mrs. Eloise D. Hanna) 

417 Walnut St., Westernport, Md. 
Dubrow, Betzy Soule (Mrs. A. Warren Westervelt) 

719 Yale Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Duvall, Rebecca Fay (Mrs. Paul E. Main) 

Route 6, Frederick, Md. 
Elliott, Hazel Phyllis (Mrs. Harry S. Ferguson, Jr.) 

4520 Clark St., Tampa, Fla. 
*Elzy, Dorothy Mary 
Fetherolf, Ethel Emmeline (Mrs. Durward A. Mills) 

1101 Northern Pkwy., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Floryan, Florence (Mrs. Michael J. Ostrosky) 

75 E. 14th St., Huntington Station, Long Island, N.Y. 
France, Mary Helen (Mrs. John M. Dennis) 

51 Murdock Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Franklin, Nancy Jean (Mrs. W. D. Hartsock) 

% Capt. W. D. Hartsock, 8284-AU, APO 957, San Fran., Calif. 
Frazer, Ann Elizabeth (Mrs. Kenneth A. Wilcox) 

269 E. Main St., Elkton, Md. 

Geiser, June E 1714 E. Monument St., Baltimore 5, Md. 

Giessman, Mary Roberta (Mrs. Edwin Marsh) 

400 Elmwood Rd., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Gillespie, Virginia (Mrs. David S. Cook) 

609 E. 6th St., Washington, N.C. 
Groves, Ethel (Mrs. Ralph K. Brandon) 

Holly Hall Terr., Elkton, Md. 



Gubish, Virginia Elizabeth (Mrs. James G. Lutz) 

26 Sheraton Rd., Randallstown, Md. 

Hall, Jeannette (Mrs. Clarence F. Warner) Lineboro, Md. 

Hause, Thelma Naomi (Mrs. Lawrence H. Ey) 

3329 Garnet Rd., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Hicks, Frances (Mrs. Vannah E. Van Horn, Jr.) 

616 Evans Ave., San Antonio 9, Texas 
Hines, Ada Ruthellen (Mrs. Kenneth H. Hruska) 

R.F.D. 5, Mt. Airy, Md. 
Hollar, Margaret Evelyn 

2403 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 16, Md. 
Hollopeter, Rosaline I. (Mrs. Wm. G. Chenoweth) 

3186 Baker Dr., Concord, Calif. 
Hubner, Anne (Mrs. Rowell C. Cloninger) 

600 E. Graham St., Shelby, N.C. 

Johnson, Carine, 1st Lt. N-7365 Unknown 

Jones, Sandra Lee (Mrs. Leroy F. Davis) 

1510 E. Colvin St., Syracuse 10, N.Y. 

Judy, Virginia N Upper Tract, W.Va. 

Kalb, Geraldine (Mrs. Richard Cross) 

7923 Springway Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Keeney, LaRue (Mrs. Frank Baker, Jr.) 

% Capt. Frank Baker, Jr., 5005th A.F. Hospital, 
APO 942-1, % P.M., Seattle, Wash. 
Kelly, Kjerstine, Capt., A.N.C. (Mrs. Richard Hoffman) 
Kershner, Frances E. (Mrs. J. R. Kohlhafer) 

6508— 75th St., Cabin John, Md. 
Kidd, Dorothy Eleanor (Mrs. Martin H. Stephan) 

1217 McCurley Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Klakring, Louise Selena (Mrs. Robert N. Lucke) 

P.O. Box 93, Severna Park, Md. 

Kleckner, Thelma 6104 Frederick Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Koontz, Imogene M. (Mrs. Robert F. Conway) 

503 Wildwood Pkwy., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Lacey, Betty Jane, % Mrs. L. W. Lacey, Box 185, Ickesburg, Pa. 
Lewis, Ruth Elaine (Mrs. Frank Bransford) 

Route 6, Box 96, Texarkana, Texas 
Mabry, Lula Patterson (Mrs. Jack Bell) 

82 Plateau PI., Greenbelt, Md. 
Maholick, Mildred (Mrs. Vance E. Booher, Jr.) 

Mountain View Hotel, R.D. 5, Greenburg, Pa. 
Mervine, Irma Mary (Mrs. Charles Hall Ingram) 

1105 Rotary Dr., High Point, N.C. 
Michelitch, Freda Helen, 2843 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Minkoff, Charlotte (Mrs. Milton Martin) 

123 Grandview Cts., Iowa City, Iowa 

Miller, Mary Alice 1227 Clifton Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Monroe, Mildred (Mrs. William Bostic) Darlington, Md. 


Mulligan, Emily (Mrs. Williford Eppes) 

319 Wyoming Ave., Newark, Del. 
Nilsson, Jean (Mrs. Nicholas Mallis) 

% Capt. Nicholas Mallis, 34th Gen. Hosp., 
APO 58, % P.M., New York, N.Y. 
Raab, Christine (Mrs. Samuel Weber, Jr.) 

936 Imperial Ct., Baltimore 27, Md. 

Reiblich, Mary Jane Box 66, Dogwood Rd., Balto. 7, Md. 

Reichert, Mary Jane. . . .112 S. Prospect Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Riordan, Eleanor Ficke (Mrs. Wayne D. Riordan) 

4322 Knoxville Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 
Rogers, Eleanor (Mrs. Cornelius Kramer, III) 

Long Beach, St. Leonard's P.O., Md. 
Rohr, Elizabeth Greening (Mrs. Robert T. Singleton) 

903 Woodington Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Rosus, Georgia (Mrs. Thomas Boulmetis) 

842 Stanford Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Roughton, Betty Jane (Mrs. Raymond F. Pulaski) 

1929 Bank St., Baltimore 31, Md. 
Rush, Doris E. (Mrs. Carl H. Kennedy, Jr.) 

3405 Warden Dr., East' Falls, Philadelphia 29, Pa. 
Schafer, Minnie Viola (Mrs. Carl F. Sunderland) 

Route 2, Spencerville, Ohio 
Schindel, Patricia (Mrs. Thomas O. Renn) 

Box 422, Lynn Haven, Fla. 
Schools, Mabel Eunice (Mrs. Herbert E. Uptegraff) 

1st Lt. ANC, USAH (3440), Box 24, Ft. Benning, Ga. 
Schroeder, Frances Ann (Mrs. Bernard Gilbert, Jr.) 

917 Seminole Rd., Frederick, Md. 
Simmont, Mabel Wisley. . . .21 Dunmore Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Swartz, Doris A. (Mrs. Raymond C. Spaulding, Jr.) 

1055 Calle de Jardin, Tucson, Ariz. 

Smith, Gloria Irene 530 Trail Ave., Frederick, Md. 

Smith, Harriet E. (Mrs. John E. Goeckler) 

3241 E. 103rd St., Seattle 55, Wash. 

Slacum, Anna May 1507 E. 33rd St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Stein, Margaret O. (Mrs. Wm. Kauffman) 

% Capt. Wm. Kauffman, 618th Ord. Co., Camp Stewart, Ga. 
Studley, Dorothy Ellen (Mrs. Wilbur D. Boughter) 

Summer St., Marshallfield, Mass. 
Stumpf, Ima Ellen (Mrs. John Hojnowski) 

6725 Youngstown St., Balto. 22, Md. 
Tisci, Rosemary (Mrs. Stanley Borowski) 

4755 Bell wood Green, Baltimore 27, Md. 
Thompson, Betty Jane (Mrs. John W. McCarley, Jr.) 

1269 Rose Drive, Woodstown, N.J. 
Viereck, Ruth Jean (Mrs. James T. Torrey) 

% Mrs. P. A. Viereck, 303 Philadelphia Ave. 
Takoma Park 12, D.C. 


Winn, June (Mrs. Erwin R. Jennings) 

2835 Parkwood Dr., Brunswick, Ga. 
Wolfgang, Gloria W. (Mrs. Casper W. Kecken).. . .Lineboro, Md. 
Wong, Florence (Mrs. Edward W. Horn) 

848% E. Kensington Rd., Los Angeles 26, Calif. 
Wright, Eleanor L. (Mrs. Robert W. Weikert) 

6323 Pioneer Dr., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Yamaski, Yori (Mrs. Wallace Kagawa) 

12011 Beverland, Detroit 28, Mich. 
Yewell, Betty (Mrs. Charles Schaffer) 

R.D. 3, Box 285, Bel Air, Md. 


Atwater, Catherine Mulvaney. . . .164 West St., Annapolis, Md. 
Baugher, Thelma Elizabeth (Mrs. Max Feld) 

15902 Parthinia St., Sepulveda, Calif. 
Brooks, Dorothy Lee . . . 2205 Washington St., Charleston 1, W.Va. 
Bunting, Jennie Hortense (Mrs. Paul A. Tegler) 

304 Brook Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Burgess, Jeanne (Mrs. Robert W. Await) 

713 Glen Allen Dr., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Byers, Betty Jane (Mrs. Betty J. Byerly) 

6046 Yorkshire Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Colburn, Grace Matilda (Mrs. Robert C. Hunter) 

2636 Oak Park Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Collier, Marilyn May (Mrs. J. C. Haddenhorst) 

2645 Custer Ave., Billings, Mont. 
Covington, Dolly Jane (Mrs. Theodore P. Taylor) 

"Beechwood," Trappe, Md. 
Cowles, Joan Virginia (Mrs. Louis Klag) 

8165 Guatary St., San Diego 14, Calif. 
Crew, Amanda Virginia (Mrs. William F. Rambo) 

405 Goldsboro St., Easton, Md. 
Curtiss, Martha (Mrs. Robert James Trate) 

5010 Weatheredsville Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Daugherty, Clara Mabel (Mrs. A. Howard Crawford) 

300 W. Du Bois Ave., Du Bois, Pa. 
Eselhorst, Betty Jane (Mrs. Joseph E. Hennegan) 

5758 Danbury Rd., Springfield, Va. 
Fitzgerald, Flossie Margaret Day (Mrs.) 

411 Hazlett Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Fraley, Lois Evalyn (Mrs. Robert H. Schildwachter) 

176 Springdale Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Frederick, Doris Louise (Mrs. David R. Carper) 

R.D. 1, Roaring Spring, Pa. 
Gasser, Martha Helen (Mrs. James P. Nichols) 

Box 108, Davis, W.Va. 


Geesamann, Bettie Monn (Mrs. Kohn C. Kahl) 

R.D. 1, Waynesboro, Pa. 
Gorke, Eleanor April (Mrs. Marvin Peck) 

P.O. Box 15, Old Greenwich, Conn. 
Hahn, Betty Lee (Mrs. Peter Dowell Randolph) 

P.O. Box 53, Saline, Mich. 
Halter, Charlotte Louise (Mrs. Michael Iacona) 

Continental Dr., Middletown, R.I. 
Hart, Barbara Lee (Mrs. William A. Howard) 

160 Nassau St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Hinkel, Edna Virginia (Mrs. Carl E. Dietrich, Jr.) 

1512 Rita Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. 
Kauffman, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs. Donald Mincemayer) 

R.D. 1, Winfield, Pa. 
King, Phyllis (Mrs. Thomas K. Pettit) 

6509 Eastern Pkwy., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Knudson, Jane Astrid (Mrs. Gerry Morris) 

5828 Vandergrift Ave., Rockville, Md. 
Kossman, Augusta Mae (Mrs. Ray A. Neff) 

6411 Crescent Pkwy., Richmond 26, Ya. 
Krause, Anita Mary (Mrs. Robert C. Rossberg) 

6523 Longridge Ave., Van Nuys, Calif. 
Lewis, Mary Eda (Mrs. James D. Reed) 

231 Siena Dr., Long Beach 3, Calif. 
Muir, Annette (Mrs. Owen P. Wills) 

6003 Yorkwood Rd., Apt. B, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Nogueira, Maria Constanca (Mrs. Arnold Boscardin) 

% S.E.S.P., Caixa Postal, 289 Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil 
Oliveira, Brunehilda Gondina (Mrs. Wm. Kerger, Jr.) 

Glen wood, Md. 
Osterman, Leona Ruth (Mrs. Lawrence J. Thanner) 

206 S. Clinton St., Baltimore 24, Md. 

Pollack, Harriet Roslyn (Mrs. Martin A. Berler) Unknown 

Prokop, Kathryn Marie (Mrs. Joseph Donnelly) 

1446 Forest Park Dr., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Rakoczy, Stephanie (Mrs. Charles L. Cover, Jr.) 

624 Stevenson Lane, Baltimore 4, Md. 
Reapsomer, Ellen Mary. . .3223 Montebello Terr., Balto. 24, Md. 
Sappington, Peggv (Mrs. Edmund E. Novotny) 

2607 Altez St. N.E., Albuquerque, N.M. 
Schuff, Elsie Elizabeth. . . .Orchard Ridge, Rd., Chappaqua, N.Y. 
Schwab, Esther Lucille (Mrs. Edward L. Hillier) 

230 Hayes Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Steffler, Nolly 248 Castle Shannon Blvd., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. 

Tanona, Alexandra Carol 

Westchester Hall, Grasslands Hosp., Valhalla, N.Y. 
Trostle, Darlena B (Mrs. Kenneth W. Walcott) 

Ohio Univ. Trailer Park, B-9, Athens, Ohio 


Tschantre, Ellen Mae (Mrs. Kenneth Chrissinger) 

156 Lafayette Ave., Chatham, N.J. 
Warfield, Jean Marie (Mrs. Wm. J. Donnelly) 

4833 Carmella Dr., Baltimore 27, Md. 
Waters, Jean Gloria (Mrs. Jerome E. Cohn) 

1555 Sherman Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah 
White, Anne Ruth (Mrs. Lauren J. Connery) 

863 Second Ave., Troy, N.Y. 
Withington, Marjorie Elaine (Mrs. James B. MacDermott, Jr.) 

200 W. 29th St., Riviera Beach, Fla. 
Woodburn, Ethelyn Elaine (Mrs. Robt. S. Crow, Jr.) 

206 Baylor Rd., Glen Burnie, Md. 
Yeager, Norma (Fuller), (Mrs. Earl Yeager) 

6003 Yorkwood Rd., Apt. D., Baltimore 12, Md. 


Alcorn, Lillian Carol (Mrs. Fred J. Burkey) 

1037 Conner Rd., Pittsburgh 34, Pa. 
Amadon, Nancy Rawlins (Mrs. Paul A. Thomas) 

R.D. 1, Johnstown, N.Y. 
Bechtold, Dorothy (Mrs. Robt. K. Arthur, Jr.) 

5510 The Alameda, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Benton, Peggy (Mrs. B. Paul Lee) 

1257 Lansing St., Aurora, Colo. 
Bollinger, Martha (Mrs. Wm. J. Holloway) 

2023^ Lyndhurst Ave., McDavitt Crest, Wilm., Del. 

Bower, Joan E R.D. 2, Tammany Lane, Williamsport, Md. 

Burgess, Doris (Royer) (Mrs. Hugh Burgess) 

184 Main St., Westminster, Md. 
Carmine, Ruth V. (Mrs. Juan Alzamora) 

% Mrs. Carmine, Cockeysville, Md. 
Cornelius, Dorothy (Mrs. Thomas K. Kenoy, Jr.) 

4312 Flowerton Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Doolittle, Lois Jean (Mrs. Earl H. Cook, Jr.) 

Rt 1, Box 172, Coalmine Rd., Littleton, Colo. 
Grove, Thelma (Mrs. Robt. Y. Lambert) 

2030 N.E. 29th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Habib, Charlotte (Mrs. Thomas Moore) 

29704 Maclntyre, Livona, Mich. 

Harrison, Eleanor 621 St. Paul St., Baltimore 2, Md. 

Henderson, Lois E. (Mrs. Raymond J. Vassar) 

68 Fir, Park Forest, 111. 
Iruretagoyena, Anna Maria (Mrs. Santiago de Gallo) 

Paz Y San Luis, Lisa Mariano, Havana, Cuba 
Iruretagoyena, Gilda (Mrs. Ernest M. Litrenta) 

5303 Lothian Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 


Joneckis, Mary (Mrs. Frank Wellante) 

1301 Meridene Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Koerner, Dorothy E. (Mrs. Edward J. DiCarlo) 

925 N. Kresson St., Baltimore 5, Md. 
Larmore, Pearl (Mrs. John Rosser) 

6012 Wilmott Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Lawler, Dorothy (Mrs. Dale Walls) 

120 Shaw St., Kingwood, W.Va. 
McCoy, Kathryn (Mrs. Jack L. Winder) 

7512 Remoor Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
McCoy, Sara Lee (Mrs. Gordon Anderson) 

811 Takoma Park Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 
Mclntyre, Gloria (Mrs. H. Daniel Hohneker) 

22-15 Greenleaf, Santa Ana, Calif. 

Malek, Rita 4500 Avondale St., Bethesda 14, Md. 

Mellor, Madeline (Mrs. Zane Beitler) 

7202 F St., Seat Pleasant, Md. 
Meredith, Dorothy (Mrs. Norman L. Justice) 

4524 Fairfax Rd., Baltimore 16, Md. 
Moody, Phyllis (Mrs. Charles Johnson) 

8511 Water Oak Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Morne, Mildred (Mrs. Michael J. Manley) 

3813 Nancy Ave., Wilmington 8, Del. 
Nestor, Gloria (Mrs. Wm. W. Smith) 

995 S.W. 51st Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Nuse, Helen (Mrs. Linwood Anderson) 

2212 Titus Ave., Pomona, Calif. 
Rittenhouse, Nan (Mrs. Kyle Y. Swisher) 

Ligon Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 
Schriver, Norma (Mrs. Charles E. Long) 

1616 Northwick Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Seiders, Joan (Mrs. Wm. W. Roemer) 

35 Rose Tree Village, Media, Pa. 
Shipley, Doris J. (Mrs. Marion C. Insley, Jr.) 

Geisinger Ct., Geisinger Hosp., Danville, Pa. 
Shockley, Margaret (Mrs. Daniel F. Mitchell, II) 

8219 Belair Rd., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Stewart, Marjorie (Mrs. Charles Bagley, III) 

17 E. Eager St., Baltimore 2, Md. 
Stull, Helen Virginia (Mrs. John F. Flanigan) 

1402 Kingsway Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Walter, Margaret (Mrs. Andrew J. Bittner) 

309 Murdock Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Warner, Mary Kathryn (Mrs. Guy G. Babylon) 

New Windsor, Md. 
Woolger, Bessie. . . 1355 Peabody St. N.W., Washington 11, D.C. 
Wright, Florence (Mrs. Gilbert C. Bowen) 

1300 Ruppert Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 



Bartz, Dorothy A 9008 Mohawk Lane, Bethesda, Md. 

Bassler, Grace Florence (Mrs. Wm. E. Wolfel, Jr.) 

126 Wyndcrest Ave., Summit Village, Balto. 28, Md. 
Bates, Evelyn Joyce (Mrs. David N. Bates) 

7716 Fairgreen Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. 
Beede, Margaret M. (Mrs. Hector Jimenez) 

P.O. Box 623, San Ysidro, Calif. 

Blahut, Dolores A. (Mrs. Charles Miller) Unknown 

Blunt, Jane Kathryn (Mrs. Raymond L. Clemmens) 

522 Goucher Blvd., Towson 4, Md. 
Christopher, Mildred Eileen, 1st Lt. A.N.C. 

% Mrs. Christopher, Hurlock, Md. 
Dowe, Mary Alice (Mrs. Thos. J. McDonough, Jr.) 

2709 Parkway PI., Cheverly, Md. 
Ferguson, Margaret Patricia (Mrs. Frank H. Bischoff) 

9863 Omega Dr., Moline Acres 21, Mo. 
Gleason, Joan Elaine (Mrs. Geo. L. Rayburn) 

5435 Key Port, Apt. 1, Pittsburgh 36, Pa. 
Gorecki, Marie Barbara (Mrs. Robt. C. Duvall) 

1838 Locust Ridge Rd., Timonium, Md. 

Graham, Marian 636 N.E. 1st St., Gainesville, Ga. 

Groton, Jean 4 E. 32nd St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Herbert, Margaret Virginia. . . 526— 68th St., Seat Pleasant 27, Md. 
Hicks, Doris Elizabeth (Mrs. Tilghman L. German) 

1307 Walker Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 

Horn, Ethel 403 E. North Ave., Baltimore 2, Md. 

Hosfeld, Carol Meredith 1213 Bolton St., Baltimore 17, Md. 

Hutchinson, Ruth Louise (Mrs. Robt. Bailey) 

36-26— 213th St., Bayside, Long Island, N.Y. 
Johnson, Lila M. (Mrs. Harry E. Buckheister, Jr.) 

Apt. 157, Colchester Rd., Oaklee Village, Balto. 27, Md. 
Kelly, Eleanor Coulter (Mrs. Robert Hess) 

% Dr. Estel Kelly, 708 Fayette St., Cumberland, Md. 
Kirkwood, Laura Jane (Mrs. John F. Monrone) 

2546 Seminole Ave., Seaford Harbor, L.I., N.Y. 
Krzywicki, Theresa Marie (Mrs. Eugene Maskell) 

3335 Ramona Ave., Baltimore 13, Md. 
Loar, Jacqueline B. (Mrs. James A. Miller) 

7506 Remoor Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Longest, Barbara L. (Mrs. George Baumann) 

413 E. Lake Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Mann, Marie Elizabeth. . . .124 W. 87th St., New York 24, N.Y. 
Meredith, Nancy Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert D. Rowe) 

225 Donna Lynn Dr., Smyrna, Ga. 
Mervis, Selma Ruth. . .1411 New York Ave., Brooklyn 10, N.Y. 


Mullen, Gloria Elaine (Mrs. Fred R. McCrumb, Jr.) 

1426 Forest Park Dr., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Muzzy, Barbara H. (Mrs. Bosley W. Tawney, Jr.) 

802 Dartmouth Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Parks, Alvenia Inez (Mrs. Warner E. Crispens) 

220 Derby Rd., West Craddock, Portsmouth, Va. 
Phelps, Mary Barbara (Mrs. E. V. Rowan) 

505 W. Shipley Rd., Linthicum Heights, Md. 
Poupalos, Mary John (Mrs. John Bures) 

2208 W. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee 6, Wis. 
Ritter, Margaret Elizabeth 

1662 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton 35, Mass. 

Rollison, Martha Howard Box 2, Hamilton, Va. 

Smelser, Mary Lee D. (Mrs. Chris Matthews) 

Route 3, Mt. Airy, Md. 
Smith, Mildred Franklin (Mrs. Eugene Duncan) 

7827 St. Fabian Lane, Baltimore 22, Md. 
Snyder, Jeanne Rose (Mrs. Lloyd C. Windsor) 

Route 5, Box 37, Sunset Knoll, Pasadena, Md. 
Statler, Gwendolyn L. (Mrs. D. Frisino) 

313 Edsdale Rd., Apt. F, Baltimore 30, Md. 
Viereck, Edith Ellen (Mrs. William C. Wroe) 

1603 Freedomway N., Baltimore 13, Md. 
Warfield, Margaret Ann (Mrs. Robert Ellis) 

6023 Chinquapin Pkwy., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Watts, Betty Lou (Mrs. David I. Kellcher) 

Box 24, Balboa, Canal Zone 
Weinhold, Margarette Edyth (Mrs. Henry Perry) 

18 Stevens" Rd., Glen Burnie, Md. 
White, Janet Lorraine (Mrs. Wm. E. Parker, Jr.) 

519 Thornfield Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Zimmerman, Phyllis J. (Mrs. Charles B. Scharp) 

1568 Wadsworth Way, Baltimore 12, Md. 


Blades, Joyce A 6415 Cedonia Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 

Boland, Marian K. (Mrs. Meele Whitmer) 

3204 Virginia Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 

Brislin, Mary A 3902 N. Charles St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Buckner, Mary J. (Mrs. John F. Jones, Jr.) 

3467 Mayfield Ave., Baltimore 13, Md. 
Cadle, Carolyn E. (Mrs. Wm. B. Lower) 

Route 2, Biglerville, Pa. 
Calafiore, Mrs. Dorothy (Cochel) 728 Solano, Albany, Calif. 
Caple, Carmen Marie (Mrs. Alfred A. Womack) 

605 E. 41st St., Baltimore 18, Md. 


Carson, Marian L 8 Glenwood Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Chapman, Mary Lou (Mrs. Carl B. Holdefer) 

4926 Palmer Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 

Clark, Joanne (Mrs. Wm. Gladman) Unknown 

Day, Dana Lou 1529 — 15th St., Greeley, Colo. 

Downey, Patricia J. (Mrs. Robert Frisa) 

8156 Debbie Circle, Norfolk 3, Va. 
Ewing, Irene (Chambarlis) (Mrs. Clinton A. Ewing, Jr.) 

100 Cherrydell Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Feiser, Peggy June (Mrs. Fred Thayer), 2nd Lt., A H-2242962, 

Tact. Hosp. (SAC), Loring A.F. Base, Limestone, Me. 
Fleck, Sara J. (Beatty) (Mrs. Theodore Fleck) 

1112— 59th St., Downers Grove, 111. 

Frederick, Edith Route 1, Box 192, Atascadero, Calif. 

Gillard, Betty Ann (Mrs. Wm. H. Ferguson) 

Lamara Apts., 71-B, Savannah, Ga. 
Gregorius, Wanda Emily (Mrs. Stephen Basarab) 

1633 Northwick Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Hackenberg, Shirley Ann (Mrs. Joseph Fuller) 

13^2 N. Cherry Grove Ave., Annapolis, Md. 
Head, Margaret Murray (Mrs. Ronald G. Keyser) 

22 Broadway, Cornwall, N.Y. 
Higgins, Margaret (Crumbaugh) (Mrs. Jos. E. Higgins) 

5016 Maiden Dr., Washington 16, D.C. 
Hoxie, Beverly Jane (Mrs. James Tether) 

6914 Pine Way, College Heights, Hyattsville, Md. 
Hucksoll, Dorothy (Mrs. Wm. R. Schmidt) 

2461 Woodcroft Rd., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Hudgins, Doris Jean (Mrs. Thomas F. McDaniel) 

2011 Kernan Dr., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Kelly, Sara Jane (Mrs. Donald W. Knutson) 

33 Ayrault St., Newport, R.I. 
Lang, Dorothy Ellen (Mrs. Felix Paul Kwiatkowski) 

25 N. Kingwood St., Baltimore 24, Md. 

Lysack, Lorraine 1026 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 2, Md. 

McCurdy, Cary (Bruton) (Mrs. Gordon K. Barrows) 

Sykesville, Md. 
McGraw, Maxine (Mrs. Paul Russell) 

293 S. 2nd Ave., Middleport, Ohio 
Miecznikoski, Jean (Hook) (Mrs. Milton P. Miecznikoski) 

2207 Cloville Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Miller, Norma M. (Mrs. Malcolm D. Voelcker) 

2810 Linganore Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Morgan, Rosemary (Mrs. David B. Ballard) 

1114 Peyton Randolph Dr., Apt. 202, Falls Church, Va. 
Peregoy, Ellen Ann (Mrs. Paul Blackadar) 

P.O. Box 53, Gales Ferry, New London, Conn. 


Pilson, Dove Delia 3246 Abell Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Porter, Lillie F. (Mrs. Thomas E. Durney) 

120 Friendship Rd., Elkton, Md. 
Pritchett, Alice P. (Mrs. Calvin C. Coulbourne) 

Box 552, Route 6, Pasadena, Md. 
Pyles, Patricia Lee (Mrs. Kenneth O. Lamont) 

2506 W. Ewing Ave., Mishawaka, Ind. 
Ray, Elizabeth Ann. . . .5210 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Robertson, Evelyn Baxter (Mrs. Ronald C. O'Connor, Jr.) 

Dulaney Valley Apts., Apt. 4, 913 Southerly Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Schuster, Ruth Ellen (Mrs. Edward S. Poole, Jr.) 

915 Southerly Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Shafer, Shirley May, Coshocton Co. Me. Hosp., Coshocton, Ohio 
Showell, Margaret Letcher (Mrs. Robert H. Anderson) 

1223 Mitchell Ave., Larson A.F. Base, Moser Lake, Wash. 

Stevens, Doris M J°PP a Rd., Riderwood, Md. 

Strohecker, Mary Jean (Mrs. Wayne R. Crawford) 

2046 Old Berwick Rd., Bloomsbury, Pa. 
Venezky, Evelyn (Gaver) (Mrs. David L. Venezky) 

Carolina Inn, Apt. 7, Chapel Hill, N.C. 
Wilson, Joanne A. (Mrs. Paul D. McCoy) 

Woodside Dr., Rt. No. 3, Hagerstown, Md. 
Winks, Helen (Mrs. Thomas W. Valentine) 

9881 Haitian Dr., Cutler Ridge, Perrine, Fla. 
Witte, Laura Lee (Mrs. Albert G. Wildberger) 

Wilson & Margaret Sts., Georgetown, Del. 
Wortman, Roberta Evelyn (Mrs. John F. Furst, Jr.) 

1922 Altavue Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Zahrendt, Jeanne Marie (Mrs. Frank Curry) 

46 Bonita St., Redwood City, Calif. 
Zeller, Pauline (Naegle) (Mrs. Stanley W. Zeller) 

304— 7th Ave. N.E., Box 283, Glen Burnie, Md. 


Adkins, Catherine Jacqueline (Mrs. Frank B. Smith, Jr.) 

3819 Bayonne Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Anderson, Charlotte (Younkin) (Mrs. Benj. Anderson) 

8 S. Meadow Dr., Glen Burnie, Md. 
Andrus, Pauline (Moxley) (Mrs. Robert Andrus) 

"The Hutt," Aberdeen, Md. 

Baugher, Louise Ada 473 Hillcrest Rd., York, Pa. 

Booth, Phyllis Virginia (Mrs. A. B. McClintock) 

114 Woods Dr., Dothan, Ala. 
Boynton, Jane Alice. . . .3618 Evergreen Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Brennan, Helen Florence (Mrs. James E. Cottrell) 

10109 Gates Ave., Silver Spring, Md., % Mrs. P. J. Brennan 
Callahan, Shirley Elizabeth. . . .P.O. Box 252, Sandy Spring, Md. 


Campbell, Frances Ellen (Mrs. Albert P. Stankovich) 

Box No. 204, La Plata, Md., % Mrs. A. G. Campbell 

Chellini, Diane Sterling Rd., R.D., Masontown, Pa. 

Collins, Elizabeth (Mezick) (Mrs. John H. Collins) 

1006 Phillips Ave., Salisbury, Md. 

Croft, Miriam Louise 3720 York Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Dellinger, Nina (Mrs. Ira McGill) 540 Dupont St., York, Pa. 

Dulaney, Genevieve (Parks) (Mrs. Clarence Dulaney) 

% Mr. O. C. Parks, Scherr, W.Va. 
Evans, Clara (Byerly) (Mrs. John E. Evans, Jr.) 

7 E. Atlantic St., Wrightsville Beach, N.C. 
Eyster, Janet Louise (Mrs. Richard Kline, Jr.) 

506 Walnut St., Wrightsville, Pa. 

Fris, Britta Helene 1518 Parkview Ave., Falls Church, Va. 

Galton, Jean Matilda (Mrs. Calvin R. Porter) 

208 Langdon St., Fayetteville, N.C. 
Gross, Joann Frances (Mrs. Robert Seal), Box 106, Joppa, Md. 

Gump, Barbara C. (Mrs. Jesse Shriner) Hesston, Pa. 

Hamlen, Sarah Gayle 430 Hunter St., Woodbury, N.J. 

Haslup, Ruth Shirley (Mrs. Rogers J. Starsoneck) 

525 Lucia Ave., Yale Heights, Baltimore 29, Md. 
Heck, Miriam Matlack (Mrs. Derek V. Dorey) 

50 Brown Ave., Fitchburg, Mass. 
Hilt, Joann Louise (Mrs. Allen Clark) 

4416 Old Frederick Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Huddleson, Mary, Ensign U.S.N.R., 

Nurses' Qtrs., U.S. Nav. Hosp., Oceanside, Calif. 
Johnson, Joyce Ellen (Mrs. Richard L. Avery) 

1655 Northgate Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Jones, Peggy Louise (Mrs. Robert O. Wells) 

214 Hazel Ave., Salisbury, Md. 

Kesler, Margaret Mae 191 E. George St., Marion, Ohio 

Kiddy, Nina Katherine, 2730 N. Charles St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Laign, Mary Sue (Mrs. Harold Wayne Ross) 

3930 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles 27, Calif. 
Larmore, Kathrvn Kessy (Mrs. Major Clifford Smith, Jr). 

3406 Old Orchard Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. 
McClendon, Mary Elizabeth (Outzs) (Mrs. Harold I. McClendon) 

108 Argyle Ave., North Augusta, Ga. 
McClure, Marion (Mrs. John Robinson), R.D. 3, E. Aurora, N.Y. 
McHenry, Pamela (Watson) (Mrs. Robt. C. McHenry) 

Montgomery Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 
McLaughlin, Dorcas Ann (Mrs. Turner Wilson Edge) 

132 Farm St., Ithaca, N.Y. 
Mathews, Virginia (nee Bryan) (Mrs. Virginia Mathews) 

434 Druid Hill Ave., Salisbury, Md. 
Maxwell, Helen (Mrs. Benjamin King) 

504 Ford St. S., Charleston 3, W.Va. 


Miller, Carolyn M. (Mrs. Wm. A. May) 

Forest Hill, Md., % Mr. Miller 
Moore, Betty A. (nee Arthur) (Mrs. Wm. A. Moore) 

45 Main St., St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Warwick, Va. 
Moore, Peggy (nee Lewis) (Mrs. Basil E. Moore, Jr.) 

Box 113, Edgewater, Md. 
Mothersole, Jacquelyn (nee Saunders) (Mrs. Geo. F. Mothersole) 

173 E. Washington St., El Cajon, Calif. 
Murray, Marilyn J. (Mrs. Nathaniel C. Fowler) 

22 Warren Lane, Weston 93, Mass. 
Nonamaker, Catherine (Mrs. John B. Walker) 

42 Green Meadow Dr., Timonium, Md. 
Price, Doris Marion (Mrs. George E. Garrington) 

4410 Sauls Rd., Bethesda, Md. 
Purcell, Ann Diane (Jackson) (Mrs. Robt. D. Purcell) 

% Capt. Robt. D. Purcell, 12 Pen Ct., Pen Haven, Pensacola, Fla. 
Reiter, Ivery Clare (Mrs. Milledge G. Smith) 

670 New St., Macon, Ga. 
Riecks, Barbara Ann (Mrs. Harry S. Davis) 

Route 2, Box 65, Easton, Md. 

Rindosh, Ann 1200 State St., Shamokin, Pa. 

Rose, Helen (Crooks) (Mrs. Warren Rose) 

Rose Store, Fox Lake, 111. 
Sawyer, Vivian Dolores (Mrs. F. M. Dalrymple) . .Hampton, S.C. 
Schiffbauer, Betty Suzanne (Mrs. Burton M. Day) 

54-C Oak Grove Dr., Baltimore 20, Md. 
Sellers, Ethel Andrea (Mrs. Henderson) 

245 W. 104th St., New York 25, N.Y. 
Sewell, Carole Jane (Mrs. James R. McNinch, Jr.) 

114 Orchard Ave., Dover, Del. 
Shreve, Mary Helen (Mrs. William Haddon) 

45 India St., Nantucket Island, Mass. 
Silver, Nancy Poultney (Mrs. Wm. K. Connor) 

10 W. Hamilton St., Baltimore 1, Md. 
Snowberger, Joretta Ann (Mrs. Jack Gibson) 

7915 Knollwood Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Stambaugh, Roxey A. (Mrs. Herbert R. Eden) 

3123 N.W. 31st St., Miami, Fla. 
Stevens, Mary (Dickenson) (Mrs. Richard Stevens) 

411 Monticello Ave., Salisbury, Md. 
Strong, Nancy Jean (Mrs. Morris L. Renshaw) 

Tilghman Ave., Centreville, Md. 
Swartz, Anna Mae (Mrs. Henry B. Rudloff) 

6505 Frederick Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Warfield, Elizabeth Snowden (Mrs. Louis H. Kraus, Jr.) 

431 Virginia Ave., Salisbury, Md. 
Westerman, Mary Ann 

164 Friar Tuck Hill, Sherwood Forest, Md. 


Wheatley, Helen Mae 

307 W. Pennsylvania Ave., Towson 4, Md. 
Wheeler, Patricia (Mrs. C. B. Gluys) 

182 Parklawn Blvd., Columbus 13, Ohio 
White, Ellen Louise (Mrs. Roy E. Esiason) 

% Mrs. E. B. White, 7422 Georgia Ave. N.W., Wash. 12, D.C. 
White, Geraldine (Kilby) (Mrs. John Philip White, III) 

320 Wiley St., Seaford, Del. 
Willey, Elizabeth Charlene (Mrs. Edward Ewer) 

201 Bay State Rd., Boston, Mass. 

Winslow, Lucy G 1219 Lee Ct., Madison 6, Wis. 

Wolfram, Ruth Margaret 

910 Southerly Rd., Apt. 3, Towson 4, Md. 
Workman, Shirley Jane . . . .462 Graceland Dr., Laguna Beach, Cal. 


Beddows, Anna Mae (Mrs. James J. Beddows, Jr.) 

117 Dundalk Dr., Baltimore 22, Md. 
Bloxom, Nellie Mae (Mrs. Martin J. Smith) 

% Mrs. Burleigh, 4604 Sewell Point Rd., Norfolk, Va. 

Brown, Margaret Mary (Mrs. Robert Needham) Unknown 

Diederichs, Elsie (Loughlin) (Mrs. Henrv A. Diederichs) 

3047 Ruhl Ave., Columbus 9, Ohio 
Douglas, Janet Glyndine (Mrs. Jack Davis) 

4904 Brookwood Rd., Baltimore 25, Md. 
Dunn, Barbara Pearl (Mrs. Clifford F. Haines) 

41 High St., Florence, Mass. 
Elmore, Jean (Mrs. Wallace E. Yancey) 

723 Harrison St., Petersburg, Va. 

Elwell, Mary Elizabeth 4919-B Eubank Rd., Sandston, Va. 

Fenwick, Dorothea Agnes (Mrs. Monroe E. Fraleigh) 

Box 23-A, Pine Plains, New York 

Frerie, Mora Irene 9501 Wire Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 

Fritz, Sally Frances (Mrs. John Bosley) 

6214 Brook Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Froeb, Marguerite Barbara, 328 S. Woodyear St., Balto. 23, Md. 
Garrett, Mary Ellen (Mrs. E. W. Staton) 

% Mr. J. W. Garrett, Gaithersburg, Md. 

Grimes, Amelia Carol Buckeystown, Md. 

Guralnick, Shirley (Mrs. Arthur K. Bernstein) 

1215 Weber Dr., Lansing, Mich. 
Hager, Charlotte Ariel (Mrs. Richard L. Morgan) 

1301 N. Market St., Frederick, Md. 
Haring, Margaret Hopper (Mrs. Geo. L. Olson, Jr.) 

35 Russell St. N., Quincy 71, Mass. 
Haynes, Maxine Carolyn (Mrs. Chas. N. Masten) 

350 E. Holly Ave., Pitman, N.J. 


Kohlhoss, Nancy Jo (Mrs. James R. Young) Poolesville, Md. 

Lenning, Kari Margaret. . . .1005 Jefferson St., Greenwood, S.C. 
Lewis, Carolyn O'Neil (Mrs. Joseph B. Bronushas) 

426 Riverview Rd., Baltimore 21, Md. 
McCready, Esther Elizabeth, 1320 York Ave., New York 21, N.Y. 
Muir, Mary Lenore (Mrs. Charles Dilzer) 

Champlain Valley Orchard Farm, Schuyler Falls Rd., Peru, N.Y. 
Myers, Carolyn Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry A. Baer) 

1404 Jefferson Park Ave., Apt. 10, Charlottesville, Va. 
Nathanson, Joyce (Udell) (Mrs. Richard N. Nathanson) 

7420 Remoor Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 

O'Neal, Dorothy Edith 107 Rivers Ave., Parsons, W.Va. 

Pancoast, Mary Ann Berryville, Va. 

Prigel, Thelma Irene (Mrs. Connell) 

1510 E. Robinson St., Orlando, Fla. 
Prince, Elaine Katherine. . .1107 Ridgely St., Baltimore 30, Md. 
Ramsburg, Helena Louise (Mrs. Carl R. Thayer) 

285 "A" St., Clemson, S.C. 
Reheard, Shirlie Mae (Mrs. John O'Leary) 

425 Walnut St., Columbia, Pa. 
Reinhart, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Wayne R. Anderson) 

914 Iverson St., Alexandria, Va. 
Renninger, Fae L. (Mrs. Wayne A. Reber, Jr.) 

717 Broad St., Akron, Ohio 
Richmond, Mary (McBride) (Mrs. L. C. Richmond, Jr.) 

1181 Main St., Milton, W.Va. 
Rogerson, Carolyn Ruth (Mrs. John J. Josten) 

Hoosier Ct. 906, Bloomington, Ind. 
Schafer, Alice Cresap (Mrs. Donald S. Weber) 

1427 Winston Dr., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Shiplev, Evelyn (Koontz) (Mrs. Evelyn Shipley) 

Fort Meade Rd., Jessup, Md. 
Smith, Patricia (Robinson) (Mrs. Geo. H. Smith) 

3927 Stokes Dr., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Tucker, Delores Ann (Mrs. James K. Bouzoukis) 

1033 St. Paul St., Baltimore 2, Md. 
Watkins, Esther Jeanne (Mrs. David H. Patten) 

117 N. Beechwood Ave., Balto. 28, Md. 
Wood, Susan H. (Mrs. Owen Wood) 

Primrose Acres, Annapolis, Md. 

Yeager, Mary Susan 2426 Robb St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Zang, Lillian Verna 2426 Robb St., Baltimore 18, Md. 


Class of July 

Anderson, Nancy Patricia. . .1421 Bolton St., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Franklin, Virginia Lee 507 Hillen Rd., Towson 4, Md. 


Fleming, Pamela Stoddard (Mrs. Daniel F. Johnston) 

1851 N. Normandie Ave., Hollywood 27, Calif. 
Johns, Shirley Marie (Mrs. Theodore D. Lewis, Jr.) 

% Ens. T. D. Lewis, Jr., Navy 3867 VP-4, 
% Fleet P.O., San Francisco, Calif. 

Jones, Shirley Mae (Mrs. Eugene Long) Emmitsburg, Md. 

McLay, Hazel Dorothy (Mrs. Ross Patterson) . . . Perryville, Md. 
Robinson, Katherine Imogene (Mrs. Jos. C. Fitzgerald) 

122 S. Olive Ave., Alhambra, Calif. 
Shubkagel, Betty Lou 

427 W. Cleveland Rd., Linthicum Heights, Md. 
Strack, Ruby Mae (Sterling) (Mrs. Paul Strack) 

5720 2nd St. N.E., Washington 11, D.C. 
Teagarden, Gloria Alice (Mrs. John J. McLearn) 

368 Longwood Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Class of September 

Anderson, Patricia (Leffel) (Mrs. Carl Anderson) 

Route 2, White Hall, Md. 
Austin, Carol Boehm (Mrs. Edwin K. Chapman) 

% Mr. J. H. K. Austin, 1913 E. 30th St., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Bowling, Marie Doris (Mrs. Leonard N. Wiles) 

1015 Roland Ave., Baltimore 11, Md. 
Burchette, Barbara Eileen (Mrs. Barry D. Murphy) 

4427— 36th St. S., Apt. 2-C, Arlington 6, Va. 
Crawford, Georgia Etta (Mrs. Ralph C. Ramsey) 

1922— 28th St., Lubbock, Texas 
Crist, Patricia Mae (Mrs. Wm. A. Snvder) 

1710-D Glen Keith Blvd., Towson 4, Md. 
Dorfler, Betty Ann (Mrs. Donald W. Hoatson) 

1207 N. Woodington Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Elbourne, Ella Startte (Mrs. Homer Lawrence) 

203 Berger St., Malvern, Ark. 

Elgin, Barbara (Yates) 2508 Fairlawn Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Fitzgerald, Emilv Webster (Mrs. Clarence E. Pusev, Jr.) 

4111 Stokes Dr., Apt. 2-A, Baltimore 29, Md. 
Hauver, Bertha Jean (Mrs. Hatis Jaleel) 

4630 Schenley Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Herring, Barbara Carter. . .809 Woodington Rd., Balto. 29, Md. 
Hewell, Muriel G., 324 E. University Pkwy., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Hibberd, Charlene Raye 6114 — 62nd Place, Riverdale, Md. 

Hine, Nesta E. (Mrs. J. Vernon Taylor) 

% 666th Medical Det. (DS), APO 500, San Francisco, Calif. 
Hines, Rose Marie (Mrs. Robert Glotfelty) 

6128 Macbeth Dr., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Kernan, Estelle 124 W. Lafayette Ave., Baltimore 17, Md. 


Lees, Naomi (Snyder) (Mrs. John D. Lees) 

1705 D Forrest Ave., Ft. Geo. G. Meade, Md. 
LeFever, Joyce Christine (Mrs. Theodore R. Jacobson) 

1659 Ralworth Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 
Lewis, Elaine Loree, 4511 Avondale St., Apt. 101, Bethesda, Md. 
MacKenzie, Merlene (Mrs. Roland O. Richardson) 

1637 — 16th St., Corpus Christi, Texas 
Marshall, Mary Helen (Mrs. E. B. Harrison Staley) 

627 Overbrook Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Parks, Faye Anita (Mrs. Robert Ritzmann) 

1049 Maiden Choice Lane, Baltimore 29, Md. 
Reid, Marlene Barnes. . . .8270 Schrader St., Silver Spring, Md. 
Reinhart, Catherine Louise (Mrs. Franklin J. Porter, Jr.) 

4532 Taney Ave., Alexandria, Va. 
Richardson, Margaret Ann, 2nd Lt. A.A.F. 

1420 Kentucky Ave., San Antonio, Texas 
Ricks, Nancy Jane (Mrs. John R. Rickels) 

3736 Elm Ave., Baltimore 11, Md. 

Ritter, Joan 255 Shrader St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Ritzman, Verna Joan, 2nd Lt. 

A.A.F. , 1420 Kentucky Ave., San Antonio, Tex. 
Robertson, Gwendolyn Elaine (Mrs. Dean Gale Waters) 

1541 E. Monument St., Baltimore 5, Md. 
Swint, Katherine Virginia (Mrs. Herbert K. Speers) 

7746-B Lucretia Mott Way, Elkins Park 17, Pa. 
Thompson, Mary Lee, 2nd Lt. 

A.A.F., 1420 Kentucky Ave., San Antonio, Tex. 
Weller, Jean Elizabeth, 2nd Lt. 

A.A.F., 1420 Kentucky Ave., San Antonio, Tex. 
Widman, Elaine Grace (Mrs. E. L. Hamm) 

5606 Groveland Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 

Wijangco, Demetria Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, T.H. 

Willson, Alta Fay 620 W. Lombard St., Baltimore 1, Md. 

Wilson, Mildred Margaret. ..1110 Haverhill, Baltimore 11, Md. 
Wolfe, Patricia Ann (Mrs. C. S. Michael, Jr.) 

3521 Meadowside Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Wolfel, Mary Lee (Nations) (Mrs. Donald Wolfel) 

532 Coventry Rd., Apt. 3-A, Baltimore 29, Md. 
Yingling, Catherine Belle, 2nd Lt. 

A.A.F., 1420 Kentucky Ave., San Antonio, Tex. 


Class of February 

Eppel, Shirley Ann (Mrs. Sigmund Liberman) 

8007 Eastern Drive, Silver Spring, Md. 
Gocke, Nancy Ann (Mrs. Stephen Barkchet) 

89 Paul Revere Rd., Arlington 74, Mass. 


Harris, Elizabeth Mae 4311 Elderon Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 

Lassiter, Gladys Ruth 4901 York Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Moniodes, Mary John (Mrs. Wm. Koutrelakas) 

2819 Clearview Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Montgomery, June Maudine 

820 Argonne Dr., Apt. 2, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Nations, Niki Lenora (Mrs. Wm. R. Buchan) 
% Officers Mess 3, Fighter Wing CAPO 5052, RCAF, 

Montreal, Can. 

Roben, Anita Susan 3512 White Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 

Schiff, Abby (Mrs. Robert M. Alpert) 

443 Concord St., Framingham, Mass. 

Smithson, Betty Lou 547 Harwood Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 

Solomon, Frances (Nathanson) (Mrs. Robert Solomon) 

2808 Rockrose Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 

Class of September 

Ahmuty, Alice Nevada Ave., Odenton, Md. 

Arp, Josephine Louise 1525 — 29th St., Moline, 111. 

Brown, Miriam D 4622 Knox Rd., College Park, Md. 

Burton, Janet (Mrs. Norman J. Hartt) 

4710 Marvania Rd., Baltimore, Md. 
Childress, Penelope Nace. . .29 Oakdale Rd., Weathersfield, Conn. 
Coulter, Margaret Boyes (Mrs. Bruce D. Ferrell) 

26 N. Kenwood Ave., Baltimore 24, Md. 
Creek, Frances Eloise (Mrs. Chas. W. Waser) 

374 Ryders Lane, Middletown, N.J. 
Ferrell, Katherine Sheldon (Mrs. David J. Jones), Magnolia, Md. 
Gonzalez, Antoinette (Grzymala) (Mrs. Louis P. Gonzalez) 

1103 Woodington Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 
Hawley, Gloria (Santilli) (Mrs. C. B. Hawley) 

1037 Collwood Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Hinely, Georgianna 3 E. 27th St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Kautz, Claudette 21 Brewer Ave., Annapolis, Md. 

Kinna, Gladys 3 E. 27th St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Layman, Audrey Ann (Mrs. Earl W. Clemens) 

4630 Manordene Rd., Apt. A, Baltimore 29, Md. 

Lichok, Virginia 710 Wyndhurst Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 

McBain, Frances D. (Mrs. Elwood B. Sides, Jr.) 

3904 Belle Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 
Mullican, Patricia Lee (Mrs. Thomas E. Davis) 

413 Edsdale Rd., Apt. E, Baltimore 29, Md. 
Nielsen, Betty Lucille, Route 1, Box 408, Lexington Park, Md. 
O'Hearne, Ingrid (Davenport) (Mrs. Clifford O'Hearne) 

3610 Northern Pkwy., Baltimore 6, Md. 
Pardew, Nellie G. (Mrs. Fred. E. Connellv) 

% 1st Lt. F. E. Connelly, AO 3044933, 377th U.S.A.F. Hosp., 

APO 117, % P.M., New York, N.Y. 


Pickett, Nancy (Parsons) (Mrs. Wilbur Pickett) 

2722 Brown Ave., Durham, N.C. 
Proctor, Ann (Tavlor) (Mrs. Richard Proctor) 

1300 Idylwood Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. 

Redifer, Phyllis Western Cemetery, Edmondson Ave. & 

Longwood St., Baltimore 16, Md. 

Schuck, Anne 3506 White Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 

Smith, Martha Anne (Mrs. John A. Seniff) 

21 Parkway, Apt. E, Green belt, Md. 

Smith, Patricia 710 Wyndhurst Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 

Spaulding, Gloria Ellen (Mrs. Albert Cruciano, Jr.) 

2 W. Manor Apts., Seaford, Del. 

Speer, Virginia 3312 Lawnview Ave., Baltimore 13, Md. 

Speiser, Jacquelyn. . . .531 N. Highland Ave., Baltimore 24, Md. 

Ward, Shirley 4622 Knox Rd., College Park, Md. 

Waterman, Suzanne Moss (Mrs. Edward L. Hines) 

5301 Loche St., Fort Worth 7, Texas 

Class of September — College 

Benevicz, Mary 2226 Eastern Ave., Baltimore 31, Md. 

Brown, Georgia H 1213 N. Woodington Ave., Balto. 29, Md. 

Conroy, Judith 82 Rockwood Rd., Hamden, Conn. 

Eisenhauer, Jane Catherine 

1213 N. Woodington Rd., Balto. 29, Md. 

Helmick, Georgia 1213 N. Woodington Rd., Balto. 29, Md. 

Jacobs, Ruth 98 W. College Ave., Frostburg, Md. 

Lanahan, Jeannie (Mrs. Ricardo Diaz) 

2110 Hildarose Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 

McCaw, Susan 8203 Grubb Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 

Somerville, Gracia. . . 1213 N. Woodington Rd., Balto. 29, Md. 
Teffeau, Shirley (Brown) (Mrs. Melvin Teffeau) 

4627— 34th St., Brentwood, Md. 
Younkin, Arlene 4010 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, Md. 


Bachelor of Science 

Barnes, Sarah M 16 B Maple Dr., Baltimore 20, Md. 

Baxter, Lillie May, 610 Cathedral St., Apt. 2, Baltimore 1, Md. 

Biehl, Barbara A 211 Grove Blvd., Frederick, Md. 

Cooper, Caroline E 1431 Oglethorpe St. N.W., Wash., D.C. 

Fletcher, Joyce S Route 1, Box 810, Alexandria, Va. 

Friese, Jean A 18 York Ct., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Gesell, Joann M 607 Lyndhurst St., Baltimore 29, Md. 

Hoover, Patricia (Bean) (Mrs. Donald Hoover) 

101 Fourth St., Front Royal, Va. 


Ingrick, Carolyn Louise 18 York Court, Baltimore 18, Md. 

Jacobson, Joan E. (Mathews) (Mrs. Ralph Jacobson) 

Airport Branch P.O., Maloen, Mo. 

Lancaster, Mary E 1026 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 2, Md. 

Merkel, Annie Marie (Norfolk) (Mrs. Ernest Merkel) 

5207 Old Frederick Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. 

Mules, Sonia M 413 Overbrook Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 

McFadden, Helen Mildred (Mrs. Wm. Huffard) 

1541 S. Lumpkin St., Athens, Ga. 

McFarland, Katherine G 18 York Ct., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Nocke, Josephine E 18 York Ct., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Orem, Jeanne (Goe) (Mrs. John Orem) 

Garden Court Apts., F-3, Dover, Del. 

Pyle, Kathryn M 18 York Court, Baltimore 18, Md. 

Simpson, Joyce V 16 W. 12th St., Frederick, Md. 

Skadding, Nancy R 13180 Coronado Lane, N. Miami, Fla. 

Stoner, Katherine 610 Cathedral St., Baltimore 1, Md. 

Strott, Sally J 12 Cedarwood Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Ward, Sarah A. (Downs) (Mrs. Charles Ward) 

710 N. Jackson St., Wilmington, Del. 
Weyn, Betty Katherine (Krabill) (Mrs. Adrian Weyn) 

5606 Midwood Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Winfield, Barbara (Lape) (Mrs. Carl Winfield) 

2125 Guilford Ave., Hyattsville, Md. 

Nursing Diploma 

Bramble, Shirley Jane 2321 Eutaw PL, Baltimore 17, Md. 

Branan, Mary Helen 1713 Bank St., Baltimore 31, Md. 

Brown, Charlotte Louise (Mrs. Jack Neusbaum) 

8101— 14th Ave., Apt. 20, Langley Park, Hyattsville, Md. 
Conway, June E. Labor (Mrs. John Conway) 

4307 Wilkens Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 

Coram, Nancy Jean 15 W. Franklin St., Baltimore 1, Md. 

Davidson, Patricia Catherine, 3630 Raymond Ave., Balto. 12, Md. 

Gormley, Mary Monica 5th St., Greenhaven, Md. 

Graf, Miriam Charlotte 2418 Loch Raven Rd., Balto. 18, Md. 

Greenfield, Lillian Mae 2727 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Griffith, Emily (Watts) (Mrs. Wm. Griffith) 

Route 1, Dickerson, Md., % Mr. Watts 
Hardesty, June Loretta (Cole) (Mrs. Donald P. Hardesty) 

Loretta Apts., Annapolis, Md. 
Harmon, Lou Ann (Resh) (Mrs. Wayne Harmon) 

704 Richwood Ave., Towson 4, Md. 
Hodshon, Stephanie (Maholage) (Mrs. Ernest L. Hodshon) 

605 N. Charles St., Baltimore 1, Md. 
Huster, Patricia A. (Michel) (Mrs. Jack Huster) 

115 Locust Dr., Baltimore 28, Md. 


Jirecek, Mary Rosann 1616 Cherrv St., Balto. 26, Md. 

Keller, Dorothy Helen (McClure) (Mrs. Paul Keller) 

725 N. Broadway, Baltimore 5, Md. 

Kenealy, Patricia Lee 16 Tanglewood Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Merryman, Betty Jean 725 N. Broadway, Baltimore 5, Md. 

McCleaf, Lola Lucille 620 W. Lombard St., Baltimore 1, Md. 

Parker, Freda Beatrice 1810 Pulaski St., Baltimore 17, Md. 

Pickett, Barbara Louise (Mrs. Earl Pickett) 

4703 Amberley Ave., Baltimore 29, Md. 

Rice, Joan Marie 2321 Eutaw PL, Baltimore 17, Md. 

Root, Joan Marguerite (Mrs. Daniel Stern) 

1823 Newton St. N.W., Washington 10, D.C. 
Rutherford, Doris Jean. . . .514 Dorsey Ave., Baltimore 21, Md. 
Shanahan, Patricia Ruth 

2727 St. Paul St., Apt. 3, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Shearer, Eleanor Frances. . . .2727 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, Md. 

Shrop, Nancy Ann Ramblewood Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 

Swezey, Joan Brentlinger, 620 W. Lombard St., Balto. 1, Md. 
Tesher, Helen W. (Hergert) (Mrs. Fred K. Tesher) 

65 Sevensky Ct., Essex, Md. 

Thomas, Carolyn Ruth 3572 Poole St., Baltimore 11, Md. 

Williams, Judy Mae 2321 Eutaw PI., Baltimore 17, Md. 

Wolf, Shirley Sylvia 506 Beaumont St., Baltimore 12, Md. 

Young, Margaret Ann 2321 Eutaw PI., Baltimore 17, Md. 







1, MD. 

MUlberry 5-1949 


distinctive form-fit uniform 


John W. Singer 

for appointment 120 Forest Drive 

Rldgway 7-6575 Catonsville 28, Md. 









A. H. 





314 N. 





Manufacturers of the Official Alumnae Pin 

Plaza 2-1832 




Phone 285-Y 

kJ erving the Medical Profession 
for over a third of a century 

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^-^T 5 


Equipment and Supplies (or: 

Physicians ana Surgeons * Hospitals 

Laboratories • Industrial Clinics 



5 West Chase Street • SAratoga 7-7333 
Baltimore 1, Maryland! 







Nurses Uniforms Made to Individual Measure 



(Official Maker of U. of Md. Graduate Nurse Uniforms) 

EAstern 7-4744 
1822 E. MONUMENT ST.— 5 EAstern 7-3666 

Call PLAZA 2-5675 


No Job Too Large Or Too Small 




Package Goods 



(at Howard St.) 

Banquet Rooms 


Phone LExington 9-9041 

Fine Foods 



"Serving Baltimore Over 100 Years 


BEImont 5-8600